Utilization of Job vacancies for Ex-Servicemen: Circular by Director General Resettlement

Utilization of Job vacancies for Ex-Servicemen: Circular by Director General Resettlement

Utilization of Job vacancies for Ex-Servicemen: Circular by Director General Resettlement

भारत सरकार
रक्षा मंत्रालय
पुनबार्स महानिदेशालय
पक्षिम खंड -IV, आर के पुरम
नई दिल्ली – १०००६६

0515/ EA/ DGRI Emp-3

Mar 2021

Directorate of lndian Army Veterans (DIAV)
Directorate of Air Veterans (DAV)
Directorate of Ex Servicemen Affairs (DESA)
Army Welfare Placement Organisation (AWPO)


1. This is to inform you that to ensure transparency in the system, all the vacancies, as and when received in DGR, are uploaded on the DGR website i.e. www.dgrindia.com. The Ex-Servicemen have been, so far, advised to get their names forwarded through their respective Rajya Sainik Boards/ Zila Sainik Boards to DGR, if they are willing and eligible for any of the vacancies available on DGR website, except the vacancies for which online names are accepted by the user organization directly.

2. At times, a number of vacancies go vacant for which NAC is required to be issued by DGR.

3. Hence, all RSBs/ ZSBs are requested to forward names of willing and eligible Ex-Servicemen after due verification for the vacancies uploaded on the DGR website in the prescribed format well within the time limits given against each vacancy by E-mail to DGR.

4. However, there have been instances in the past when no names have been received from RSB/ ZSB. Hence, in order to obviate sending NAC to the User Organization AWPO/ DAV/ DESA will be requested to forward the names and details of ESM. In such a case, AWPO/ DAV/ DESA will be requested to forward ONLY 10/5/5 names respectively.

5. While forwarding names, RSB/ZSB/ AWPO/ DAV/ DESA are requested to VERIFY following details thoroughly:-

(a) That the person whose name is being forwarded is a Bonafide Ex-Servicemen.

(b) He has not availed any other benefit from DGR already.

(c) He is required to be definitely eligible and should have expressed his willigness for the post to Sender Authority viz RSBs/ ZSBs/ DIAV/ DAV/ DESAI AWPO for which the application is being forwarded.

(d) The ESM can forward his willingness by email to the agency from which h is getting his name forwarded in the format duly filled by him only, which is, then required, to be verified by the forwarding agency, viz, RSBs/ ZSBs/ DIAV/ DAV/ DESAI AWPO.

(e) No PDF/ Scanned/ JPGE/ Image Copy will be accepted. The names are required to be forwarded Only in the following FORMAT as given on our website in:-

(a) Excel Format
(b) Times New Roman Font
(c) Font Size 12
(d) Colour Black (No other colour)

5. Any application, if not found in proper format, will be SUMMARILY REJECTED without the candidate or sender being informed about it. Hence,  the responsibility of sending in correct format lies with the sender only.

6. It is clearly stated that the names of Ex-servicemen will not be excepted after the last date mentioned on DGR website.

7. All ESM (JCOs/ OR) and equivalent in IAF/IN, if find themselves eligible and willing to apply for any vacancy uploaded on Officers Portal can apply for the Officer’s vacancies too, unless specifically mentioned “For Commissioned officers Only”.

8. It is pertinent to point out that DGR does not charge any fees in any form from either Ex-Servicemen or the Organisation from Which the vacancy is received.

9. By the 10th of every month, a sponsorship list is uploaded on DGR website informing the names of ESM that have been forwarded to the User Organisation in the previous month and from where were they received. All the ESM may check whether their names have been forwarded or not. This Office will not entertain any calls or emails to verify whether or not names have been received.

10. It is clearly mentioned that Selection/ Rejection is the prerogative of the User Organisation and DGR has no role in this process.

11. Also, all RSBs/ ZSBs/ AWPO / DAV! DESA are requested not to forward names or liaise with the User Organisation directly as the User Organisations take it negatively and may stop giving vacancies to DGR. Let DGR be the sole authority forwarding names to them.

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