MINUTES of The PNM Meeting held between Railway Board and National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR) on 15th & 16th July, 2022

MINUTES of The PNM Meeting held between Railway Board and National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR) on 15th & 16th July, 2022

MINUTES of The PNM Meeting held between Railway Board and National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR) on 15th & 16th July, 2022

The PNM Meeting
Railway Board
National Federation of Indian Railwaymen

on 15th & 16th July, 2022

Final Minutes PNMNFIR Meeting 15_16 July 2022



S/ Shri

1. V.K. Tripathi, Chairman Railway Board & CEO

2. Sudhanshu Sharma, Member(Infra)

3. Mohit Sinha, Member(Finance)

4. D.C. Sharma, Member(TRS)

5. S.K. Mohanty, Member(O&BD)

6. Dr. Prasanna Kumar, DG/RHS

7. R.K. Mangla, AM/PU

8. Smt. Aruna Nayar, PED/Staff

9. Smt. V.G. Bhooma, PED/HR

10. Deepak Peter Gabriel, PED/IR

11. Kishore Kumar, PED/EE(RS)

12. Dr. A.K. Malhotra, EDH/P

13. Manish Gupta, ED/EE(M)

14. Neeraj Sharma, EDPM

15. Ajeet Singh Yadav, EDRS(P)

16. Rameshwar Meena, ED/Signal

17. Pankaj Tyagi, ED/L&A

18. Sanjeet, EDPC

19. Ravindra Kumar, EDE(N)

20. Rabindra N. Mishra, EDF/C&PPP as EDF(E)

21. Rajiv Gandhi, EDE(RRB)

22. Sunil Kumar, ED/Estt.

23. Praveen Kumar, DE(LL)

24. D. Joseph, DE(N) II

25. R.K. Sinha, DE/IR

26. Chhote Lal, JDE(W)

S/ Shri

1. Guman Singh

2. Dr. M. Raghavaiah

3. R.P. Bhatnagar

4. B.C. Sharma

5. T.K. Chatterjee*

6. R.P. Singh

7. P.S. Suriyaprakasam

8. Munindra Saikia

9. C.P. Singh

10. Praveen C. Bajpai

11. R.G. Kabar

12. Ashok Sharma

13. R.C. Sahoo

14. S.R. Mishra

15. V. Gopalakrishnan

16. Ramesh Mishra

17. Taposh Mukherjee

18. P.S. Chaturvedi

19. Vinod Mehta

20. Binod Sharma

21. G. Ganeswar Rao

22. Vinod Kumar Rai

23. Shri Naib Singh

24. Indrajit Singh

25. M.V. Tulasidas

26. Smt. Aruna Bala

27. Smt. Sonia Sharma

28. D.K. Swain#


* attended only on 15th July, 2022

# attended only on 16th July, 2022



CRB & CEO as Chairman of the meeting addressed the gathering.

Chairman, Railway Board & CEO welcomed Shri Guman Singh, President/NFIR, Dr. M. Raghavaiah, General Secretary/NFIR, other representatives of NFIR, all Board Members and other members of the Official Side to the PNM Meeting. Chairman, Railway Board & CEO congratulated all Railway employees for their hard work and dedication during 2021-22 and also during the current year which has resulted in best ever performances in many areas, despite the challenges of Covid Pandemic. He also congratulated the Federations for their continued cooperation and expressed hope that Railway employees will continue to work with the same dedication and cooperation to achieve even better results. It was observed that Agenda Items of PNM/NFIR will be discussed and resolved fruitfully in this meeting.

