Railway: Regularization of absence period of officers/staff due to lockdown wef 25.03.2020

Railway: Regularization of absence period of officers/staff due to lockdown wef 25.03.2020

Railway: Regularization of absence period of officers/staff due to lockdown wef 25.03.2020


Office of the Principal Chief Personnel Officer
Rail Sadan, Mad Floor, Bhubancswar-781017

No. ECoR/Pers/COVID-19/Bills

Date: 07.04.2020

All Concerned
East Coast Railway

Sub: Regularization of absence period of officers/staff due to lockdown w.e.f.25.03.2020.


In view of complete lockdown of 21 days announced by Govt. of India, effective all over India w.e.f. 25.03.2020 on account of spread of pandemic COVID-19, a number of officers/staff of this Railway who proceeded on sanctioned leave/HQ leave/Duty may not have been able to return to their respective place of duty owing to interruption of train service and road communication etc.

1. Therefore. in terms of Para 7.9 of Master Circular No. 10 of Railway Board, following instructions are issued for guidance:

A) Officers/staff who could not assume duty after completion of sanctioned leave period, due to suspension of Train’ Road Communication during the lockdown period, their over-stay is to be treated as Special Casual Leave. Similarly, in case of staff who were on HQ Leave permission as on 25.03.2020, their absence from HQ during lockdown period may be treated as Special Casual Leave.

B) Staff who proceeded on duty prior to 25.3.2020 bur could not return to their respective HQs, due to suspension of Train/Road communication during the lockdown period, such forced halts period to be treated as on-duty.

2. Officer/Staff who arc above 50 years of age and having underlying conditions i.e. Diabetes, Respiratory problem, Renal Diseases and other life-threatening illness may be granted Commuted leave without insisting on RMC for a period up to 4th April vide Railway Board’s Lr.No. E(P&ADI-2020 /CPC/LE-3 dated 23.03.2020.

3. Officer/staff who have been advised for quarantine by the competent authority, their salary may be drawn for the period. However, regularization of the said period will be decided later in due course.

4. Keeping in view the present scenario, the following guidelines/instructions are to be followed by all Bill compiling officers/staff of this Railway:

A) Salary/Stipend for April. 2020 may be drawn for off existing regular Employees/ Apprentices Trainees irrespective of their presence/absence on duty during the lockdown period, except those who are unauthorisedly absent from their duties since long (unauthorized absence prior to 25.03.2020). Over-payment found, if any, will be adjusted in the regular salary of May. 2020 or later.

B) List of such employees who were on sanctioned leaves/on duty/home quarantined/ under Quarantine should be prepared by respective Bill sections/Unit in charges and should be sent through the Muster Roll and also brought to the notice of respective controlling officers.

This order is provisional and subject to further order/guidelines of Railway Board that may be issued in this regard.

This has approval of PCPO.

(R.N.A. Parida)
Chairman/RRC-cum- Dy. CPO/IR&W
For Principal Chief Personnel Office


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