National Convention on Scrapping NPS and Restoration of Old Pension Scheme – NJCA Circular dated 23.01.2023

National Convention on Scrapping NPS and Restoration of Old Pension Scheme – NJCA Circular dated 23.01.2023

National Convention on Scrapping NPS and Restoration of Old Pension Scheme – NJCA Circular dated 23.01.2023

4, State Entry Road New Delhi ~ 110055.

No. NJCA/2023/NC

January 23, 2023

Rational Convention on Scrapping NPS and Restoring Old Pension Scheme a Gand Success!

Pension is our Fundamental Right to have a dignified livelihood during Old Age!

Clarian call given by National Convention to fight to achieve Guaranteed Old Pension Scheme

More than 700 delegates from mort ha 50 Organizations unanimously adopted the declaration.

Dear Comrades,

The “National Convention” on Scrapping NPS and Restoring Old Pansion Scheme, organized under the banner of the Joint Forum for Restorstion of Old Pension Scheme(NJCA), was held successfully at New Delhi on 21.01.2023.

Mare than 700 Delegates, representing Central Government Employees(Railways, Defence, Postal and Income Tax etc), State Government Employees, Autonomous Bodies and Teachers, participated in the Convention with lot of enthusiasm.

Welcoming the leader and the Delegates, Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra, Convener explained in detail about the implementation of the No Guaranteed NPS by the Government and the struggle of the Central Government and State Government Employees for the past more than 18 years. Time was now come to unitedly fight against NPS and to achieve OPS, and for that purpose NJCA has taken the initiative to bring all likeminded organizations of both the Central and State Government Employees, Teachers and others who are affected by the NPS. This Convention will adopting an historical declaration drafted by the Steering Committee. He requested the Delegates to consider the Declaration and adopt the same so as t0 carry forward the movement against NPS.

Com. M. Raghaviah, Co-Convener, also extended warm welcome to all the participate and he informed the house the historical Supreme Court Judgment of 1982 and the case of D.S. Nakra and others Vs Union of India which has established that the Pansion is a Fundamental Right of the Government Employees. He also mentioned about the commitment given by the Government in the National Council JCM meeting held during Decernber, 2007. However, assurance has been completely violated and the retiring employees from the NPS are getting very meager pension from NPS. Therefore, it has become essential for all of us to unitedly fight against the NPS in the coming days.

Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra placed the Draft Declaration(both in Hindi and English languages) for consideration and approval of the house. Copies of the Declaration in Hindi and English are enclosed with this proceedings.

Thereafter, the following comrades from the different organization have participated in the discussions on the Draft Declaration and all of them supported and endorsed the Declaration.

Theater, Com. S.N. Pathak, President/AIDEF, Com. R.N. Parashar, Secretary General/NSPE, Com. Ashok Singh, President/NDWF, Com. Guman Singh, President/NFIR, Com. J.R. Bhosale, Working President/AIRF, Com. Rampal Singh, President/AIPTF, Com. Hari Kishore Tiwari, State President/UPRKSP, Com. Ranbir Singh, General Secretary/Confederation of Ex. Paramilitary Forces, Com. C. Srikumar, General Secretary/AIDEF, Dr. Dinesh Sharma, State President/UPPSS, Com. Ravi Nayak, President/CCGEW, Com. Kuldeep Kumar, General Secretary/INEWF, Com. Ajay, General Secretary/CDRA, Com. R. Srinivasan, General Secretary/INDWF, Com. Sushil Tripathi, State President/UPCS, Com. Ganesh Khajuria, Chairman/J&KTF, Com. Mukesh Sharma, Secretary General/AIHE&WC, Com. Tasleem Ali Beg, Org. Sacy/J&KGLTF, Com. Jasbir Singh Talwara, National Convener/PPBSC, Com. Prashant Chaturvedi, Chairman/AIPEF. Com. I.S. Dabas, Asstt. Secy. Genl/NCCPA and Com. Champa Verma, Zonal Secretary/AIRF/WCREU.

Afterwards, the House in one voice adopted the Declaration unanimously.

Com. M. Raghaviah, Co-Convener thanked all the leaders and Delegates for making the National Convention a historical and memorable.

He then concluded the proceedings of the Convention.

Comradely yours,

(Shiva Gopal Mishra)

Encl: Declaration.

national-convention-on-scrapping-nps-and-restoration-of-old-pension-scheme-njca-circular-dated-23-01-2023 national convention on scrapping nps and restoration of old pension scheme njca circular dated 23 01 2023 02

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