CRB & CEO informed the Federation as under:-

  • During the year 2021-22, highest ever loading of 1418 MT was done by Indian Railways which is 15% higher in comparison to previous
  • Highest ever Railway electrification of 6366 Kms has been carried out during 2021-22.
  • Highest ever commissioning of 2908 Kms of New Line/Multi Tracking/Gauge Conversion during the year 2021-22.
  • Highest ever Rolling Stock induction of 1110 Electric Locomotives & 6291 LHB coaches has been done during the year 2021-22.
  • Highest ever Capital investment of ₹ 90 Lakh Cr. has been made into the system for creation of infrastructure during 2021-22.
  • Best ever scrap sales of ₹ 5316 was also achieved during the year 2021-22.
  • Construction of 181 ROBs, 807 RUBs, 4275 Kms of Track Renewal, Elimination of 867 Manned Level Crossings, Rehabilitation of 1527 Bridges, Provision of CCTVs at 73 stations & Wi-Fi at 131 stations, were also achieved.
  • During the 2nd wave of Covid Pandemic, IR transported more than 36,840 Tonnes of Liquid Medical Oxygen (LMO) to 15 states by way of running 899 trains.
  • During the current year upto June, 2022 also, loading is 12% higher than the corresponding period of previous This year, we have kept the target of 1700 MT of loading, Construction of 6000 Kms of New Line/ Multi Tracking/ Gauge Conversion & Railway Electrification of 9000 Route Kms.
  • Provision of highest ever Capital investment of ₹ 45 Lakh Cr. has been made for infrastructure development during 2022-23.
  • During the current year, upto June, 2022, 223 locomotives and 1132 LHB coaches have already been produced.
  • Our total revenue during the current year, upto June, 2022, had been ₹ 56,987 crores which is 71% higher than last year.
  • Significant policy decisions have been taken recently, namely, Bharat Gaurav Trains, 3 AC Economy coaches, Vista Dome coaches, New Wagon Design Policy, Kisan Rail, Gati Shakti Cargo Terminals, ‘One Station One Product’, Vande Bharat Trains, KAVACH, to increase the earnings of Indian Railways.
  • IR is trying to reduce the logistics cost to compete and to increase its transport share from the existing 27%. IR needs to set up Railway lines before new Ports and Mines are developed so that traffic does not get In the next four years, IR needs to lay 40,000 Kms of additional lines by way of Multi-Tracking/Gauge Conversion.
  • A tender for purchase of 90,000 new wagons has already been finalised within a record time and supply of wagons has been started.
  • A tender for KAVACH has already been floated for 3000 Kms and it is expected that during the current year, KAVACH will be installed on 1200 Kms.
  • A target has also been set for station re-development in a large Station re- development has already been done on three-four stations and the work is already under process in respect of 53 stations.
  • IR needs to reduce its working expenditure through various means and operating ratio needs to be IR always meets its challenges and for this purpose each and every employee has to dedicate himself.
  • Significant steps have been taken for HR Management and Staff Welfare which include as under:-
    • Instructions have  been  issued  for  expediting  promotions  of  employees  so  that employees get their due promotion in time.
    • Out of total 3268 Covid death cases, all settlement dues have been paid in 85% cases & compassionate appointment has been finalized in 99.5% cases.
    • The currency of the GDCE scheme has been extended for a further period of two years e. upto 31.03.2024.
    • Instructions have been issued vide RBE 63/2022 for filling up of vacancies of Station Masters by all modes.
    • Scope of GDCE scheme has been extended for Accounts cadre and Law Now, staff of Accounts department can appear in GDCE of other departments and staff of other departments are also allowed to appear in GDCE for post of Accounts Clerk & Junior Accounts Assistants.
    • Instructions have been issued for providing age relaxation of five years in upper age to SC/ST employees for filling up of 40% induction quota in workshops.
    • In order to provide relief to suffering families after demise of both Railway employee and his/her spouse, continuance of Widow Pass Facility in favour of other eligible beneficiaries has been permitted by Board.
  • Decision has been taken for revival of Railway schools and these schools will not be closed.
  • Iconic Week celebration from 18th July to 23rd July’ 2022 is also being organized by IR under the aegis of “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav”. 75 stations associated with freedom struggle have been identified for this purpose and 27 freedom related trains are also being run.
  • Every Railway employee will also celebrate ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’ during 13th August to 15th August.

Chairman, Railway Board & CEO thanked all Railwaymen for their performance and hard work and also appealed them for even a better performance to achieve the targets and desired results.


Federation (NFIR) raised following points in their opening remarks during the meeting:-

Shri Guman Singh, President/NFIR

S. No. Points raised
1. Condition of Railway Staff quarters is deplorable and maintenance of these quarters is extremely poor since long. As a result, Railway employees cannot take proper rest in their allotted railway accommodation. On the other hand, quarters of officers are well maintained.
2. Government of India have issued instructions for travelling allowance including hotel accommodation in case of outstation duty of employees. However, these instructions have not been adopted by Ministry of Railways and Railways have issued separate instructions wherein it has been provided that in case of outstation duty, Railway will provide Rest House and accordingly rates for TA have been reduced proportionately. However, the actual fact is that in most cases, the condition of Rest House is deplorable and in some other cases, no official accommodation is provided to the employees during outstation duty, while Rest Houses meant for officers are well maintained. Thus, differential treatment is given to Railway employees.
3. Railway employees are highly worried about outsourcing of work as well as privatization.
4. Denial of Night Duty Allowance on the ground of basic pay is highly objectionable and needs to be addressed on priority.
5. Despite, Supreme Court’s judgment and instructions issued by Board thereon prescribing that settlement dues papers of Retiring employees should be finalised atleast one year before retirement and no recovery, if any, should be effected in respect of Group ‘C’ employees. However, still large amount is being effected from the settlement dues of Retiring employees on the ground of wrongful fixation was done in the past. Accountability should be fixed and action should be taken against the defaulting official.
6. Counselling should be done of officials at lower levels for their rude behavior with Railway employees as they are not sensitive to the requirements and needs of employees.

