GDS Online Engagement Schedule-II, (July), 2023 – Descriptive notification and engagement schedule

GDS Online Engagement Schedule-II, (July), 2023 – Descriptive notification and engagement schedule

GDS Online Engagement Schedule-II, (July), 2023 – Descriptive notification and engagement schedule.

17-67/ 2023-GDS


Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(GDS Section)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi-110 001
Dated :01.08.2023


All Chief Postmasters General

Sub: GDS Online Engagement Schedule-II, (July), 2023 – Descriptive notification and engagement schedule.


I am directed to forward herewith the descriptive notification of the GDS Online engagement Schedule-II, July, 2023 for information of all concerned.

Yours faithfully,

Assistant Director General (GDS/PCC)
Tel. No. 011-23096629

Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg
New Delhi-110001


Dated: 31.07.2023

‘Gramin Dak Sevak (GDS) Online Engagement: Schedule-II, July, 2023

Online applications are invited from the eligible applicants for engagement as Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) [Branch Postmaster (BPM)/Assistant Branch Postmaster (ABPM)/Dak Sevaks). Applications are to be submitted online at Details of the vacant posts are given in Annexure-1.


Sl No. Activities Schedule
(i) Registration and submission of online applications by candidates 03.08.2023 to 23.08.2023
(ii) Edit/Correction      Window       for Applicants: 24.08.2023 to 26.08.2023

3. EMOLUMENTS: Emoluments in the form of Time Related Continuity Allowance (TRCA) plus Dearness Allowance thereon are paid to the GDS. The applicable TRCA to different categories are as under: –

SI. Category TRCA Slab
i. BPM Rs.12,000-29,380
ii. ABPM/Dak Sevak Rs.10,000-24,470



The Job Profile of Branch Post Master include:

a) Day to day postal operations of Branch Post Office (8.0) and India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) in the manner as prescribed by the Department from time to time.

b) Marketing and promotions of products and services being provided by the Department and operating various services in the Customer Services’ Centres (CSC) of the Department etc.

c) In the single-handed BOs, BPMs have the overall responsibility of smooth and timely functioning of the Office, including mail conveyance and mail delivery.

d) In the BOs other than single-handed, the BPMs may be assisted by ABPM(s). However, BPM will be required to do combined duties of ABPM(s) as and when ordered or in the case of non-availability of ABPM (s). Any other work may also be assigned by superiors like Mail Overseer (M.O)/lnspector Post (IPO) / Assistant Superintendent of Post (ASPO)/ Superintendent of Post offices (SPOs) /Senior Superintendent of Post Office (SSPOs) etc.

e) Residence/Accommodation: The applicant selected as GDS BPM will have to provide accommodation for Branch Post Office after selection but before engagement. A declaration to this effect with details of accommodation is to be submitted before engagement. The applicant so selected will be required to reside in Post village (the village in which the BO is functioning) only. The accommodation should meet the standards as prescribed by this Directorate letter No. 17-02/2018-GDS dated 08.03.2019 as amended from time to time.


The Job Profile of Assistant Branch Post Master include:

a) Sale of stamps/stationery, conveyance and delivery of mail at doorstep, exchange the mail with account office etc. deposits/payments/other transactions of IPPB.

b) To assist BPM in postal operations in a manner as prescribed by the Department from time to time.

c) Marketing and promotions of products and services being provided by Department and operating various services in the Customer Services’ Centres (CSC) of the Department etc.

d) ABPM may also be required to do combined duties of the BPM as and when ordered or in case of non-availability of BPM in addition to his/her regular duties.

e) Any other work assigned by superiors like MO/IPO/ASPO/SPOs/SSPOs etc.

f) Residence: ABPMs are required to reside within the delivery jurisdictions of the Post Office (HO/SO/BO) concerned.

(iii) Dak Sevak

Dak Sevaks will be engaged in Departmental offices like Sub Post offices, Head Post offices etc. The Job Profile of Dak Sevak include:-

a) Sale of stamps/stationery , conveyance and delivery of mail at doorstep, deposits/payments/other transactions of IPPB and any other duties assigned by Postmaster/Sub Postmaster.

b) Dak Sevaks may have to work in sorting offices of Railway Mail Service (RMS).

c) Dak Sevaks in the Mail offices will handle receipt- dispatch of mail bags, transhipment of bags etc.

d) Dak Sevaks will also assist Post Masters/Sub Postmasters in managing the smooth functioning of Departmental Post Offices and do marketing, business procurement or any other work assigned by the Post Master or IPO/ASPO/SPOs/SSPOs/SRM/SSRM etc.

e) Residence: Dak Sevaks are required to reside within delivery jurisdictions of the Post Office (HO/SO/BO) concerned.


