Cleanliness of HR-Soft database – EPFO Circular dated 19.01.2021

Cleanliness of HR-Soft database – EPFO Circular dated 19.01.2021

Cleanliness of HR-Soft database – EPFO Circular dated 19.01.2021


मुख्‍य कार्यालय/HEAD OFFICE
कर्मचारी भविष्‍य निधि संगठन/
Employees Provident Fund Organization
(श्रम एवं रोजगार मंत्रालय भारत सरकार)
(Ministry of Labour and Employment, Govt. of India)
14 भीकाजी कामा प्‍लेस नई दिल्‍ली / 14 Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi-110066

No.HRM-II/T-1(1) 2020/E/Pt.I/2326                      Dated: 19 JAN 20


Subject: Cleanliness of HR-Soft database — reg.

It has been decided to conduct the AGT for this year on the basis of individual officer-wise data available in the HR Soft. However, it is also noticed that the existing data in HR-Soft has many discrepancies. It is required that all the officers in the cadre of ACC/RPFC-I/RPFC-II and APFC get the entries in HR Soft pertaining to their posting profile corrected. To facilitate the same, HRM has extracted Group ‘A’ Officers data from the HR-Soft database and has done some corrections / modification in the data. The same is attached with this circular for ready reference. The flow-chart / procedure to update the HR-Soft Data has been enclosed as Annexure I.

2. The objective of this exercise is to clean HR-Soft data. It is expected that concerned officer, HR, Admin as well as Officer-in-Charge will ensure the correctness of the HR-Soft data. After completion of the above exercise, the Officer-in-Charge will also sign the HRM-Datasheet of the concerned officer. The corrected copy of HRM datasheet would be kept in the personal file of the officer concerned.

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3. It is also mentioned here that the temporary posting/additional charge posting details are not required to be updated in HR-Soft. The exercise of marking amendments/ modifications, if any, should be completed on or before 25.1.2021. Further, it is reiterated that onus of the getting the HR-Soft data. corrected lies with the individual officer, who has to coordinate with HR-Admin of his /her office for updation of records in HR-Soft.

4. There are two functionalities available to HR Admin in the HR Software for updating and correcting the data. These are as under:

I. Under Service Book Role >> Update Employee Personal Information System >> Service Book:
This allows edit, addition and deletion of record for the period of posting before the generation of EID

II. Under Service Book Role >> Update joining details.
This allows to update the joining date and the post on which joined post generation of EID.

Encl.: as above.

(Uma Mandal)
Additional Central P.F.Commissioner (HRM)


All Additional CPFC (Zones)/ Director, PDNASS
All Regional Provident Fund Commissioners
Incharge — Regional Offices including ASD, Head Office


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