Empanelment of Health Care Organisation in Remote Areas not Holding QCI/NABH Certification – ECHS

Empanelment of Health Care Organisation in Remote Areas not Holding QCI/NABH Certification – ECHS

Empanelment of Health Care Organisation in Remote Areas not Holding QCI/NABH Certification – ECHS

Central Organisation ECHS
Adjutant General’s Branch
Integrated Headquarters
Ministry of Defence (Army)
Thimayya Marg
Near Gopinath Circle
Delhi Cantt – 10


17 Feb 2023

HQ Southern Command (A/ECHS & Mea)
HQ Eastern Command (A/ECHS & Med)
HQ Western Command (A/ECHS & Mea)
HQ Central Command (A/ECHS & Med)
HQ Northern Command (A/ECHS & Med)
HQ Southern Western Command (A/ECHS & Med)
HQ Andaman & Nicobar Command (A/ECHS & Med)
All Regional Centre ECHS


1. Refer MoD(DoESW) ID Note No 22B(09)/2021-D(WE/Res-l) dated 14 Mar 2022 (Photocopy attached).

2. As per MoD(DoESW) letter No 22B(04)/2010/US(WE)/ D(Res)  dated 18 Feb 2011. QCI / NABH certification has been made mandatory for hospitals to apply for empanelment with ECHS. However, ECHS beneficiaries residing at remote locations in Tier two and Tier three cities are facing great difficulties in getting medical facilities due to non availability of empanelled Hospitals.

3. At such locations few private HCOs are functional and are willing for empanelment with ECHS. However, these Hospitals have not undertaken QCI/NABH certifications which is a mandatory requirement for empanelment with ECHS. Hospitals in remote areas are mostly functioning with minimum certification as required by State Govts. There is no incentive for these hospitals to undertake QCI or NABH accreditations.

4. Such cases for empanelment with ECHS can be considered by the Ministry in consultation with MoD(Fin/Pen) on case to case basis only after duly recommended by local formation of ECHS/HQ of the area on Statement of Case and thereafter considered/ recommended by Screening Committee Meeting, headed by MD ECHS. to the Ministry as mentioned in letter under reference.


5. The procedure for processing of applications is as under:-

(a) Regional Centre will identify and prepare a list of such Hospitals of Tier two and Tier three cities not served by CGHS but are willing for empanelment with ECHS.

(b) The Hospitals will be asked to fill the application form and submit the same either in physical form or electronic form with relevant documents.

(c) The application with relevant documents will be submitted to Stn HQ.

(d) The Station HQ concerned will thereafter order a Board of Offrs to inspect the Hospitals as per applications attached as Appendix-A to D. The composition of the Board of Officers is as under:-

Presiding Officers; Col / Equivalent from Stn HQ concerned

Member No 1: 01x Specialist Rep of SEMO
Member No 2: 01 x Rep from Regional Centre
Member No 3: 01 x Lt Col / Maj / Equivalent from Station.

(e) The Board of Offrs will carry inspection of the Hospitals based on the documents received from Hospital and submit their Recommendation.

(f) The Stn Cdr will endorse his Recommendation and fwd the application alongwith Board Proceedings to concerned Regional Centre.

6. Thereafter, the Regional Centres will forward the Board Proceedings to CO ECHS alongwith Statement of Case and all connected documents after thorough scrutiny for consideration by the SCM. Objective criteria for enpanelment of hospitals is att as Appx-E.

7. The above is the approval of MD ECHS.

(Sandeep S Meshram)
Wg Cdr
Joint Director Medical (Empanelment)


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