Dr. M. Raghavaiah, General Secretary/NFIR

S. No. Points raised
1. PNM meetings at Board level should be held regularly as per policy guidelines or at least half yearly. Credibility of PNM meetings should be maintained as formal meetings are not being held effectively.
2. Concern was expressed on the rate of return on the large scale investments being made by Railways on infrastructure development. General Secretary cited the example of the proposal for re-development of New Delhi station, which includes demolition of DRM’s office building, Yatri Niwas Hotel, etc. Investment should be done ensuring real rate of return. Concern was also expressed as regards no prior consultation with Federations on large scale investments as well as major policy decisions.
3. Promotional posts have been surrendered on Zonal Railways which is highly detrimental to the career progression of employees. Case of WR was cited.
4. Railways are surrendering those posts which are urgently required. Safety category posts are also being surrendered which is not appropriate. This is causing agony and disappointment among employees.
5. Compassionate appointment has still not been given to some wards of deceased employees who lost their lives due to Covid.
6. Compassionate appointment in the Ministerial Cadre is not being given by Zonal Railways/PUs to wards of deceased Covid victim employees though they are highly qualified and vacancies are available.
7. 300 best maintained quarters at Prayagraj Railway Station are being demolished causing resentment among the employees residing in these quarters.
8. Proposal for upgrading 35,000 posts of Supervisors of Non-Accounts Department from GP 4600 to GP 4800 and thereafter, GP 5400 after 4 years service, was sent to MoF (DoE) long back in September, 2021. Still the proposal has not yet been approved by MoF (DoE). This is de-motivating for the employees who joined in GP 4600 through direct recruitment and remain stagnated.
9. TA portion constitutes 70% of the Kilometerage Allowance being given to Running Staff and this portion should be exempted from the purview of Income Tax as per rules. This matter has been consistently raised by Federation in the interest of genuine demand of Running Staff, but no positive result has taken place so far.
10. Accepted recommendations of 7th  CPC regarding OT Assistants’ revised cadre

structure w.e.f. 01.01.2016 and harmonization of Lab Superintendent cadre, have not yet been finalised even after lapse of six years.

11. Due to existing heavy vacancy position in the cadre of Track Maintainers, lateral induction of track maintainers is not being allowed on Zonal Railways.
12. Heavy vacancies are also existing in critical safety categories, namely, Pointsmen. As a result, Station Masters are performing the duties of Pointsmen in addition to their normal duties compromising safety. Due to heavy vacancies, Pointsmen are not getting lateral induction in Commercial and other Departments.
13. Promotion quota vacancies on some zones are not being filled. On NER, GDCE empanelled candidates of 2018 have not yet been promoted. LDCE and GDCE have not been implemented on some zones. Federation suggested that GDCE Scheme should be made permanent.
14. Eligibility of 10 years service for considering inter-zonal transfer is not appropriate and this should be reviewed.
15. For contract engagement of para-medical staff, priority should be given to those who served during Covid 1st & 2nd wave periods. Board’s letter dated 30.06.2022 be modified accordingly duly connecting NFIR’s reference dated 01.07.2022 sent to Railway Board.
16. Recruitment against Sports Quota, Cultural Quota etc., as per Government’s policy

is not being resorted. This needs to be expedited.

