Handing Over of 64 KB ECHS Smart Card: ECHS Order 16.09.2021

Handing Over of 64 KB ECHS Smart Card: ECHS Order 16.09.2021

Handing Over of 64 KB ECHS Smart Card: ECHS Order 16.09.2021

Central Organisation ECHS
Adjutant General’s Branch
Integrated Headquarters of
MoD (Army), Thimayya Marg,
Near Gopinath Circle,
Delhi Cantt- 110 010

B/497 1 1-NewSmartCard/AG/ECHS

16 Sep 2021

All Regional Centres


1. Please refer Central Organisation letter No. B/49711-NewSmartCard/AG/ECHS dated 03 Oct 2018 (Copy attached).

2. Once the new 64kb ECHS cards are ready for handing over to the ESM /Primary Beneficiary then the card issuing authority (Parent Polyclinic/Station HQ’s) generates a SMS OTP to the registered mobile number of the ESM/Primary Beneficiary that cards are ready for collection. The ESM/Primary Beneficiary is required to give the SMS OTP to the card issuing authority, which is entered in the software and cards are handed over as preactivated cards.

3. It was reported by the environment that at times the OTP is not received by the ESM/Primary Beneficiary. Hence, a software solution was implemented and the same was promulgated to the environment vide CO ECHS letter under reference.

4. In case the cards are handed over without entering OTP in the system then the cards do not get activated and are not functional. However, the online temporary slip remains functional till the time cards are not electronically handed over.

5. In case the cards are physically handed over but electronically not handed over then the following action is required to be taken by the ESM/Primary Beneficiary :-

(a) Check Cards Status. He/she to check card status by any one of the following methods :-

(i) Login echs website/portal echs.sourceinfosy.com, using login password. In case password not available then please request for password as per CO ECHS letter No. B/49711-New Smart Card/AG/ECHS dated 29 Feb 2019 (Copy attached).

(ii) Download echs mobile App and check the card status.

(iii) Visit nearest polyclinic.

(b) Incase card status shows SMS OTP sent then the ESM/Primary Beneficiary to visit parent polyclinic with OTP and ask the staff to enter the OTP. In case OTP is not available then also visit the parent polyclinic and ask the concerned staff to request for OTP as per CO ECHS letter under reference.

(c) Once the OTP request is generated the parent polyclinic will be able to see the OTP in the software module and will enter in the system. Once the OTP is entered in the system then the online temporary slip will stop functioning and the card will get activated same day after 1300hrs if OTP entered before 1300hrs and after 1300 hrs next day if OTP is entered after 1300hrs.

(d) Please check by logging in the ECHS website/portal echs.sourceinfosy.com using login credentials. The status should now show as cards handed over.

6. This letter be disseminated to ail Polyclinics under your area of responsibility and for further dissemination to the beneficiaries.

(Rakesh Kakar)
Col (Retd)
Jt Dir (Stats & Automation)


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