Restructuring of existing Divisions under Member(F) in DoT HQ – O.M. dated 13.05.2022

Restructuring of existing Divisions under Member(F) in DoT HQ – O.M. dated 13.05.2022

No. 03-04/2022-SEA-I
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Telecommunications
20, Ashoka Road, Sanchar Bhawan,
New Delhi-110 001

Date: 13.05.2022


Subject: – Restructuring of existing Divisions under Member(F) in DoT HQ – reg.

Approval of the competent authority is hereby conveyed for restructuring of the existing Divisions and re-allocation of work among the DDGs in DoT HO under
Member(Finance) DCC are as follows:

Sl No. Allocation of Work among Existing Posts Re-allocation of Works Remarks
1 DDG (LFP) DDG (LFP) No change
2 DDG (Finance & FIPP) DDG (Finance) with additional charge of FIPP and Telecom sector Analytics and Research (TSAR) Divisions Director (Finance) will also hold additional charge of FIPP & TSAR. A group of 4-5 officers from O/o CGCA/ CCA Offices will be formed to assist the TSAR Division remotely from their place of postings.
3 DDG (Establishment & Asset Management) DDG (Establishment & Training Finance) Sanctioned vide OM No. 3-12/ 2016-SEA-I dated 13.06.2017
4 DDG(Asset management) DDG(Asset management)

Sanctioned vide OM No. 3-12/2016-SEA-I dated 13.06.2017.

The post was being manned on additional charge basis by DDG(Estt.).

5 DDG (Budget, Public Enterprises Finance & Training Finance) DDG (Accounts) DDG (Budget & Public Enterprises Finance) Training Finance Division is re-assigned to DDG(Estt)
6 DDG (Accounts) DDG (Accounts) No change
7 DDG (Licensing Finance Assessment) DDG (Accounts) DDG (Licensing Finance Assessment) No change
8 DDG (Wireless Planning and Finance) DDG (Wireless Planning and Finance) Satellite Finance division is placed under DDG(WPF) which will be operated by re-designating a Director under DDG(WPF).

2. The work profile of Satellite Finance Division and Telecom Sector Analytics and Research Divisions are as follows:

A. Work Profile of Satellite Finance Division:

(i) Policy Formulation for Satellite-based Communications:

  • Formulation of Financial Terms & Conditions for new license authorizations and existing licenses for providing satellite-based services. Focus and specialization on Satellite based communications and their financial impact.

(ii) Management for Satellite based Communications:

  • Financial Advice on all spectrum allocations by WPC (DoT) for non-space segment of satellite communications.
  • Royalty Charges and Spectrum Charges for Terrestrial Microwave Networks.
  • Financial advice on Spectrum Allocations for captive users including administrative allocations to Government Departments and Agencies.

(iii) Revenue Management of License Fee & Spectrum Charges of Satellite based communications:

  • Monitoring of Revenue Collection of NOCC charges, Royalty Charges including License Fee and Spectrum Charges for all radio frequency assignments to Captive Users & other licensees providing Satellite based communications.

(iv) Examining TRAI Recommendations & Handling legal cases

  • Examining TRAI recommendations on Satellite based Communications
  • Handling financial aspects of legal cases pertaining to Satellite based Communication

B. Work Profile of Telecom Sector Analytics and Research (TSAR) Division:

The Telecom Sector Analytics and Research (TSAR) Division is created at DoT HQ on the pattern of TRAI which will do data mining and analyse Digital Communications Sector data to present them meaningfully as an input for decision making to Member(F)/Secretary(T) and DCC. It will keep an oversight on the financial developments in the sector and provide feedback to Secretary(T) from time to time.

3. This issues with the approval of the competent authority.


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