17. Stenographers attached with SAG/HAG officers are not being upgraded despite a decision of Railway Ministry to upgrade the posts as per the rank of the officers with whom they are attached. Zonal Railway Stenographers are not being treated at par with Stenographers of RBSSS.
18. Option for posting in Rail Coach Modernization Factory, Sonipat – As per the policy, in case of setting up of a new organization, options are required to be called from entire Indian Railways. However, Northern Railway has issued notification, calling options from staff of Northern Railway only ignoring the genuine claim of interested employees from other Zonal Railways.
19. Ban on creation of posts for manning of new assets is not appropriate for IR. During the Covid period, 14,000 new tracks were laid but no corresponding post of JE/SSE/Track Maintainer etc., was created.
20. Chittaranjan Locomotive Works has achieved production surpassing the previous targets. It is requested that more share of the work for manufacturing 9000 HP & 12000 HP Electric locos be provided to CLW.
21. Metro Railway, Kolkata was declared as Zonal Railway in the year 2010. However, continued dependency of Metro Railway, Kolkata on ER/SER in respect of conducting selections etc., has been causing disappointment among staff of Metro Railway. Motorman cadre and Technician cadre have not yet been formed as Motormen/ Technicians are drafted from adjoining Railways. Since the Metro Railway is gradually expanding, corresponding manpower needs to be provided. Reference from Metro Railway to Board’s office on the issue of seniority should be decided on the basis of RRB panels to solve the matter.
22. On 29th June, 2022, disastrous landslide took place at Tupul, Manipur of N.F. Railway at midnight which resulted into death of three SSEs/JEs. For 36 hours their dead bodies could not be located. Their sacrifice needs to be recognized as “Exemplary” and highest civilian award should given to them.
23. Project Allowance to the Construction Organization staff on Northeast Frontier Railway is not being given. It has been reported that though staff were paid Project Allowance in the Construction Organization of NF Railway w.e.f. 01.07.2017, the General Manager (Const)/NF Railway has issued instructions to the Construction Units not to pay the Project Allowance and recover the amounts already paid. Railway Board may kindly issue suitable instructions to the General Manager (Const).
24. Railway Stores procurement establishment of RCF/Kapurthala at Tilak Bridge, New Delhi is more advantageous for delivery of services. NFIR requested that unwilling staff may not be forced to go on transfer to RCF/Kapurthala and action be taken for protecting staff interests.
25. Cadre Restructuring Committee constituted by Board should follow the same principles as followed earlier by the previous Committees and the restructuring should be completed by October, 2023 for implementation.
26. Executive Directors’ Committee Report for four grade structure in respect of Pointsmen Cadre should be implemented duly providing GP 4600/ Pay Level 6 at apex level.
27. There should be no hurry in implementing provision of Trolley Bags for Running Staff. Further consultations are needed as this issue is in JCM forum.
28. Running Staff in some cases are being forced to work for 12 to 13 hours despite

High Power Committee’s Report for reducing their working hours.

29. In the Running Rooms, Running staff has to compulsorily sleep in bed as the new technology does not allow them to go out of Running Rooms. This is affecting the morale of Running Staff.

Shri R.P. Bhatnagar, Working President

S. No. Points raised
1. He expressed concern about safety of Indian Railways and observed about heavy vacancy position in all the categories. He said that Safety Category staff are facing hardships in Train operations as additional load is being borne by staff.
2. He further mentioned that manpower is not provided for new assets, namely, construction of new double line, triple line, additional lines, etc., which endangers safety.
3. The deplorable condition of Railway quarters was highlighted. The officers are replying that there is hardly any funds to repair the Railway quarters and Safety Staff are complaining bitterly. He requested Board to immediately improve the condition.

Shri B.C. Sharma

S. No. Points raised
1. Railway Board vide letter No. 11-2019/SPMPS/Yardstick/2 dated 30.06.2020 issued instructions to the General Managers of Zonal Railways and Production Units relating to revision of Yardsticks/Norms for conducting various O&M activities on the Divisions/Zones/Production Units etc., arbitrarily without consultations with the Federation. He further stated that vide instructions dated 30.06.2020, the Railway Board have directed the Divisions/Zones/Units etc., to reduce the O&M activities by 15% even in all Technical and Safety Department. He urged the CRB and Board Members to withdraw instructions dated 30.06.2020 as these have been proved to be counterproductive besides causing harmful reduction in the sanctioned strength in various important categories of staff.
2. C&W staff deputed for maintenance of coaches of Mail/Express and high speed trains have been facing lot of difficulties due to bio-toilets which exercise has proved totally unsuccessful. He said that the C&W staff face back pressure of filth available in the bio-toilets and the same spills out during maintenance which spoils the clothing of staff and affects their health.
3. Though instructions have been issued vide Commercial Circular No. 71/2018 dated 10.12.2018 relating to provision of facilities in the rest house/rest rooms of TTEs at par with Loco Running Staff, these instructions have not been implemented on Northern Railway.
4. The retired Running Staff, particularly Loco Pilots and Train Guards (now called Train Managers) have been receiving incorrect pension from the Banks due to the reason that correct amount of pension pursuant to the implementation of 7th CPC recommendations have not been reflected in the CRIS software, causing difficulties to the disbursing Banks. Similarly, medical facilities regarding private

wards, etc., under UMID are not being extended to such staff. Federation suggests that this situation can be overcome if software supplied by the CRIS is removed and at the same time the Divisions are empowered to deal with the problems directly with the Banks and set right the discrepancies.