5.1. AGE Limits:

(i) Minimum age:18 years
Maximum age:40 years
[subject to relaxations as per sub para (a) below]

(ii) Age will be determined as on the last date of submission of applications.

Sl. No. Category Permissible age relaxation
1. Schedule Caste/Scheduled Tribe (SC/ST) 5 years
2. Other Backward Classes (OBC) 3 years
3. Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) No relaxation
4. Persons with Disabilities (PwD) 10 years
5. Persons with Disabilities (PwD) + OBC 13 years
6. Persons with Disabilities (PwD) + SC/ST 15 years

(a) Relaxations in upper age limit :

(b) Process of Certification and Format of Certificates: Applicants, who wish to be considered for reserved vacancies or seek age relaxation, will have to submit the requisite certificate from the competent authority in the prescribed Format. In case of failure to do so, their candidature will be cancelled.

(c) There will be no relaxation in upper age limit to EWS applicants. However, the persons belonging to EWS who are not covered under the scheme of reservation for SC, ST and OBC shall get 10% reservation in engagement to the GDS posts.



(a) Secondary School Examination pass certificate of 10th standard having passed in Mathematics and English (having been studied as compulsory or elective subjects) conducted by any recognized Board of School Education by the Government of India/State Governments/ Union Territories in India shall be a mandatory educational qualification for all approved categories of GDS.

(b) The applicant should have studied the local language, i.e., (Name of Local language) at least up to Secondary standard [as compulsory or elective subjects].


(i) Knowledge of computer
(ii) Knowledge of cycling
(iii) Adequate means of livelihood


(a) Engagement of GDS will be subject to the instructions issued by the Department of Posts regarding the reservation of SC/ST/OBC/EWS/PwD categories. The applicants may go through the following instructions available on the official website of the Department:-

(i) No. 19-11/97-ED & TRG dated 27. 11.1997
(ii) No. 17-08/2017-GDS dated 26.02.20 19
(iii) No. 17-08/2017-GDS dated 02.06.2022
(iv) No. 17-09/2019-GDS dated 26.02.2019

(b) The permissible disability for PwD applicants is as under:-

Sl. No. Name of the Posts Categories of disability suitable for the post.
1 BPM/ABPM/ Dak Sevaks

a)   Low vision (LV);b)   D(Deaf), HH (Hard of hearing);

c)     One Arm  (OA),  One  leg  (OL),  Leprosy Cured, Dwarfism, Acid Attack Victim and

d)      Specific   learning   disability    /Intellectual disability.

Multiple disabilities from amongst disabilities mentioned at (a) to (d) above except Deaf and Blindness.


Applications are to be submitted online only at Applications received from any other mode shall not be entertained. No communication in this respect will be entertained. Brief instructions for registration, payment of fee, documents to be uploaded with application, selection of posts etc. are given in Annexure-V.


(i) The applicants will be shortlisted for engagement on the basis of a system generated merit list.

(ii) The Merit list will be prepared on the basis of marks obtained/ conversion of Grades/Points to marks (as explained in sub paras – iii to ix below) in Secondary School Examination of 10th standard of approved Boards aggregated to percentage to the accuracy of 4 decimals. Passing of all the subjects as per the respective approved board norms is mandatory.

(iii) For applicants where their Secondary School Examination of 1Q1h standard mark sheet containing the marks as mentioned in each subject or marks and Grade/Points both, their total marks will be worked out by taking into account the marks obtained in all compulsory and elective/optional subjects (other than extra subjects, if any). This will ensure that applicants with higher marks get selected.

(iv) Applicants having both marks and grades in the marks sheet have to apply with marks only. In case any applicant applies with grades instead of marks, his/her application will be liable for disqualification. However,if for any particular subject (s) only grades are mentioned in the mark sheet then for that subject (s) grades can be mentioned and the same need not to be converted to the marks by the candidates.

(v) For applicants having only grades subject-wise, marks will be arrived for each subject (compulsory and elective subjects but not extra subjects), by applying the multiplying factor of 9.5 in the following manner:-

Grade Grade Point Multiplication factor
A1 10 9.5
A2 9 9.5
B1 8 9.5
B2 7 9.5
C1 6 9.5
C2 5 9.5
D 4 9.5

(vi) In case of the marks lists containing the Grades/ Points, marks will be reckoned by taking conversion of Grades and points with the multiplication factor (9.5) against the maximum points or grade as 100.

