User Manual for PF Loan & Advance Module of HRMS: Railway Board

User Manual for PF Loan & Advance Module of HRMS: Railway Board

User Manual for PF Loan & Advance Module of HRMS: Railway Board

Ministry of Railways (रेल मंत्रालय)
Railway Board (रेलवे बोर्ड)

File No. PC-VII/2020/HRMS/16

New Delhi, dated: 14.12.2020

The General Manager/CAOs(R),
All India Railways & Production Units,
(As per mailing list)

Sub: User Manual for PF Loan & Advance Module of HRMS

PF Loan & Advance module of HRMS was launched by CRB & CEO for use across all offices of Indian railways. Online training for operation of the PF Loan & Advance Module was also provided by CRIS to all the employees.

2. Now, in order to serve as a guide and ready reckoner , a User Guide and a detailed User Manual is enclosed below and have also been uploaded on the website of Indian Railways at the following location :>About Indian Railways -> Corporate Overview -> Directorates -> Pay Commission -> Pay Commission-VII

3. It is requested that the User Guide and User Manual be circulated widely among the staff in the respective Railways for smooth and timely implementation of HRMS.

Encl: 1. User Guide on PF Advance Module
2. User Manual on PF Advance Module

Dupty Director/Pay Commission-VII & HRMS
Railway Board

PF Loan Application


  • Go to
  • Enter User Id, Password and OTP.
  • Go to Loan and Advances -> My PF Loan Applications menu.
  • Click on “New Application” Button.
  • Employee’s basic, bank details, last PF loan details and PF balance are shown.
  • Employee selects PF loan type, withdrawal reason, enter amount, remarks and submit.

PF Loan Dealing Clerk/Verifying Authority/Accepting Authority

  • Click on Loan and Advances ->PF Loan Applications menu
  • List of Applications are shown.
  • Click on Application number.
  • PF loan application details are shown.
  • Enter remarks and press forward/Reject button.
  • Accepting Authority digital sign application and accept. On accepting a PDF file is generated and digitally signed. Same Signed PDF file along with application data is sent to account dept through IPAS system.
  • On every change of status of PF Loan application, a SMS is sent on employee mobile number.

IPAS system process

  • Whenever application’s status is changes in IPAS system, same is reflected in HRMS application in application list in Loan and Advances -> My PF Loa n Applications menu.

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