5. Regarding provision of Co-Drivers in the high speed trains running upto 130Kms/PH, he suggested that the Federation’s letters may be connected and separate meeting be convened for discussion on this subject.
6. He informed that the Railway employees and their families (serving/retired) have been facing difficulties with regard to availability of reserved seat/berths in major Mail/Express trains excluding Rajdhani and Shatabdi Trains due to restrictions imposed as regards number of berths/seats to be reserved on the basis of Privilege Passes and PTOs. This needs to be withdrawn.
7. Honorarium payable  for stenographic  assistance to  PREM  Group  constituents needs to be revised subsequent to 7th CPC recommendations.
8. Railway Board’s recent instructions dated 21.02.2022 wherein Zonal Railways have been advised to implement Board’s decision for provision of Trolley Bags to Loco Pilots and Train Managers should not be acted upon due to various difficulties being faced by running staff in the course of reaching crew lobby and running rooms.
9. He said that decision taken to transfer all staff working in Stores procurement establishment unit of RCF located at Tilak Bridge in New Delhi to RCF/Kapurthala has caused hardships to the staff as it is very difficult to comply with the transfer due to dislocation to their families. He said that now by introduction of new technology, maximum work is being done either through e- tendering, e-filing and video conferencing. Hence, the Stores Procurement Establishment of RCF/Kapurthala be continued at Tilak Bridge as the services of these staff are still required for smooth working of the Production Unit.
10. Family pension is not being given to the wards/widows of deceased employees on the ground that the deceased employee was not screened for absorption by the Railway. He stated that the plea taken by the Railway Administration is highly unjustified and such cases should be treated as regular and ‘deemed to have been screened’. He requested Board to issue suitable instructions to the Zonal Railways particularly to Northern Railway in this regard.
11. Railway  does     not    have    any  recognised   Hospital     for    denture     implant     or reimbursement of denture implant done from a Private  Hospital.

Shri R.P. Singh

S. No. Points raised
1. Federation has come to know that recently NCR has taken a decision to hand over the jobs of maintenance and upkeep of locomotives to private company M/s Siemens for a period of 05 years in place of Kanpur Electric Loco Shed, without consultations with the NCRES (one of the recognized Unions). There is all-round disappointment and frustration among Railway employees of NC Railway against the above unjustified decision of the Zonal Railway Administration. Federation believes that when the Railway staff in the Loco shed have been performing well and fulfilling the targets revised from time to time, there is absolutely no need to hand over the work to a private company. Federation therefore, demands that the work of maintenance and upkeep of Loco Shed, Kanpur proposed to be handed over to a private company be restored back to Railways.
2. Federation highlighted that though the Railway Board have issued instructions relating to merger of Grade Pay 2800 with 4200 for Station Master category and reduced the training period from 09 months to 75 days, orders have however not been issued for upwardly  revising the amount of stipend equivalent to GP4200/Level-6 to Trainee Station Masters as they are still being paid stipend at the old rate fixed for GP 2800/Level-5.
3. Cancer Patients of NCR are referred only to Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai where obtaining bed for indoor treatment is very difficult inspite of availability of referral Hospitals in Delhi which is closer to NCR. Further, medicines prescribed by specialist doctors for skin treatment, etc., are not being provided nor these are being reimbursed.
4. Railway Board have taken a decision to develop Prayagraj Railway Station and for executing the same, nearly 300 Railway quarters which are in a very good condition are being demolished. This has caused a lot of resentment among staff. Federation urges the Railway Board to immediately issue instructions to the General Manager/NCR not to demolish Railway quarters. It is further suggested that in front of Platform No.6 near ‘Delhi end’, thousands of square metres of land has been lying vacant/unutilized, and this land can be used fully to save Railway revenue and allow 300 Railway Quarters to continue. Federation requests the Railway Board to issue suitable instructions to the General Manager/NCR in this matter so that Railway quarters are not demolished. Quarters of employees are also being demolished in NCR for construction of quarters for officers.
5. Board have issued instructions for provision of Special Protective Gear to the P. Way Staff (Track Maintainers, Keyman, Patrolman etc.,) as well as Technicians/Maintainers, Helpers etc., of S&T, Electrical (TRD) and Mechanical Departments. Though more than 03 years have passed, Special Protective Gears have not been provided to the eligible staff i.e. Technicians/Maintainers, Helpers working in S&T, Electrical (TRD) and Mechanical Departments on North Central Railway. Federation demanded that the staff who are eligible for Special Protective Gear may be paid Special Allowance on half yearly or yearly basis similar to Dress Allowance to facilitate the staff to purchase Protective Gears from the market and wear the same while performing duties.

