Residents’ Welfare Associations : Holding of the election of the Managing/Executive Committee for the Block year 2023-24 and 2024-25 instructions regarding

Residents’ Welfare Associations : Holding of the election of the Managing/Executive Committee for the Block year 2023-24 and 2024-25 instructions regarding

Residents’ Welfare Associations : Holding of the election of the Managing/Executive Committee for the Block year 2023-24 and 2024-25 instructions regarding


F.No. 7/01/2023-Welfare
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
(Welfare Section)

Lok Nayak Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated : 9th March, 2023


The Area Welfare Officers,
The President/Secretary,
Central Government Residents Welfare Associations, –
Delhi/New Delhi/Outside Delhi

Subject: – Holding of the election of the Managing/Executive Committee of the Residents’ Welfare Associations for the Block year 2023-24 and 2024-25 instructions regarding.


I am directed to refer to the above subject and to say that the elections of the office-bearers/members of the Managing Committee/Executive Committee of  the Residents Welfare Associations covered under ambit of DoPT have become due for the block years 2023-24 and 2024-25. The elections are required to be held on any Saturday/Sunday of the month of April 2023. In case, any Association fails to hold its elections by 30! April, 2023, the existing Managing Committee shall cease to exist on 1st May, 2023 or till the new Managing Committee is declared elected, whichever is earlier.

2. All the addressees are requested to take further necessary action for holding the elections in a free, fair and transparent manner within the Stipulated period. It may be noted that no extension of time for holding elections after 30th April, 2023 will be allowed.

3. A copy of necessary instructions/guidelines relating to conduct of elections is enclosed as Annexure-A for ready reference.

Encl.: As above.

Yours Sincerely

(Kulbhushan Malhotra)
Under Secretary (RWA)

Annexure- A

Instruction /Guidelines relating to the Elections for the Block years 2023-2025


(a) The list of Regular and Associate members as on 31st March, 2023 should be displayed within a week from 1st April, 2023 and finalized after 7 clear days of such display/ notification by considering representation for rectification of errors, if any. In any case, the final voters list should be published latest by 15 April, 2023.

(b) All office Bearers and Members of the Managing/ Executive Committee shall be elected in the General Elections to be held by secret ballots. The date of elections, which should be on or before 30 April, shall be decided by the Managing Committee. The terms of the elected Office Bearers and Members will be for two years (block of two financial years). The Managing Committee shall cease to exist on the 1st May, 2023 or till the newly elected managing Committee is declared elected whichever is earlier.

(c) Members (including ‘Associate Members), whose subscription and other dues are not in arrears upto 31st March of the year preceding the election year, shall be eligible to vote. Thus, only eligible residents who become members/associate members of the Association by 31st March, 2023, shall be eligible to vote and / or contest elections, as the case may be for the block year 2023-2025.

(d) Every member present and voting shall have one vote.

(e) Voting shall be by SECRET BALLOT.

(f) Elections shall be conducted by the Returning Officer, appointed by the Managing Committee in consultation and approval of the concerned Area Welfare Officer. The Area Welfare Officer concerned would also act as ‘OBSERVER’ at that time. The Returning Officer would be given copies of voters’ list (clearly indicating the voter number) on his appointment along with necessary material i.e. stationery/blank nomination forms/requisite funds etc. for carrying out activities connected with the conducting of the elections. The Returning Officer would be given full assistance and cooperation by the Managing Committee/members for smooth conduct of the elections. Nomination forms (Annexure-B) duly proposed, seconded and accepted by the contestant member for a particular office, shall be received by the Returning Officer by a certain date and time fixed by the Managing Committee which should be at least 7 clear days before the date fixed for the meeting of the General Body/holding of the elections, as per the programme at Annexure-‘C’. No person can hold more than one office at a time of two blocks and, therefore, will be eligible to contest only for one office.

(g) An elector shall be entitled to propose or second only one nomination  paper. In case he/ she has proposed one nomination paper and also seconded another nomination paper, in that case both the nominations would be invalid.

(h) No elector shall propose or second a nomination paper for an office for which he himself is a candidate. If an elector has already proposed or seconded a nomination paper for an office, his own subsequent nomination for such an office will be inoperative.

(i) All the members of the Association, who are eligible to vote in the elections to elect the office bearers/Members of the Managing/Executive Committee, will be informed through wide publicity of the programme of elections, as noted at (f) above, well in time in writing. While intimating them, they should be advised to bring their identity cards and allotment letters/electricity bills in their name and any other valid documents with them to substantiate the validity of their membership at the time the elections are held.

(j) In case of any dispute arising in the matter of Election process or Election Results, the Area Welfare Officer being an ‘observer’ will submit a report to the Chief Welfare Officer (RWA) in the Department of Personnel & Training for a decision, whose decision shall be binding upon the Association. Provided that after the declaration of the Election Results of an Association, if the Chief Welfare Officer is satisfied on the basis of the report of Area Welfare Officer/evidence brought to his notice that the elections have not been held in a fair manner or that malpractices were reported by an individual (s), he may cancel the election and appoint an ad-hoc Committee of the members and independent Returning Officer in consultation with the Area Welfare Officer for holding fresh election. The ad-hoc body will discharge the functions of the Managing Committee till fresh elections are held.

(k) Persons aggrieved with the decision of the Chief Welfare Officer may appeal to the Joint Secretary in charge of the staff welfare in the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions for setting aside or revision or to modify the decision/decisions of the Chief Welfare Officer. The decision of such Joint Secretary shall bind all concerned finally and conclusively.



(i) Last date of enlisting as member 31st March
(ii) Publication of voters list within a week from 1st April
(iii) Publication of final voters list After 7 days from publication of Voters list will published by 15th April in any case)
(iv) Date of submission of nominations for the various posts in the Managing/Executive Committee:
(v) Scrutiny of Nominations ———
(vi) Last date of withdrawal of Nomination ———
(vii) Date of elections, timings and venue: ———
(viii) Displaying of the final list of the contestants on the public places well in time: ———

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