(vii) Where Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is also provided,the marks will be arrived at by multiplying the CGPA by 9.5. Where individual grades in each subject as well as CGPA is given, the higher of the two marks will be taken. It is to clarify that the candidates are not required to convert their points/grades into marks and are required to mention the grades/points only, while filling up the online applications. The conversion of grades/points to the marks would be carried out by the system before declaration of result for the purpose of arriving at the merits.

(viii) In case of tie among the applicants, the merit would be decided on the basis of following priority order :-

“DOB (Older in age), ST trans-woman, ST female, SC trans-woman, SC female, OBC trans-woman, OBC female, EWS trans-woman, EWS female, UR trans-woman , UR female, ST trans-male , ST Male, SC trans-male, SC Male, OBC trans-male, OBC male, EWS trans-male, EWS male, UR trans-male, UR male.

The Department would have the liberty and sole right to introduce any additional criteria in case of ‘Tie’ to determine the merit. The decision of the Department shall be final.

(ix) Applicat ions submitted without complete data will be rejected. In case an applicant uploads wrong documents/information and unnecessary documents , his/her candidature will be rejected.

(x) At the time of verification of documents upon shortlisting of an applicant if the data/marks/subjects fed in the Portal are found mismatched with original documents, his/her candidature will be rejected even if there is small spelling error in name of applicant. father/mother name etc. or whether such data is crucial for determining the merit or otherwise.

(xi) Shortlisted applicants will have to submit an undertaking in the format annexed as Annexure-VI, regarding liability in case of furnishing fake/incorrect information/details in the form.


(i) The list of applicants shortlisted for engagement will be released by the Department on its website and GDS Online Portal. Applicants are advised to visit the webs ite/Portal on regular basis for latest updates.

(ii) The selection of the applicants will be subject to verification of the original documents by the Verifying Authority chosen by the applicant at the time of filling up the application. This is further subject to verification by the Engaging Authority , if it is different from the Verifying Authority. The Engaging Authority for BPM is the Divisional head, while Sub Divisional head the Engaging Authority in case of ABPM/Dak Sevak.

(iii) Upon declaration of the result, the shortlisted applicants will be informed through SMS on his/her registered mobile number/registered email about the dates for physical verification of the documents.

(iv) Shortlisted applicants while attending for the documents verification, with the Verifying Authority will bring original documents as listed in Annexure-VII and two sets of self-attested photocopies for submission. The shortlisted candidates will be allowed total 15 days to submit the documents for verification, i.e., the system will initially provide 10 days for submitting the documents and thereafter a reminder for the same will be generated to submit documents i n extended period of 05 more days . If the verification is successful, the offer of provisional engageme nt will be given once the verification period for the concerned list is over. else. his/her candidature will be rejected. If a candidate fails to report to the Verifying Authority within prescribed period of 15 days, he/she will be treated as ‘Non-turned up’ candidate and his/her candidature will be rejected out-rightly.

(v) The offer of provisional engagement will be issued through system itself (through SMS on registered mobile No./Email at email address) based on successful document verification. On receipt of the offer of provisional engagement, the applicant will be required to approach the designated Engaging Authorities within a period of 15 days, i.e., system will initially provide a period of 10 days for reporting and a reminder for the same in extended time of 05 more days from the receipt of offer of provisional engagement, if the Verifying Authority is not itself the Engaging Authority. Engaging Authority will also verify the documents and upon successful verification, the candidate will be required to undergo the pre-engagement formalities, including the prescribed training. In case of unsuccessful verification by the Engaging Authority, the candidature will be cancelled.

(vi) After receipt of the offer of provisional engagement on the registered email/mobile no., if the applicant(s) fails to report the Engaging Authority within the stipulated 15 days period (by the stipulated date), his/her candidature will be rejected.

(vii) The Department will continue to issue supplementary lists of shortlisted applicants against ‘non-turned up and rejected candidates’ in due course, who will have to undergo the same process for verification of documents/pre-engagement formalities as discussed in the foregoing paragraphs. No further list of shortlisted candidates will be issued after 31.12.2023 . Applications pending after thi s date shall not be considered for engagement.

(viii) The department may at its discretion modify/extend the dates for various activities without assigning any reason and its decision in the matter will be final.


(a) The Department and engaging authorities of each post reserves the right to modify, cancel the notification or revise the number of posts at any time without assigning any reason or to stop ongoing process altogether.

(b) Department is not responsible for non-receipt of email/SMS by the applicant due to any specific reason or without any reason arising out of network services providers and other dependencies. The candidate are therefore, advised to continue to visit the online engagement portal regularly for latest updates.

