HRMS – Validation of Data : Railway Board’s Office Order No. 22 of 2021

HRMS – Validation of Data : Railway Board’s Office Order No. 22 of 2021

HRMS – Validation of Data : Railway Board’s Office Order No. 22 of 2021

(रेलवे बोर्ड) (RAILWAY BOARD)

Office Order No.22 of 2021

Sub: HRMS- Validation of Data

Attention is invited to Office Order No. 16 of 2021 requesting all officers to login in HRMS portal and check their service related data including dependents and family details for rectification of errors if any, to avoid problem while applying for Pass/PF.

2. Despite extant instructions, it has been observed that in majority of cases, officials are reporting HRMS help desk at eleventh hour when they are to undertake journey or to get the reservation raising problem in generation of pass through HRMS with request to allow manual generation of pass as their pass related data are not correct or validated in HRMS.

Implementation of various Modules of HRMS – Field Units may have the option to operate the Pass, PF and Settlement activities till 30th April 2021

3. In terms of Board’s Order dated 26.03.2021, generation of Privilege Pass/PTO through manual mode would stop w.e.f 30.04.2021. Accordingly, to facilitate issue of passes through HRMS, following information exclusively related to Pass may be checked and in case of discrepancies, same may be reported to HRMS helpdesk through mail @ [email protected] or phone to get the data validated as per schedule at Annexure-I:-

S.No. Data to be checked Where to look for
i. PIA assigned or not(If ‘0’ or ‘NA’ appears, plz report) Dashboard
ii. Designation & Railway Unit (It should reflect your correct designation and Unit as Railway Board) Dashboard
iii. Family Details (Name, Age Gender, Dependency, Dependency for Pass) IRHRMS-ESS>View/Edit my Details>Family
iv. Pay Level e-SR
v. No. of Passes/PTO available Pass>Apply for Pass/PTO>Pass/PTO>Click on drop-down (If not visible, plz report with message displayed)
vi. Family details are declared or not Pass>Apply for Pass/PTO>Family Declaration (Read the message carefully)

***** (For checking above details, HRMS is to be accessed in either Phone/System Browser and not in App.

Before all these steps, please ensure whether you are able to login to HRMS or not. Please report immediately for Mobile No. discrepancy/OTP not received/Other login issues.

Implementation of Settlement, PF and e-pass modules of HRMS – Railway Board Order dated 16.02.2021

3.1 It may be noted that in case both the option as advised vide Office Order No.16 of 2021 and as per para 3 above is not resorted to, post 30.4.2021 when manual pass would not be issued, it would not be possible for the administration to attend at eleventh hour any issue related to generation of pass through HRMS for the defaulting officials nor any requests for manual passes would be entertained.

User Manual for PF Loan, Advance Module of HRMS: Railway Board

4. Cooperation of all concerned is solicited to ensure generation of pass through HRMS& towards use of HRMS. For any technical query HRMS help desk at first floor Room No 110-A may be consulted. Phone No’s for helpdesk are 5407/5408/5409(IP No’s)


(B Majumdar)
Joint Secretary/Railway Board

All Officers/Branches in Board’s Office and at Dayabasti, New Delhi.

Dir/Admn, Dir/GA, JDF/CCA & PAO/RB


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