Latest Guidelines for domestic travel (flight/train/ship/bus inter-state travel) – MoHFW order dated 25.08.2021

Latest Guidelines for domestic travel (flight/train/ship/bus inter-state travel) – MoHFW order dated 25.08.2021

Latest Guidelines for domestic travel (flight/train/ship/bus inter-state travel) – MoHFW order dated 25.08.2021


Government of India
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Guidelines for domestic travel (flight/train/ship/ bus inter-state travel) In super session of guidelines issued on 24.05.2020


1. Background

Union government has not recommended any restrictions on inter-state travel in the context of COVID-19. Further, States were allowed to develop their own protocols with regards to quarantine and isolation as per their assessment. It has come to notice that certain States, however, have imposed negative RT-PCR testing reports as a criterion for point of entry in their states.

Presently, we are seeing a declining trajectory of cases across the country after a peak in reported cases during mid-May as part of the second wave. With a view to facilitate inter-State travel, while observing required precautions, the guidelines for domestic travel (flight/train/ship/bus inter-state travel) are revised so as to have a uniform protocol for domestic travel across the country.

2. Scope

These guidelines are applicable to all States/UTs so as to facilitate inter-state travel. Based on the evolving scenario of COVID-19, including evidence of mutant variant within India or outside, the guidelines may warrant suitable revision to institute appropriate public health measures also.

3. General Advisory to all passengers

People must follow required health protocols, as detailed below, whenever there is a need to travel:

  1. Passengers should self-monitor their health and travel only when they have no symptoms related to COVID-19.
  2. All passengers shall follow COVID appropriate behavior at all times which includes use of mask/face cover, hand hygiene and physical distancing of six feet (do gaj ki doori) as far as feasible. Masks/face covers must be worn properly to cover nose and mouth. Touching the front portion of mask/face covers to be avoided.
  3. Avoid spitting in public places during travel.
  4. All passengers shall be advised to download Arogya Setu app on their mobile devices.
  5. If they develop fever during travel, they shall report to cabin crew/TTE/bus conductor as the case may be.
  6. If they develop symptoms after reaching their final destination, they shall inform the District Surveillance Officer or the State/National Call Center (1075).

4. Advisory to Airports/Railway stations/Ports/Bus Stations

  1. Suitable announcement about COVID-19 and Covid appropriate behaviour shall be made at airports/railway station/ports/bus terminals. Such announcements may include precautionary measures to be followed.
  2. All passengers shall undergo thermal screening at the point of departure and only asymptomatic passengers are allowed to board the flight/train/ship/bus.
  3. During boarding, all passengers shall use face covers/mask. They will also follow physical distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene (such as covering the mouth with elbow while coughing).
  4. Suitable arrangements for ensuring availability of masks and hand sanitizers shall also be made at the Terminal.
  5. At airports/railway stations/ports/bus terminals required measures to ensure physical distancing shall be taken.
  6. Proper provisioning for disposal of used masks, face shields, gloves etc. by passengers in covered bins shall be made at the airports/railway stations/ports/bus stations. Their disposal shall be in accordance with the guidelines issued by Central Pollution Control Board (available at:
  7. Airports/railway stations/ports/bus terminals should be regularly sanitized/disinfected, and availability of soaps and sanitizers shall be ensured.
  8. Thermal screening at exit points shall be arranged.
  9. Asymptomatic passengers will be permitted to go with the advice that they shall self-monitor their health for 14 days.
  10. In case, passengers are detected with symptoms, there shall be an isolation room/holding area (with working oxygen facility with trained personnel) at the Terminals where such patients shall be kept and monitored till they are transferred to an appropriate health facility. For such purposes airport/railway station/ports/bus stations authorities shall provide for requisite PPEs, pulse oximeter, thermometer etc. and trained personnel to attend to these patients.

5. Advisory to be adhered by Airlines/Railways/Ship/Bus operators and during travel

  1. Passengers wearing masks/ face covers only shall be allowed to travel. The masks/face covers must be worn properly to cover nose and mouth at all times.
  2. The airlines/railways/ship/bus operators shall also keep a reserve of masks, face shield, hand- sanitizer etc. for passengers in case of non-availability/such items needs replacement.
  3. There is no requirement of the usage of body coverall/apron for the passengers.
  4. The staff manning the airline/railway coach/ship cabins/bus shall at all times wear masks, face shield, gloves and take other suitable precautions.
  5. Suitable announcement about COVID-19 including precautionary measures to be followed shall be made in flights/trains/ship/bus.
  6. Operators shall make announcement for proper disposal of masks, gloves, face shields etc.
  7. Passengers should follow hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene (such as covering the mouth with elbow while coughing) at all times.
  8. Aircraft/trains/ships/buses should be regularly sanitized/disinfected, and availability of soap and water / sanitizers shall be ensured.
  9. Information on Dos and Don’ts shall be provided along with tickets to the travelers by the agencies concerned.

6. Advisory to States/UTs

  1. There shall be no restrictions on inter-State travel by air, rail, water, or road.
  2. In case RT-PCR or RAT tests are required prior to entry in a State, as notified by the State govt, the same must be publicized widely to maximize traveller convenience.
  3. Asymptomatic persons who have been vaccinated with both doses of the COVID 19 vaccine and 15 days have lapsed since the administration of second dose of the vaccine and are in possession of the final vaccination certificate issued through the COWIN portal, such persons may be exempted from mandatory requirement of possessing a negative RTPCR report or RAT test on their entry into the State.
  4. Passengers who are found symptomatic on arrival shall be subjected to Rapid Antigen Test at the Terminal to aid early identification.
  5. In the event of unusual surge in cases in any State/UT, the States/UTs may institute appropriate public health measures promptly.
  6. States may implement additional restrictions, based on local requirements.

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