Shri Munindra Saikia

S. No. Points raised
1. There is shortage of Manpower in the recently opened Abhayapuri-Gauripur (AYU-GUP) section of RNY division. In order to man this section measuring about 84.4 KMS, a total of 232 Track Maintainers are required. Since, almost all the sections of  five divisions are facing shortage of Track Maintainers, there should be new recruitment for manning this newly opened AYU-GUP section. However, recently, a move was made to transfer large number of Track Maintainers from different sections of RNY division to AYU-GUP section. This kind of mass transfer that too without taking into confidence the recognized Federation is unhealthy for working environment. Hence, Federation demanded fresh recruitment  of Track  Maintainers and  other  related  staff for  this  newly opened AYU-GUP section on the principle of New Posts for New Assets.
2. The staff deputed for working in difficult terrains under Construction Organization put their lives at risk. The recent natural disaster at New Haflong and Tupul (Manipur) caused death of three Railway employees. Federation demanded that all staff of Construction Organization who are deputed to work in difficult terrains, should be covered under an insurance scheme of at least Rs. 1 Crore.
3. Project Allowance, which used to be paid to Construction Organization employees of NFR deputed to work in various difficult terrains of North East region has been presently withheld. This needs to be restored immediately for generating spontaneous commitment of staff deployed in projects in such difficult terrains with harsh climatic conditions.
4. Implementation of GDCE scheme of 2018 has not yet been done on NFR.
5. With global warming causing temperatures to rise to alarming levels, there is need for urgently providing Air Conditioners (ACs) in all offices where working conditions become unbearable because of heat particularly during summer. GMs should be empowered for providing ACs in offices and other Railway establishments.
6. There is very low progress in the implementation for construction of Railway quarters on NFR.

Shri Tapan Chatterjee

S. No. Points raised
1. Very low amount of ₹ 11.5 crore has been allocated for staff amenities on SECR. The condition of staff quarters is deplorable. There is also shortage of quarters.
2. Staff of Bilaspur Division have been transferred to Pandra where no medical and other facilities are available.
3. There is no provision of AC in Running Rooms and TTE Rest Houses in Bilaspur Division causing unrest among the staff.

Shri Indrajit Singh

S. No. Point raised

CLW over the years has proved to be one of the most accomplished, promising and reliable Locomotive manufacturers. It has transformed itself from being a manufacturer of Steam Locomotives to that of Diesel Locomotives and finally to Modern, High Power, Electric Locomotives. The venture has paid off and at present CLW is producing state of the art 3-phase Locos with all modern features of latest “Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)” technology. It is one of the largest Electric Locomotive manufacturers in the world. CLW also manufacturers AC Traction motors, switch gears. Control gears, Bogies cast & fabricated Wheel sets & Steel casting.

Presently, CLW is playing a pivotal role in making Indian Railways self reliant in the field of electric traction both for high speed and heavy hauling load, and thus acting as a vehicle for strengthening Indian economy. NFIR requests on behalf of CLW employees to kindly look into the matter and take necessary steps allowing manufacturing of 9000 HP & 12000 HP Electric Locomotive at CLW/Chittaranjan.


Section – B: Minutes


8/2017: Policy guidelines for Medical fitness of employees of various medical categories who have undergone LASIK Surgery-reg.

A Committee of Ophthalmologist have looked into the medical fitness of employees who have undergone LASIK Surgery for suggesting necessary guidelines in this matter for medical fitness of employees and for effecting revision in Indian Railway Medical Manual, 2000. After receipt of report of the Committee, its recommendations will be put up to concerned Directorates for their comments before obtaining final approval of Board. Federation requested to expedite this five years old pending issue.

17/2017: Cashless treatment Scheme in Emergency (CTSE) for Retired Railway Employees and their Dependent Family Members-reg.

Instructions issued.


25/2022: Re-medical examination of compassionate ground appointment candidates earlier declared unfit on account of Diabetes Mellitus

Federation requested for a separate meeting with CRB.

12/2015: Maintenance of cleanliness on trains and at stations etc. – implementation of Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006 in Railways.

Federation demanded that instructions issued vide letter No.2021/H-1/9/2 dated 01.07.2022 needs to be reviewed.


15/2022: Risks being faced by the Railway employees in the course of performing duties resulting loss of lives and injuries

Federation demanded a separate meeting with AM(Signal).


42/2018: Cadre Control/Manpower Management of Mechanical and EMU/MEMU/ TL/AC Maintenance and Operation-reg.

Federation informed that the guidelines issued by Board vide letter No. 2019/O&M/8/3 dated 18.07.2019 have not been implemented on some of the Zonal

Railways in particular on ECR. It was decided that this matter will be reviewed with the concerned Zonal Railways.

10/2022: Redressal of Loco Running Staff Grievances

(i) Working of MEMU Trains with ALP 

Matter is under consideration.

(ii) Carrying of Fog Safe Device (FSD) by Loco Running Staff (LP/ALP) –

Feedback is being sought from the Zonal Railways for examining the matter.

29/2022: Installing CVVRS in Loco Motives – Loco Running Staff agitated

Concerns expressed by Federation during the meeting will be examined.


