Minutes of the Virtual Meeting dated 25.01.2022 with Pensioners Association: DoPPW

Minutes of the Virtual Meeting dated 25.01.2022 with Pensioners Association: DoPPW

Minutes of the Virtual Meeting dated 25.01.2022 with Pensioners Association: DoPPW

न. 1(10)/2021-पी एंड पीडब्लू (एच)-7521
कार्मिक पीजी और पेंशन मंत्रालय
पेंशन और पेंशन भोगी कल्याण विभाग

8th Floor Janpath Bhawan,
Janpath, New Delhi
Dated 7th February, 2022


Sub: Minutes of the Meeting dated 25.1.2022 (through VC) with representatives of Pensioners’ Association under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare)

The undersigned is directed to forward a copy of minutes of the meeting held on 25.1.2022 (through VC) with representatives of Pensioners’ Association under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare)

2. This issue with the approval of Secretary (Pension)

(Ashok Kumar Singh)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India
Ph: 23310108

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All participants of the meeting.

Copy for information to:

  1. PPS to Secretary (Pension), Sardar Patel I3hawan, New Delhi.
  2. PPS to JS(Pension), Lok Nayak Bhawan, New Delhi.
  3. Director (PW), DoPPW , New Delhi.

Minutes of the Meeting dated 25.01.2022 (through VC) with representatives of Pensioners’ Associations under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare)

1.Sh. Sanjiv Narain Mathur (Joint Secretary) DOPPW20.Baroda Central Pensioners’ Association, Vadodara
2.Sh. Ruchir Mittal (Director- PW), DOPPW21.Posts and Telegrapns and Other Central Govt. Pensioners’ Association, Anmedabad
3.Sh. Anil Bansal (Tech Dir. NIC) DOPPW22.The Karnataka Central Govt. Pensioners’ Association, Bangalore
4.Sh. Sanjoy Shankar (D. S.) DOPPW23.N.F. Railway Pensioners’ Associations, Guwahati –
5.Sh. S. Chakraborty (U/S) DOPPW24.Atomic Energy Retirees Welfare Association, Mumbai
6.Sh. RC Sethi (U/S) DOPPW25.Forum for Excellence Former (MES) Officers (Regd.), New Delhi Be
7.Sh. Ashok Kumar (U/S) DOPPW26.Kendriya Nivrutta Karmachari Mandal, Vadodara
8.Sh. Harjit Singh (Sr. Consultant) DOPPW27.Central Govt. Pensioners’ Association, Bhubaneswar
9.Ms Ramanjit Kaur (Consultant) DOPPW28.Central Government Pensioners Welfare Association (Regd.), Jammu
10.Ms Tanya Rajput (Consultant) DOPPW29.All India Central Govt. Pensioners’ Association, Pune
11.Ms Meenakshi Ujjain (DEO) DOPPW30.DOS Retired Employees Association, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari
12.Sh. Nitish Kumar (Operational Manager) DOPPW31.All India Organisation of Pensioners (Civil & Military), Trivandrum, Thiruvananthapuram
13.Ms Rachna Chaudary (Operational Manager) DOPPW32.Karnataka Posts and Telecommunications’ Pensioners’ Association, Bangalore
14.Postal Accounts & Audit Pensioners’ Association, Nagpur33.Defence Pensioners Welfare Association, Allahabad
15.Jharkhand Pensioners’ Kalyan Samaj, Ranchi34.Bharat Pensioners’ Samaj, New Delhi
16.Railways Senior Citizens Welfare Society, Mohali35.JIPMER Pensioners Association, Puducherry
17.Central Government Pensioners’ Welfare Association, Regd. Ambarnath36.Defence Accounts Pensioners’ Association, Pune
18.Tamilnadu Ex-services League, Madurai37.Uttarpara Central Govt. Pensioners’ Association, Hoogly
19.Central Government Pensioners’ Association, Jaipur38.Railway Pensioners Welfare Association, Mysuru

A meeting was held with the representatives of Pensioners Associations under the Chairmanship of Secretary (Pensions & Pensioners’ Welfare) on 25th January, 2022 through Video Conferencing (VC). The objective of the VC was to create awareness on newly notified CCS (Pension) Rules, 2021 and generation of Digital Life Certificates (DLC) using Face Authentication Technology as well as an interaction with the Pensioners’ Associations. Presentations followed by Q&A session were conducted on the CCS (Pension) Rules, 2021 and Face Authentication Technology.

