Sanction of pension after 15 years to Sh. AS Hariharakumar – Success Story of Pension Adalat

Sanction of pension after 15 years to Sh. AS Hariharakumar – Success Story of Pension Adalat

Sanction of pension after 15 years to Sh. AS Hariharakumar – Success Story of Pension Adalat


2. Sh. AS Hariharakumar- Sanction of pension after 15 years


Retirement is a significant milestone in one’s life, signifying the end of a dedicated career. For Sh. AS Hariharakumar, a retired officer from the Department of Expenditure’s Cost Accounts Branch, the journey towards receiving his well-deserved pension was not without its challenges. Despite retiring voluntarily in 2008, it took an arduous 15 years for Sh. Hariharakumar to see his pension sanctioned. This success story highlights the power of persistence and the crucial role played by grievance redressal mechanisms in ensuring justice for retired individuals.

The Background:

Sh. AS Hariharakumar, a diligent officer, made the decision to retire voluntarily in 2008, marking the end of his dedicated service. In 2018, he submitted his pension papers with the expectation of a smooth transition into retired life. However, his hopes were dashed as the Department of Expenditure’s Cost Accounts Branch refused to process his pension, citing that he had served less than the required 20 years of qualified service—only 16 years in his case.

Facing an unexpected roadblock in his pursuit of a well-deserved pension, Sh. Hariharakumar found himself entangled in bureaucratic complexities that threatened to overshadow his years of dedicated service.

The Grievance:

In a bold move towards seeking resolution, Sh. Hariharakumar filed a grievance on the CPENGRAMS portal on September 5, 2022, under the reference DOPPW/P/2022/097121. This marked the beginning of his quest for justice, as he asserted his right to claim pension for his voluntary retirement.


The Turning Point:

The pivotal moment in Sh. Hariharakumar’s journey occurred on May 17, 2023, when the Pension Adalat took cognizance of his grievance. The Pension Adalat, a mechanism designed to address pension-related issues and ensure prompt resolution, played a crucial role in bringing his case to a favorable conclusion.

As a result of the Pension Adalat’s intervention, the Department of Expenditure’s Cost Accounts Branch was compelled to take action. In a positive development, the Department informed Sh. Hariharakumar that a Pension Payment Order (PPO) for the payment of his pension had been sent for the issuance of the Special Seal Authority.

The Triumph:

Sh. AS Hariharakumar’s persistence and determination bore fruit as, after a 15-year-long struggle, he finally received the much-awaited sanction for his pension. The intervention of the Pension Adalat proved instrumental in ensuring a fair and just resolution to his grievance.

This success story serves as a testament to the importance of grievance redressal mechanisms in safeguarding the rights of retired individuals. Sh. Hariharakumar’s case highlights the need for transparency, efficiency, and accountability in the pension sanctioning process, ensuring that those who have dedicated their careers to public service receive their rightful benefits in a timely manner.


Sh. AS Hariharakumar’s journey to secure his pension after 15 years is a tale of resilience and determination. His success underscores the significance of grievance redressal mechanisms and the need for a streamlined process in pension-related matters. As we celebrate Sh. Hariharakumar’s triumph, let it serve as a reminder that perseverance, coupled with effective grievance resolution, can pave the way for justice and ensure that retired individuals receive the recognition and benefits they rightfully deserve.

Source: DoPPW

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