Conduct of selections – both Rankers and LDCE quota: Railway Board RBE No. 89/2022

Conduct of selections – both Rankers and LDCE quota: Railway Board RBE No. 89/2022

Conduct of selections – both Rankers and LDCE quota: Railway Board RBE No. 89/2022

RBE No. 89/2022

(रेलवे बोर्ड/RAILWAY BOARD)

No. E(NG)1/2022/PM1/26

New Delhi, dated 01.08.2022

The General Manager,
All Zonal Railways/PUs
(as per standard mailing list)

Sub: Conduct of selections – both Rankers and LDCE quota.

One of the recognized Federation (AIRF) has brought to the notice of Railway Board that Zonal Railways are not conducting selections, both under Ranker quota and LDCE quota, in time and this is causing undue hardship to the employees in one way or the other. There is an upper age limit to apply for the post, and the employees who are on the border of the eligible age limit, are losing their eligibility due to over age if notifications are not issued in time. In certain cases, where eligibility for promotion to next higher grade is minimum of two years of service, due to the delay in conducting examinations, they are losing further promotions in higher grade.

It has also brought out that Zonal Railways are taking more than 8 to 10 months for finalizing selections. After issuance of the notification, written examination is being held after a gap of six months, and after announcement of written examination, and publication of the final panel is taking considerable time. In certain cases, where training is mandatory, training course is not being announced immediately. Due to this, employees are put to heavy monetary loss.

The matter has been examined in Board’s Office. As the Railway administrations are aware, filling up of promotional quota vacancies prescribed for various grades is necessary not only to meet administrative requirements, but is also an important HR tool in the hands of the managements as employees aspirations for career growth are met by timely promotions. Instructions for timely filling up of vacancies and maintenance of calendar for selections/suitability/trade tests have been issued from time to time. It need not be emphasized that proper monitoring of the promotions process is essential to ensure timely promotions. The extant instructions for maintenance of Selection Calendar and timely filling up of promotional vacancies by chalking out suitable action plan is hereby reiterated. The process may be closely monitored by PCPOs as the progress is being tracked by the Board and also by DoP&T.

Hindi version will follow.

Please acknowledge receipt.

DA: Nil.

(Sanjay Kumar)
Deputy Director Estt.(N)

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