(c) Department does not make any phone calls to the applicants. The correspondence, if any, will be made with applicants through respective Engaging Authority only. Applicants are advised not to disclose their personal information/registration number/ mobile numbers/email ids to others and be guarded against any unscrupulous phone calls.

(d) Applicant can view his/her application status on the website by providing the registration number and mobile number till the results are announced.

(e) For any Queries, Division wise help desk and mobile numbers are provided on the website. The Department would not entertain any query on any other number, other than the help desks. The Department would also not entertain any communication regarding acceptance of applications in any other form and any such communication will be filed.

(f) After closing date for submission of online applications, a three days window has been kept for modification/editing the same. The purpose of providing this window is to correct the names and other data/marks/choice filling etc., so that their candidature is not cancelled at the time of verification on these grounds. During this three days window, the candidates would have option modify/edit applications, however, if the modifications involve any change in category requiring fee to be paid, such modifications will be allowed only if the candidate deposits the fee as per the prescribed procedure. Upon modification, the previous online application would be treated as null and void and merit would be decided based on the modified application.

Important Note: –

Note 1: GDS are holder of a Civil posts but they are outside the regular Civil Services of Union of India and governed by GDS (Conduct and Engagement) Rules, 2020 issued vide OM. No. 17- 30/2019-GDS dated 14.02.2020 as revised from time to time available on the website www

[Refer to Para-3]

Note 2: OM. No.17-3112016-GDS dated 25.06.2018 related to payment of TRCA and other allowances to all approved categories of GDS is available on www .in.

[Refer to Para-3]

Note-3: The selected candidates will have to submit an undertak ing to the Engaging Author ity regarding knowledge of Computer , Cycling and having adequate means of livelihood prescribed formats (refer to Annexure II, III & IV respectively) at the time of engagement.

[ Refer to Para 5.2(2)]

Note: 4 (i) No person holding an elective office will be considered for engagement to the post. (ii) The applicant selected as GDS shall not engage in any activity with any outside agency, which would be detrimental to the business or interest of the Post Office/IPPB.

(iii) Past experience or service of any kind will not be considered for selection.

[Refer to Para 5.2(2)]

(Ravi Pahwa)
Assistant Director General (GDS/PCC/PAP)


Gramin Dak Sevak Vacancy Position for _ _ _ _ Division

Sl Name of Post Name of Office TRCA No.  of posts Account office/Record Office Taluk/Tehsil District

Community-wise Consolidation of Posts:-

Community No of Posts
OBC (As per state reservation %)
PwD(Low vision (LV)  – 01 %)
PwD(D(Deaf), HH(Hard of hearing – 01%),
PwD(One Arm (OA), One leg (OL), Leprosy Cured, Dwarfism, Acid Attack Victim – 01%)
PwD(Specific learning disability/Intellectual Disability – 01%)
ST(As per state reservation %)
SC (As per state reservation %)
EWS -10%



I ______________ son/daughter/wife of _____________hereby undertake to declare that, I will be able to use smart phone/laptop/handheld device supplied by the Department from the first day of engagement.
2. Further, I also hereby declare that I am computer literate.



Signature _________
Name of applicant/applicant: _______
Address ______________



I _____________ son/daughter/wife of _____________ hereby declare that, I am able ride bicycle for performing my duty as a GDS BPM/AB PM/Dak Sevak.

2. Further, I also hereby declare that I have knowledge of riding a scooter or motor cycle.


Signature ________
Name of applicant/applicant: ________
Address  _________



I ______________ son/daughter/wife of __________ hereby undertake to declare that, I will have other sources of income besides the TRCA and allowances to be paid by the Government to support livelihood for myself and my family, in the event of my engagement to the post of Gramin Dak Sevak BPM/ABPM/Dak Sevak.”



Signature _______
Name of applicant/applicant: ________
Address _______


Instructions for applicants

(For registration and submission of application form)


(a) Applicant will have to first register himself/herself on the GDS online Engagement Portal at the link details to obtain the Registration Number.-

(b) For registration on the Portal, the applicants must have their own active email id and mobile number. All the important, including declaration of result of shortlisting, offer of provisional engagement etc. would be sent on the registered mobile number thorough SMS/Email only. The Department will not communicate with applicant in any other form.

(c) Once the applicants registered the same mobile number will not be allowed for any further registrations of any other applicant. In case any duplicate Registration is found by altering the basic details, the candidature of all such registrations will be removed from selection process. Any applicant who forgot the registration number can retrieve the registration number through option ‘Forgot registration’.


(a) Fee: A fee of Rs.100/-/-(Rupees one hundred only) is to be paid by the applicants for all posts notified in choice of Division. However, payment of fee is exempted for all female applicants, SC /ST applicants, PwD applicants and Transwomen applicants.

