7th CPC Running Allowance: Minimum Guaranteed Kilometerage (MGK) to running staff.

7th CPC Running Allowance: Minimum Guaranteed Kilometerage (MGK) to running staff.

7th CPC Running Allowance: Minimum Guaranteed Kilometerage (MGK) to running staff.


प्रधान मुख्य कार्मिक अधिकारी का कायलिर /
Office of the Principal Chief Personnel Officer
रेल सदन, द्वितीय तल, भुवनेश्वर – 751017
Rail Sadan, IInd Floor, Bhubaneswar-751017

स्थापना क्रमांक/ Estt. Srl. No. 79/2020

Date: 13.07.2020

सेवा मे.

सभी प्रमुख विभागाध्यक्षों/समन्वयक विभागाध्यक्षों, पू त रे/भुवनेश्वर
मं.रे.प्र/व.मं.का.अधिकरी/मं.का.अधिकारी-खोरधारोड, वालातेरू, संबलपुर,
मु.कारखाना प्रबंधक/कारखाना कार्मिक अधिकारी- मंचेश्वर, अतिरिक्त रजिस्ट्रार/रेल दावा अधिकरण,
उ.मु.का अधिकारी(नि.)/भुवनेश्वर
महासचिव/इकोर श्र. कां., महासचिव/इकोर श्र. यू.,
महासचिव/एआई ओ बी सी आर ई ए, महासचिव/ ए आई एस सी एस टी आर ई ए

Sub: Running Allowance – Minimum Guaranteed Kilometerage (MGK) to running staff.


उपर्युक्त विषय पर इस कार्यालय के ज्ञापन पत्र सं.- ECoR/Pers/R/Running Allowance/21 दिनांक 13.07.2020 की प्रतिलिपि सूचना. मार्गदर्शन एवं आवश्यक कार्रवाई हेतु अग्रेषित है।

A copy of this Office Memorandum No. ECoR/Pers/R/Running Allowance/21 Date 13.07.2020 on the above quoted subject is forwarded herewith for information, guidance and necessary action.

Encl: As above,

Chairman RRC & Dy. CPO(IR& W)
For Principal Chief Personnel Officer

प्रतिलिपि प्रेषित/Copy to :
1) महाप्रबंधक के सचिव/पूर्व तट रलवे, भुवनेश्वर
2) मुकाधि/मुकाधि(प्रशा.). उप म.प्र. अध्यक्ष(रेलवे भर्ती प्रकोष्ठ)
3) उप मुख्य प्रबंधक/(स्‌.प्रौ). उप मुकाधि(औ.सं.एवं कल्याण), वकाधि(इंजी.)
4) वकाधि(स्टाफ). वकाधि(मुख्या, एवं न्याया.)
5) मुकाधि के निजी सचिव /सहा.कार्मिक अधि.(मुख्या.).सहा.कार्मिक अधि. (कल्याण).
सहा.कार्मिक अधि. (बिल)

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East Coast Railway

Office of the
Principal Chiet Personnel Office
Rail Sadan, IInd Floor
Bhubaneswar 751017


Short sections for Minimum Guaranteed Kilometerage (MGK) and Industrial Coal Pilots for Trip Allowance has been identified vide this office Memorandum No ECoR/Pers/R/Running Allowance/21 dated 05.11.2015 and vide Amendment-I dated 27.07.2016, Addendum-2 dated 11.04.2017. Addendum-3 dated 21.1 1.2018 and Addendum-4 dated 01.03.2019.

The present system of mileage payment is reviewed for the following reasons:

  1. To rectify the defects/ anomalies in previous Memorandum.
  2. To implement the standard rules/instructions all over ECoR.
  3. To accommodate new siding change in layout as well as change in layout as well as change in pattern of working.
  4. To revisit the issued periodically.

In view of the above, the 03 Divisions have reviewed their system for payment of mileage and the divisional review committees have recommended for inclusion of some new short sections for MGK and Coal/Industrial trips for Trip Allowance and also recommended for de-notification of some existing short sections and Coal/Industrial Pilots. Taking in account all the recommendations from the Divisions, a consolidated Memorandum is issued for granting MGK and Trip Allowances to running staff. This Memorandum supersedes all earlier Memorandums issued on the subject matter.

Standard Rules/Instructions

  1. Pilot will be eligible to draw the bonus Kilometerage if he completes the trip within target hours.
  2. Running staff will earn permissible mileage for the distance covered by him before resuming the trip jurisdiction and after completing the trip jurisdiction.
  3. For the purpose of drawing trip Kilometerage, the Running staff should perform the trip completely in both the directions.
  4. Similarly for drawing Minimum Guaranteed Kilometerage, the Running staff should cover the entire section identified for MGK.
  5. Shuttling booking is issued for any section as per requirement of traffic and this is not specified section-wise.
    5.1 Within 10 hours of shuttling, Running staff should work as many trains as possible.
  6. Running staff is eligible to draw more than one Trip Allowance if the staff completes more than one trip per one booking.
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For the purpose of fixing Trip Targets for various sidings, the normal patterns of working are specified in the following manner:

Only placement- In which rake is placed & Running Staff comes back in light Engine is denoted as ‘A‘.

Only withdrawal- In which Running Staff goes to the siding in light engine and brings back a rake is denoted as ‘B’

Placement as well as withdraw-In which Running Staff goes to the siding with a rake and comes back with a rake as denoted as ‘C’.

EOL- In which pattern ‘C‘ is followed under EOL operation is denoted as ‘D




This issues with the approval of General Manage.

Chairman RRC/Dy.CPO(IR&W)
for Principal Chief Personnel Officer

No. ECoR/Pers/R/Running Allowance/21

Date: 13.07.2020

Copy to:

  2. DRs – KUR/WAT/SBP
  3. Sr. DPOs – KUKR/WAT/SBP

Chairman RRC/Dy.CPO(IR&W)
for Principal Chief Personnel Officer


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