3/2022: Need for Air-Conditioning of Station Master’s rooms

In the light of discussions, it was decided that Board’s letter dated 01.12.2016 issued in this matter, will be reiterated.


13/2011: Provision of cooking facilities at Rest Rooms meant for Ticket Checking Staff

Board’s instructions in this matter will be reiterated. Feedback regarding updated position of facilities available at Rest Houses meant for Ticket Checking Staff will be obtained from Zonal Railways and conveyed to the Federation.

5/2015: Arbitrary decision revising norms for manning of Coaches by the Ticket Checking Staff –reg.

Report of the Director’s Committee will be finalised within a period of two months. Thereafter, the matter will be reviewed as regards the norms for manning of coaches. Federation will be consulted further.

37/2015: Simultaneous creation of posts of Ticket Checking Staff when new trains are introduced or runs extended-reg.

Instructions have been issued for deployment of surplus ECRC staff in ticket checking activities vide letter No. 2018/TG-V/1/5 dated 27.07.2022. Copy will be given to the Federation.


59/2015: Ticket Checking staff grievances – redressal urged.

Discussed and Finalised.


47/2016: Withdrawal of 2nd Pantry Car from Rajdhani trains – Non-provision adequate accommodation for escorting staff of Mechanical, Electrical and S&T Departments and to the Train Superintendent – Staff put to hardship-reg.

Discussed and Finalised.


11/2022: Clarification regarding realization of excess fare/penalty from passengers found travelling in higher class with lower class tickets

Necessary instruction has already been issued by NWR.



04/2021: Revision of Pension in the case of retired Technicians Grade-Ion Indian Railways-wrong fixation of Pension to the pre-0l/0l/1996 Pensioners – review urged.

In the light of facts stated by the Federation, the matter needs to be reviewed.

28/2021: Revision of pension of pre-2006 pensioners who retired from the 5th CPC scale of `6500-10500-reg.

Federation was informed that the nodal Ministry i.e. DOP&PW has not agreed with the appreciation of the Federation. Federation, however, did not agree with the views of DOP&PW.

24/2022: Modification in the existing policy for payment of Travelling Allowance, contingent expenses etc., to retired Railway Personnel for attending DAR enquiries

It was decided that the existing procedure for payment of Travelling allowance to retired Railway servant acting as Defence Helper will be examined and simplified.


35/2004: Inadequate promotion opportunities for Technical Supervisors in railway printing presses

Item regarding promotion opportunities was finalised. Federation requested for continuation of the remaining 5 Printing Presses as they are giving good results. Federation also demanded that Railway should give adequate work to these Printing Presses.


15/2016: Acute shortage of staff quarters of various types and non-provision of toilets in the suburban section of Mumbai on Western Railway-reg.

Updated status will be obtained from CR and WR. Federation informed that funds allocated under Plan-Head remained unutilised on WR. It was decided that the matter will be reviewed with WR.

27/2016: Review of license fee on the Railway land allotted to the Staff Welfare/ Organizations at Railway settlement of Bilaspur-reg.

The issue involved is whether Government aided schools located on Railway land at Bilaspur should be treated as ‘Staff Welfare Activities’ or not. The issue of reviewing license/lease fee can only be taken up thereafter. Federation demanded follow-up action on the Record Note of Discussions held by AM(Finance) with Federation (NFIR) on 23.03.2018 on the subject of review of license fee.

59/2018: Urgent need for allotment of additional funds under DRF for PH-51, PH-52 & PH-64 for constructions of Railway quarters on Central Railway, Mumbai area, on replacement account-reg.

In the light of discussions held, a further reference will be made to CR and the matter will be examined.


2/2022: Grant of increments to the employees stagnating at the maximum of the Pay Band/Scale under 7th CPC Pay Structure

A copy of the reference sent to DOP&T in this matter will be shared with the Federation.

6/2022: Pensionary benefits for medically decategorized Chief Loco Inspectors who opt for voluntary retirement

The matter is under examination in Board’s office and necessary inputs have been called for from Zonal Railways. Details from some of the Railways are still awaited. The matter will be examined after receipt of details. NFIR cited specific details of cases pertaining to WR.

9/2022: Recasting of avenue of channel of promotion in respect of isolated categories (Medical & Para-Medical)

Matter will be examined in consultation with Health Directorate.

18/2022: Thirty percent (30%) add-on pay element for pensionary benefits to the families of Chief Loco Inspectors who died while working as Instructor (ex-cadre post)

The issue raised by Federation stands resolved.


19/2022: Denial of annual increments to medically decategorized running staff absorbed in stationery posts

Views expressed by Federation during the meeting will again be referred to Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure).

20/2022: Scheme for filling up the posts of Loco Running Supervisors (Chief Loco Inspectors and Chief Crew Controllers/Chief Power Controllers/Chief Traction Controllers) -modification of instructions dated November 1, 2021

Federation demanded a separate meeting involving EDE(N).

