Question Answer session on CCS (Pension) Rules, 2021 – Minutes of meeting (VC) dated 25.1.2022

Question Answer session on CCS (Pension) Rules, 2021 – Minutes of meeting (VC) dated 25.1.2022

Question Answer session on CCS (Pension) Rules, 2021 – Minutes of meeting (VC) dated 25.1.2022


S.No. Query/ Suggestion Reply
1. Shri S.M. Kanjilal, N.F. Railway Pensioners’ Associations: The earlier system of providing Self Certificate for Income Criterion may be accepted even now, as filing of ITR may not be convenient or feasible for low income family pensioners. Although the instructions provided for self certificate in the case of unemployed/self- employed family members, various pension sanctioning authorities were asking for other documents like certificate from SDM to avoid false claims. This was causing a lot of inconvenience and hassles to the claimants for family pension. The procedure for filing of ITR has been made very simple. It was felt that in order to maintain uniformity, the claimant for family pension may be required to file a copy of the ITR. The CCS (Pension) Rules, 2021 have been notified keeping this fact in view.
2. Posts and Telegraphs and Other Central Govt. Pensioners’ Association: (a) Are all documents to be given for inclusion of name of widowed daughter in PPO. Name of widowed daughter is not included in the PPO of the pensioner. Family pension in such cases is sanctioned at the time of contingency and for this the matter is required to be taken up with the HOO. However, name is included in the office records in family details. There are two forms as per the revised rules. Form 10 is for family pension and all required documents are specified and are to be given. In case additional documents are asked for, the matter may be referred to DOPPW and clarification will be provided to the concerned office. If the name is already available in the PPO, only death certificate and ID proof is to be given to the Bank.
(b) Undisputed Consent divorce is not accepted by HOO and Court decree is insisted upon. It is requested that the details of the case be sent and accordingly, the matter will be replied.
3. N.S. Pillai, All India Organisation of Pensioners: If a daughter is widowed or divorced after death of pensioner and family pensioner, will she be entitled for family pension. Due to paucity of time, the question could not be replied during the session. As per rules, if a daughter is widowed or divorced after death of pensioner and family pensioner, she will not be entitled for family pension. However, there is an exception. Family pension is payable to a dependent divorced daughter if the order/decree of divorce was passed after the death of both the parents but the petition for divorce was filed before the death of at least one of the parents.
4. K.B. Krishna Rao, Karnataka Posts and Telecommunications’ Pensioners’ Association: (a) The name of a second wife is not being included in the PPO by HOO because daughter from the first marriage is unmarried. This is causing extreme hardship to avail CGHS and other facilities. It was requested that facts of the case be mailed for a response.
(b) Nomination Form for payment of Life Time Arrears: While Form No.3 is a Common Nomination Form for Gratuity, General Provident Fund and Central Government Employees’ Group Insurance Scheme, nomination Form for payment of Life Time Arrears to be submitted both by Pensioners and family Pensioners is required to be included in “Forms” published in CCS (Pension)Rules 2021Nomination facility for LTA payment should be made available for Family Pensioners also. –Nominations for Gratuity, GPF and CGEGIS are to be submitted during the service as these payments become due on death during service. Nominations for arrears of pension cannot be merged with this Nomination Form.– Nomination for arrears of pension is made under the Payment of arrears of pension (Nomination) Rules, 1983 (framed under Pensions Act). Therefore, Form for this Nomination cannot be included in CCS (Pension) Rules, 2021 framed under proviso to Article 309 of the Constitution.
(c) Rule 31(6) lays down that Pay drawn by a Government servant while on deputation to an ex-cadre post in the same or some other Department of the Government or to the Armed Forces of India shall be treated as emoluments. One of our members, was deputed to a higher post. After serving for about 3 years and 6 months, he retired from government service. The PAO, GSI, while fixing his pension on his retirement, considered the pay that he would have drawn had he continued in his substantive post and did not take in to account the pay actually drawn by him in the higher pay scale on deputation. Clarification is sought with regard to fixation of pension in such cases. The matter will be replied separately.
(d) CCS Commutation rules, 1981 should also be rationalized. The matter will be looked into for consideration.
5. Uttarpara Central Govt. Pensioners’ Association: The HOO is insisting on a certificate from the Judicial magistrate from an elder married sister for grant of Family Pension to a younger widowed sister. In such a case only a self-declaration regarding marriage by the elder sister is sufficient. In case any other Certificate is insisted upon, the matter may be referred to DOPPW.
6. Girish Kanagotagi, The Karnataka Central Govt. Pensioners’ Association: There is a separate proforma which a pensioner is supposed to file with his pension paying bank, in triplicate, requesting the bank not to return any amount that may come from the government in his name but to pay it to his nominee. Why is this form needed when there is an arrangement for operating a joint account in the name of the spouse and also a mention of a nominee? All that the Government could do now is to send a common circular to all the pension paying banks to link the pensioner’s account and the nominee’s account in the bank and transfer any amount (life time dues) automatically to the nominee’s account if the pensioner has died and his account is closed by the bank. Also, the banks can be ordered to collect nominee’s bank account details and save them in the pensioner’s account. Nomination for pension LTA is as per Nomination Rules, 1983 of the Pension At. Nomination in a Bank account is a different type of nomination and the two cannot be clubbed. In case the nomination is required to be changed, fresh nomination may be submitted by the pensioner to his Pension Disbursing authority/Bank. A copy of the fresh nomination will then be forwarded to the Pension Sanctioning authority. LTA can be paid to the nominee through any banking mode even if the pensioners account with the bank is closed.
Further, in case any document is to be submitted, the bank branch asks pensioner to go to the concerned CPPC. The pensioner can interact with his bank branch and is not required to go to the CPPC.

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Question Answer session on Generation of DLCs using Face Authentication Technology and on Grant in Aid

S.No. Query/ Suggestion Reply
1. Shri P. Ranasingh, CGPA Bhubaneshwar:Is the Face Authentication technology in addition to the Biometric system or as a replacement. It is in addition to the biometric system for DLC generation.
2. Dr Mohan Chougaonkar, Atomic Energy Retirees Welfare Association:Is there any difference in the face authentication method started by white listing of mobile numbers and the subsequent rolled out after the official launch. There is no difference. Before launch, a pilot run was conducted and mobile phones were required to be whitelisted for security reasons. Now anyone can become an Operator and generate multiple DLCs.
3. GS Swaminathan RPWA, Mysuru:Unable to open Anudaan as the earlier Secretary has deceased and password is not known. Several mails have been sent but needful not done. Department will take up the matter for an early resolution.
3. Uttarpara Central Govt. Pensioners’ Association:A device was received two years ago for DLC generation and the same needs to be updated now. Since DLC generation can be done using an Android mobile, no other device is required.
4. Shri B M Misra, Atomic Energy Retirees Welfare Association:Unable to generate Utilization Certificate though PFMS. JS (P) advised that a list of such Associations be prepared and help extended through taking on AnyDesk and generating UCs. A slot will be given to each association to ensure that needful is done in all cases.


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