Cancer Treatment at Tata Memorial Centre , Mumbai – Procedure to be followed by CGHS beneficiaries

Cancer Treatment at Tata Memorial Centre , Mumbai – Procedure to be followed by CGHS beneficiaries

Cancer Treatment at Tata Memorial Centre , Mumbai – Procedure to be followed by CGHS beneficiaries

File No.215025/26/2022/DIR/CGHS

F No 215025/26/2022/DIR/CGHS/
Government of India
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Department of Health & Family Welfare

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated the 13 September , 2022.


SUBJECT: Cancer Treatment at Tata Memorial Centre , Mumbai – regarding

Tata Memorial Centre , Mumbai is a Premier institution for Cancer treatment and many CGHS beneficiaries avail treatment facilities at the Centre. In this regard the matter has been reviewed by the Ministry and a Memorandum of Agreement has been signed between TMC, Mumbai ( and its subsidiary Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer (ACTREC), Khargahar, Navi Mumbai) and CGHS with a view to streamline the procedures for undergoing treatment at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai.

2. In this regard the undersigned is directed to convey the procedure to be followed by CGHS beneficiaries for availing treatment at Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai as per the details given under.

i) All CGHS beneficiaries shall obtain a referral letter from a CGHS Wellness Centre in Mumbai /Office of AD. CGHS in Mumbai for availing Cancer treatment from Tata Memorial Centra , Mumbai.

ii) CGHS Wellness Centre shall refer the CGHS beneficiary with a proper authorization letter indicating the entitlement of the beneficiary for out/in-patient treatment i.e., General ward, semi-private ward or Private ward as the case may be corresponding to the C.B.A of Tata rates respectively as authorized as
per their entitement

ii) CGHS beneficiaries shall carry CGHS Card

iii) The authorization letter shall be valid for one month and The CGHS authorization letter is inclusive for all the in house treatment (Consultation, Investigation, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Surgery etc) during the validity period of one month.

CGHS beneficiaries shall have to submit authorization letter in original along with two photo copies.

iv) The CGHS beneficiaries and their dependents who are referred to TATA Memorial Centre will be charged as pet the rates in force and amended from me to time for various treatments as per TATA MEMORIAL CENTRE.

v) Memos relating to drugs will be given to patient only as per policy of Tata Memonal Centre.

vi) All the medicines prescribed by Tata Memorial Centre’s doctors will be supplied to the patients by the Centre as per the procedure in force from time to time. In the event medicines are not available in TMC’S dispensary, patients will have an option to procure from CGHS as per rules. In such circumstances Medical Superintendent, TMH, will certify that the medicine was not available in TMC dispensary and CGHS will provide the same to the patient

vii) No priority / preferential treatment will be accorded for the patients unless clinically indicated.

viii) Tata Memorial Centre shall provide treatment on credit basis to pensioner CGHS beneficiaries, etc., and to CGHS Staff as per the Authorization letter and bills shall be sent to Additional Director, CGHS , Mumbai for payment as per terms and conditions of MoU. However, the credit facility shall not cover Bone Marrow Transplant cases , for which separate permission is required Credit facility will not be extended ta pensioners and CGHS staff who opt for treatment in a higher catagory than the one he/she is entitled to.

ix) Serving CGHS Staff shall take permission letter from Addl. Director, CGHS of the city of residence and report to Add. Director, CGHS , Mumbai for further referral to TMC.

x) Other serving employees report to CGHS, Mumbai with approval of their Ministry/Department.

xi) Any consultation without the presence of the patient shall be charged by TMC at normal rates and no credit facility shall be provided.

xi) Serving CGHS beneficiaries shall make payment and claim reimbursement from concerned Ministry/Department.

3. These orders are valid for a period of two years from date of issue.

[Dr. Nikhilesh Chandra]
Director, CGHS

cancer treatment at tata memorial centre mumbai procedure to be followed by cghs beneficiaries

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