(b) Applicants, except exempted category of applicant, may make payment of the fee through any of the online mode of payment using the link provided for payment. All recognized Credit/Debit cards and Net Banking facility/ UPI can be used for this purpose. Charges applicable for usage of Debit/Credit cards and net banking, as per the rules from time to time will be levied to the applicants.

(c) Applicants are advised to note their Registration number at a secure place for making the payment of fee.

(d) Fee once paid will not be refunded. Hence candidate is advised to ensure his eligibility for applying to particular Division before making the fee payment.

(e) Applicants who are exempted from payment of fee may apply online directly.



An applicant can only apply one or more vacant posts of GDS in only in one of the selected Divisions. Before selecting Division option, applicant has to validate his/her details by giving Registration number and OTP sent to the registered mobile number. On selecting the Division, a list of all eligible posts (based on the community and Age) will be displayed against which applicant has to give preferences. Applicant will not be considered for a post, for which he/She has not given/ indicated his/her preference(s). However, if shortlisted , only one post only will be offered for engagement and his/her rights for all other posts will be forfeited.

Example: – If a applicant opts for five posts in a Division with preference post1. post2, post3, post4, post5 etc. and selected as meritorious in more than one post, the first post in the order of preference, against which he/she is found most suitable, will be offered and the candidature for all the remaining posts will be forfeited.


The applicant is required to upload only the following documents at the time of submitting online application in the formats and sizes as prescribed. Hence, it is
advised to keep the scanned documents ready in softcopy form before applying online:

Sl. No. Name of the Document Uploading file format Permitted file size Is the upload mandatory or not
1 Recent Photograph .jpg/.jpeg Not exceeding 50kb Mandatory
2 Signature .jpg/.jpeg Not exceeding 20kb Mandatory


The selection of the shortlisted applicants will be purely based on the marks/ data fed by an applicant at the time of submitting the final online application. However ,

selection will be subject to verification of the original certificates/ mark sheet etc. with the data /marks fed in the online application. Therefore, the candidates have to select a Verifying Authority for verification of document at the time of submission of application form itself. The candidates are advised to select the Divisional head of the Division in which he/she is applying to expedite the verification of documents at later stage. However, at his/her option any other Divisional head may be selected near to his/her place for the purpose.


(a) After closing date for submission of online applications, a three days window has been kept for modification/editing the same. During this three-day window, the candidate may modify/edit applications, however, if the modifications involve any change in category requiring fee to be paid, such modifications will be allowed only if the candidate deposits the fee as per the prescribed procedure. Upon modification, the previous online application would be treated as null and void and merit would be decided based on the modified application.

(b) Before submission of the modified application, applicants must check that they have filled correct details in each field of the form. After the expiry of ‘Edit/Correction Window ‘, no change/ correction/ modification will be allowed in the application under any circumstances. No request in this regard in any form like by post, fax, email, by hand, etc. shall be entertained by the Department and the same will be filed without assigning any reason.


(1) Applicants are advised in their own interest to submit the online application much before the closing date and not to wait till the last date to avoid the possibility of disconnection/ inability or failure to login to the website on account of heavy load on the website during the closing days.

(2) The Department will not be responsible for the applicants not being able to submit their applications within the last date on account of the aforesaid reasons or for any other reason beyond the control of the Department.

(3) Before submission of the online application, applicants must check through Preview/ Print option that they have filled correct details in each field of the form.



I _________ of ______________ hereby undertake to declare that, the details furnished by me (i.e. Age/Address/Educational . qualifications /Computer knowledge/EWS/PwD/Caste etc.) on the basis of which I am applying for the posts of GDS BPM/ABPM/Dak Sevak are true to the best of my knowledge and belief . I also undertake that, in case, any detail submitted by me is found to be false at any stage of the engagement process/during engagement , my candidature shall be liable to be rejected against all the vacancies, applied for, or after my engagement, I shall be terminated under GDS (Conduct and Engagement) Rules. I also understood that I shall be liable for criminal/legal action for producing any of false details/documents etc.



Signature _____
Name of applicant/applicant: ______
Address __________________


Provisionally shortlisted applicants must report for document verification alongwith following original documents and two sets of self-attested photocopies of each
document: –

  • Original marks/Board sheet.
  • Original community/Caste/ EWS certificate.
  • Original PWD certificate.
  • Original Transgender certificate.
  • Original Date of Birth Proof.
  • Medical certificate: Medical certificate issued Medical officer of any Government Hospital/Government Dispensaries/Government Primary Health Centre etc. (Compulsory).
  • Original _____________________________ document.


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