30/2022: Revision in the designations prescribed for Nursing Personnel working in the Railway Hospitals/Health Units

A joint meeting with both the Federations involving DG(RHS) will be held.


1/2022: Earmarking 10% of the DR quota vacancies of Group ‘C’ categories to be filled by LDCE open to all

Federation mentioned about their earlier discussion held on 11.10.2020 with the then CRB and Hon’ble MR and requested that the matter be re-examined.

8/2022: Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 – Fixation of pay on promotion in 6th CPC Pay Structure – Deprival of annual increment to those promoted prior to 31/12/2006, but relieved after 01/01/2007

The matter will be again examined. Federation will share details of such cases.

16/2022: Improvement in pay scales of staff working in Artificial Limb Centre of Central Hospital of Northern Railway

Detailed comments on the issues raised in the staff side demand have been called from Northern Railway. Matter will be examined on receipt of the Railway’s comments in consultation with the concerned Directorates.

17/2022: Counting of officiating period as residency period in the case of Sr. ALPs/Shunters promoted on ad hoc basis as Loco Pilot (Goods) in the administrative exigencies- case of South Central Railway

Federation demanded that the matter be submitted for consideration of Member(TRS) and meeting be convened at the level of Member(TRS).

21/2022: Fixation of pay of disabled/medically unfit Staff, other than Running, on being appointed against alternative posts in revised (6th& 7th CPC) pay structure

Federation will share the specific cases with illustration for examination of the matter.

27/2022: Induction of erstwhile Group ‘D’ Staff from outside into the Workshop in CLW against 40% quota – relaxation of upper age limit from 33 to 45 years

Matter is under examination.


7/2022: Railway Servants (Discipline & Appeal) Rules, 1968-Choice of Retired Railway servants as Defence Helpers – conditions

Federation stated that the number of cases to be handled by Railway officials acting as Defence Helper be restricted to seven cases. The other demand of the Federation that Railway employees (serving/ retired) may act as Defence Helper on any zone without any restriction on territorial jurisdiction of Zonal Railway, is under examination.


26/2015: Creation of posts for TRD Organisation in Railways.


45/2018: Automatic creation of posts of staff against new assets created and new services introduced on Indian Railways – reg.

The requirement of TRD posts across IR needs to be reviewed with reference to yardsticks. Zonal Railways have been advised to utilise the sparable posts and to re- distribute them as per extant instructions. If vacant posts are not available within the zone, Zonal Railways may approach Board for resolution.

50/2015: Training Module for Loco Pilot (Shunting) on Indian Railways – wrong interpretation by Southern Railway – reg

Discussed and finalised.


02/2016: Training to newly recruited ALPs in Electric and Diesel traction at the time of initial appointment – Additional chances in either of the tractions- requested.

Federation sought for a separate meeting with PED(Safety).

20/2017: Refresher courses and special training to the staff of S&T Department in Railways-reg.

Discussed and finalised.


27/2018: Payment to the Teachers imparting training to the Loco Running Staff and change of non-standard designation – case of Eastern Railway-reg.

Federation contended that the Diesel Traction Training Centres at Andal and Burdwan are recognised training centres as notified by Railway Board and therefore, the Trainers deployed in these training centres need to be given not less than GP 4200/- (PB-2)/ Level-6 and they should also be paid training allowance (15% of Pay). After discussion, it was decided to review the matter.

5/2022: Creation of new posts for maintenance of newly created assets – creation of posts of Track Maintainers, JEs/SSEs (P. Way), Technicians etc., – South Central Railway

Federation was explained that Ministry of Railways will pursue with Ministry of Finance for relaxation regarding creation of posts. Pending that, the powers for redistribution of posts may be utilised as discussed in Item 45/2018.

14/2022: Revised Training Modules of Non-Gazetted Staff of Electrical Department

The issue of uniformity of training duration in respect of Apprentice Technicians in all Departments and also for reduction of training duration, is under examination.


12/2022: Allotment of vacant Railway quarters to the retired Railway Officials and their dependent relatives

To be discussed in a separate meeting.

4/2022: Need to introduce revised Dress Code for Nursing Personnel in the Railway Hospitals/Health Units

To be discussed in a separate meeting.

22/2022: Duty hours of Running Staff – Minutes of full Board meeting (R&S)

To be discussed in a separate meeting.

23/2022: Introduction of five (05) days per week working in the administrative offices in Production Units of Indian Railways

To be discussed in a separate meeting.

Section – C: Summary

Total Items Items discussed Items could not be discussed Items finalised Balance
165 = 135 Old + 30New 48 117 8 157


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