Stepping up of Pay of Seniors in Comparison to Pay of Juniors – PCDA Message

Stepping up of Pay of Seniors in Comparison to Pay of Juniors – PCDA Message

Stepping up of Pay of Seniors in Comparison to Pay of Juniors – PCDA Message

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Subject : Stepping up of Pay of Seniors in comparison to Pay of Juniors


Consequent to issue of Gol, MoF OM No 4-21/2017-IC/E.IIIA dated 28/11/2019, cases are coming to light wherein Junior Officer is drawing more pay than the Senior after earning Increment’ (after 6 months), in cases where Officers have exercised option for fixation of pay on promotion from DNI tn the lower rank.

2. The issue was referred to MoD, New Delhi for clarification. It has now been intimated vide DoE, vide MoD, DMA (Pay/Services)/D(Pay/Services) Part-1 dated 01/07/2022 that DoE, vide their ID No 03-27/2020-E.III A dated 27/06/2022 have clarified the above issue as follows :

“………………… Stepping up of pay in terms of the provisions contained in Sub-Rule 10(i) of Rule 7 of the CCS (RP) Rules, 2016 may be allowed to the Senior Govt Servants with reference to their Junior Govt Servants where such Junior Govt Servants accrued the next increment on the following 1st Jan or 1st July on completion of a period of 6 months qualifying service as per the OM dated 31/07/2018 provided the conditions laid down therein are strictly followed and the retired Govt Servants were in service on the date of effect of stepping up of pay and also it must be ensured that the junior is drawing the same pay six months before the Senior i.e. stepping up of pay is to be extended to the senior only when pay drawn by the Junior on 1st Jan/1st Jul is drawn by the Senior after 6 months on 1st Jul/1st Jan as the case may be”.

Accordingly, action is being taken to Step up the Pay of Senior Officers which have already been referred to the O/o the PCDA(QO), Pune. Other affected Army Officers (Serving and Retired) are requested to forward their case duly giving Personal Number, CDA A/c No., ‘Name of the Junior Officer of the same corps and same rank / Comparative Statement (format enclosed) to enable Office of the PCDA(QO) to step up the Pay of the Officer with reference to the pay of Junior Officer.

Wing Officer (Tech)

Performa for claiming stepping up of Pay with Compare to Junior of Same Pay Level

Event Senior Junior Validation
No. and Name
Date of Seniority/ Date of Commission
Present promoted rank
Date of present Promotion
Basic pay as on 01 July 2015 (6th CPC)
Basic Pay as on 01 Jan 2016 (7th CPC)
Basic Pay on date of Promotion for Junior (01 Jan or 01 July)


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