2. The meeting commenced with the welcome of Shri V. Srinivas, Secretary (Pensions and Pensioners Welfare), Sh S N Mathur, JS, Pension and all representatives from pensioner associations by the coordinator.

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3. Shri. Sanjiv N Mathur, Joint Secretary (Pensions) , welcomed Shri V. Srinivas, Secretary (Pensions and Pensioners Welfare) and the Pensioners Associations. He informed that this initiative of a Pensioners Awareness Program had been started after a long gap and it was being conducted for the first time on a digital platform across the entire country covering cities from Kanya Kumari to Jammu which included Vadodara, Jammu, Ranchi, Nagpur, Bhubaneshwar, Jaipur, Uttarapara, Bangalore, Pune, Guwahati, Puducherry, Mumbai, Ambarnath, KanyaKumari, Madurai, Kolkata, Mohali, Noida, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Mysuru. He stressed the importance of this awareness meeting in view of the fact that CCS (Pension) Rules, 2021 had been notified and a briefing of the various aspects was required. Further, the department had launched the Face Authentication Technology for DLC generation and date of LC submission had been extended to 2sth February, 2022.

Shri Harjit Singh, Sr. Consultant gave a background specifying reasons for notifying the CCS (Pension) Rules, 2021 and informed that since CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 were framed almost 50 years ago and were followed by numerous amendments and OMs, a need was felt to consolidate all of these and present a revised set of rules with simplified procedures. A presentation was given on CCS (Pension) Rules, 2021 followed by a Question Answer Session. A presentation was also given on generation of DLCs using face authentication technology by Ms Tanya Rajput followed by a Question Answer session.

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The presentation and question Answer sessions were followed by an address by Secretary (P&PW).

Secretary (P&PW) informed that this was his second meeting with Pensioners’ Associations after he taking charge as Secretary (P&PW) and he was very happy to meet the associations. He further informed that he would ensure such interaction on a regular basis, at least once a month for free flow of information and also that the Pensions Department, being a very nimble department was in regular touch with the Associations through WhatsApp group created for this purpose. He appreciated the intensity of the discussion and the various queries raised, given the release of CCS Pension Rules 2021 on 25th December 2021 and the recent launch of DLC generation through face authentication . The curiosity among pensioners is very understandable and such interactions would continue with a view to stay in touch and ensure that every association reached out to. He also requested each Association to have regular interactions with their membership.

He expressed his happiness to meet such a large group of 52 participants from the various Associations and have a constructive interaction. He assured that he would try to schedule a specific date every month for such an interaction comprising of constructive dialogue and better understanding to take matters forward.

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He referred to the presentations and showed pleasure that queries raised could be answered . He informed that since the pension department is a very legalistic and policy based department, it is important to understand where reforms are necessary and constant updations and amendments in law may be required to ensure greater benefits given to pensioners and that will be the objective of the entire exercise. He concluded by informing that another such meeting will be held in February and conveyed his best wishes and greetings for Republic Day to all the participants.

Mr. Shanmughan Pillai referred to the matter regarding technical difficulty in uploading of Utilization Certificates. Secretary (Pensions) advised that the matter be looked into. Joint Secretary (Pensions) assured that such cases were being taken up on a continuous basis for speedy resolution.

Joint Secretary (Pensions) thanked Secretary (Pensions) for his presence and expressed hope that all the Associations would keep meeting with their members regularly to spread maximum awareness about the pension rules and policies.

Minutes of Meeting dated 25 Jan 2022