Procedure for Handling of complaints sent for necessary action to the organisations concerned – CVC O.O No. 08/02/22

Procedure for Handling of complaints sent for necessary action to the organisations concerned – CVC O.O No. 08/02/22

Procedure for Handling of complaints sent for necessary action to the organisations concerned – CVC O.O No. 08/02/22

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सतर्कता भवन, जी.पी.ओ. कॉम्‍प्‍लैक्‍स,
ब्लॉक-ए, आई.एन.ए., नई दिल्‍ली-110023
Satarkta Bhawan, G.P.O. Complex,
Block A, INA, New Delhi-10023

सं./No. 021-AIS-1(2)
दिनांक / Dated 02.02.2022

Office Order No. 08/02/22

Subject:- Procedure for Handling of complaints sent for necessary action to the organisations concerned-reg.

The Central Vigilance Commission has in place a well defined Complaint Handling Policy since years. Every year on an average more than 25000 complaints are received in the Commission from various sources. The Commission has developed a dedicated portal ie. www[dot]portal[dot]cvc[dot]gov[dot]in for lodging online complaints, subsequent to which, the system of accepting complaints through e-mails was discontinued. Hlowever. it is found that complainants are continuing sending complaints on the mail IDs of officers of the Commission also.

2. Further. there is also a defined mechanism in place where complaints received from Whistle Blowers. under the provision of Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informer Resolution (PIDPIR) are handled by a separate set of guidelines. Recently the same have been reviewed/updated and do not require further review of mechanism for PIDP] Complaint Handling mechanism.

3. On receipt of the complaints in the Commission through normal channel (other then PIDPI complaints). after due scrutiny at appropriate level. decision is taken for one of the following actions on the complaints:-

a) To file Anonymous/ Pseudonymous complaints.

b) To seek Factual Report from CVO of the organisation concerned, where allegations made in the complaints are indicative of serious misconduct having vigilance angle. but adequate information is not provided by the complainant. Further action is taken after receipt of Factual Report from the CVO.

c) To send complaint to CVO for Investigation and to submit Report to the Commission. Further actions are taken after receipt of investigation report.

d) Other complaint not falling in any of the above categories are sent to CVO for necessary action and are to be dealt at their end only.

4. The Commission has been receiving communication from the complainants in respect of action taken as per para 3(d) above. The main grievance of the complainants is of not getting any response from the respective CVOs. Since. in respect of complaints sent for necessary action to the CVOs concerned. all further action are to be taken at CVOs level only. there is no mechanism available with the Commission to inform the complainant about the status of their complaints in case they approach the Commission for the same.

5. In order to assess the situation and find practical solutions to bring transparency in the process in respect of complaints sent by the Commission to CVOs for necessary action, the Commission had detailed deliberations on 10/02/2022 with officers of the Commission and CVOs of NTPC. GAIL. PNB and Ministry of Defence.

6. After detailed deliberations. it was felt that the present mechanism of handling of complaints sent for necessary action to the CVOs. has some gaps as it does not provide “end to end” solution.

7. It has therefore, been decided by the Commission to form a committee to look at each and every aspect. including usage of technology and give recommendations so that revised guidelines under Complaint Handling Policy of the Commission may be issued before 31.03.2022 relating to those complaints which are being sent to CVOs for “necessary action’.

8. The Committee shall comprise of following members:-

  1. Shri P. Daniel, Secretary, CVC – Chairperson
  2. Shri Shiv Ratan Agarwal, Director, CVC – Member
  3. Shri Rajiv Verma, Director, CVC – Member
  4. Smt Trishaljit Sethi, CVO, NTPC – Member
  5. Smt. Shubha Naresh Bhambhani, CVO, GAIL – Member
  6. Shri V.K. Tyagi, CVO, PNB – Member
  7. Shri Naveen Jain, CVO, Ministry of Defence – Member
  8. Smt. M. Janaki, Director, CVC – Convenor

9. The Committee would take up the above task with immediate effect and come out with recommendations for modifications of guidelines under Complaint Handling Policy for achieving “end to end” solution in respect of complaints sent to CVOs for necessary action. The Committee would also give its recommendations about the manner in which complaints can be lodged with the Commission.

10. The Committee is expected to work on fast track basis so that revised guidelines can be finalized and issued by 31/03/2022.

11. ‘This order is being issued with the approval of the Commission.

(Rajiv Verma)


(i) Members of the Committee
(ii) Commission’s Website

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