Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on SAS Part-I Examination on Computer Based Test (CBT) 2023 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on SAS Part-I Examination on Computer Based Test (CBT) 2023 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on SAS Part-I Examination on Computer Based Test (CBT) 2023

रक्षा लेखा प्रधान नियंत्रक(प.क.) चंडीगढ़-160009
Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Western
Command), Sector-9

No. AN/VI/1432/SAS-I/CBT/2023

Date: 21/04/2023


All Sub-offices
(under PCDA (WC) Chandigarh)
All Sections of Main Office

The IFAs
(under proforma strength of PCDA (WC)

Subject: SAS Part-I Examination on Computer Based Test (CBT) 2023: Clarification regarding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Reference: This office letter of even no. dated 18.04.2023.

A copy of HQrs Office letter No. AN/SAS/16200 /SAS-I/CBT/2023/PROG dated 20.04.2023 on the above subject is forwarded herewith for information, guidance and necessary action please.



कार्यालय, रक्षा लेखा महानियंत्रक, प्रशिक्षण एवं विकास केन्‍द्र,
बरार स्‍क्‍वायर, दिल्‍ली छावनी-110010

NO. AN /SAS/ 16200/ SAS-I/CBT / 2023/ PROG

Dated: 20.04.2023


All PCsDA, including Principal IFAs
All Controllers of Defence Accounts , including IFAs/ RTCs The Principal Controller of Accounts ( Fys), Kolkata

Sub: SAS Part-I Examination on Computer Based Test (CBT) 2023: Clarification regarding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ref: AN/SAS/16200/SAS-I/CBT/2023/PROG dated 17.04.2023

As per HQrs Office Circular cited under reference, the link for registrations of candidates for SAS Part I Examination on Computer Based Test (CBT) has been activated . Since Computer Based Test has been newly introduced, HQrs office is receiving queries on registration / eligibility et.c. in a large number. On the basis of queries received, following general clarifications on FAQs are furnished :

Sl. No. Particulars/ Queries Clarification
1. Font for Hindi Typing of the Descriptive portion in Paper III. Hindi Phonetic Key Boards will be used. For installation of the key board for practice of Hindi typing, a run manual is enclosed as Annexure I. The candidates can go through the same and install the keyboard which will be provided for typing in Hindi at the time of examination for descriptive type.

Further the Phonetic Keyboards are available starting from Windows 10. The Mangal Font is to be used for typing in Hindi.

In order to enable the Phonetic keyboard, follow these steps:

See the right bottom of the screen – Select Language Preference — Preferred Language – Add a Language – Select Hindi – Click Next – Click Install – Hindi Language will be downloaded – Click Options – Add a Keyboard – Click on Hindi Phonetic. Now the candidate can type in Hindi. He/she, for example, will have to type the English Alphabet “BHARAT” to fetch the result “भारत”,

2. USER ID & PASSWORD have been sent to registered Email id but the details are not received in the Mail


Wrong mention of Email ID while registration

In case of such difficulty, the candidates may send their details along with contact number to E-Mail mentioned on the Registration Link. The technical person will contact and help in resolving the issue.

3. Eligibility Criteria for appearing in SAS Examination Please refer to the Para 8 of the Circular cited under reference
4. If the candidate has used E-Mail Address other than NIC Email during registration


Can a candidate use Email ID other than NIC Mail for registration

Candidates can use any E-mail which is functional for registration.  However, if a candidate has used NIC Email as per the earlier HQrs. Circular, there is no issue.
5. Someone has registered in the portal but due to shutdown/technical issue in PC, it shows that the “You have already registered with the same Aadhar, mail and mobile number.” The candidates can again login through their USER ID and PASSWORD. In case the problem still persists the candidate may send their details along with contact number to E-Mail mentioned on registration link. The technical person will contact and help in resolving the issue.
6. As per Para 12 of the circular cited under reference “the questions and answers options shall be bilingual i.e. in Hindi & English.” In this connection, clarifications are sought whether questions will be shown in both languages or in a particular opted language In this connection it is clarified that while registration, the candidates have to select the language for each paper. The questions will be reflected in the opted language only which the candidate has selected during registration i.e. Hindi or English. Different language option may be exercised for each paper.
7. In case the candidate has been relieved and has not joined the new office i.e. he/she is availing joining time, to which PCDA/CDA the application 15 to be submitted? In such a scenario, he/she should opt for the PCDA/CDA_ from which command he/she has been relieved. The PCDA/CDA concerned will recommend the candidature provisionally after scrutiny of the service records as the same are held with them. Detail of such cases may specifically be mentioned in the Board  proceeding convened for screening of the candidature by the PCDA/CDA who have provisionally However, in such cases candidates have to select the centres nearest to their New Duty Station as per Para 5 of the HQrs. Office Most Important Circular No. AN/SAS/16200/ SAS-I/CBT/ 2023/PROG dated 17.04.2023

In case he/she has joined the new office on transfer, then the application for registration is to be submitted by the candidate to the new PCDA/CDA.

8. If a candidate has selected the wrong PCDA/CDA (Say B) in the Registration Portal instead of his/her own PCDA/CDA (Say A), what he/she should do? The candidate should intimate concerned PCDA/CDA (Say A) through proper channel. The concerned PCDA/CDA (Say A) will intimate the other PCDA/CDA (Say B) along with the printed registration Form of the candidate. The PCDA/CDA  (B) will provisionally approve the candidature online and intimate the HQrs Office for necessary correction.
9. If any basic information is erroneously mentioned in the Registration Form and it has been submitted by the candidate, what he/she should do? The candidate should intimate this to HQrs. Office through proper channel and concerned PCDA/CDA should  also mention the discrepancy in the B.O.O. proceedings before forwarding to HQrs Office for correction.
10. If the Candidates are not having the Departmental Identity Card The concerned PCDA/CDA will issue the provisional Identity Card in such cases.


Copy to:-

i) MoD(Fin), DAD Coord, South Block, New Delhi – For information
ii) AN-IV/AN VII Section (Local) – For information & necessary action
iii) IT &S Section (Local) – For uploading on WAN/Website



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