Revamp of the Central Secretariat Cadre Management Services (CSCMS) – DOPT O.M. dated 15.11.2022

Revamp of the Central Secretariat Cadre Management Services (CSCMS) – DOPT O.M. dated 15.11.2022

Revamp of the Central Secretariat Cadre Management Services (CSCMS) to enable end to end online delivery of services to the employees of CSS, CSSS and CSCS Cadres – DOPT O.M. dated 15.11.2022

F.No 21/04/2022-CSCMS
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, PG and Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)

Dated 15 November, 2022

Office Memorandum

Subject: Revamp of the Central Secretariat Cadre Management Services (CSCMS) to enable end to end online delivery of services to the employees of CSS, CSSS and CSCS Cadres— Reg.

As you are aware, DOPT is in the process to revamp the CSCMS portal to enable exclusive online delivery of services to the employees of the cadres of Central Secretariat Services (CSS), Central Secretariat Stenographers’ Service (CSSS) and Central Secretariat Clerical Service (CSCS).

2. Reference is invited to the earlier letters dated 16/9/2022 and 19/6/2022 and 30/06/2022 as per which, the global registration of all the CSS/ CSSS/CSCS employees was enabled so that the employee himself/herself can update the individual-specific, personal and service related details on the CSCMS portal. The Employee can now login to the portal ( through e- Parichay and start availing the Services. It may be noted that up-dation of profile is the pre-requisite to commence availing services.

3. Reference is also invited to the address by Sh Rajat Kumar, JS (CS) to all the Nodal Officers on 31/10/2022 at 11 a.m. wherein all the Nodal Officers are asked to ensure up-dation of profile by employees and its validation by Nodal Officer by 15th November, 2022. Presently available features/ services on the CSCMS portal are as under-

3.1 Profile — The employee can view, update. take a print & submit (if already not done) the profile. The Nodal Officer shall validate/ update the data, within the stipulated time, including that of profile of the employee. Working strength of the Ministry/Department. In case of non-updation of data by Nodal Officer, within the stipulated time, the available data will be taken as final and the Nodal Officer shall be held responsible if the data is found incorrect or erroneous.

3.1.1 The data thus updated is base for service delivery to the employees including postings, transfers, capacity building. conduct of DPCs, career progression, statutory compliance etc., in a transparent. efficient manner with accuracy and precision. Hence, the employees and nodal officers are requested to be careful and provide the data which is factual, correct and error free.

3.2 View /Print the Immovable Property Returns — The Employees, Nodal Officers can now View & take Print of the IPRs already filed.

3.3 Clearance for Private Foreign Visit — The employee can apply and get clearance from the Ministries/Departments for his private foreign visits through CSCMS portal.

3.4 Deputation — Publication of Advertisement by borrowing office, View and Apply for Deputation by Employees. seek cadre clearance/forward/approve/ reject the application by Ministries/ Departments shall be through CSCMS portal. The Nodal Officer can now onboard the PSU/Autonomous/Attached office from his login as sub Nodal Officer. Then such Organisation can publish the Advt. for deputation providing the requisite details. The Employee can view and Apply for deputation on the CSCMS portal itself. The same shall be forwarded/ approved/ rejected by the Ministry/ Department/ DOPT also on the CSCMS portal only.

3.5 Vigilance Status — The employee can view his/her Vigilance status. The Nodal officer and AVD. DoPT will be updating the status on real time basis. The status will be auto-fetched by CSCMS portal while providing services to the employee.

3.6. Areas of Interest — The employee can indicate the areas of interest on the portal and then browse to iGOT to apply and undergo the training courses available in iGOT.

3.7 Rotation Transfer — The employee can give preference for Rotation Transfer on CSCMS portal itself. The timelines to indicate the preference for Rotation Transfer will be intimated through the portal itself:

4. DoPT is also in the process of integrating the CSCMS portal with other portals such as SPARROW. PFMS. EIS. eHRMS etc. so that the employee can avail the services at single point.

5. It may also be noted that in case any detail(s) updated by the employee/Nodal Officer is/are found to be incorrect. further action against the employee /Nodal Officer would be taken as per the extant rules including but not limited to Conduct Rules. 1964 as per CCS (CCA) Rules. 1965.

6. In view of the above. all the employees & Nodal Officers are requested to update the relevant details on priority to enable the Department provide exclusive online services to the employees. It may also be mentioned that beyond a point. physical acceptance of any request for any service by the employees of CSS. CSSS and CSCS Cadres will not be accepted after due intimation through the CSCMS portal.

(D SNagalakshmi)
Deputy Secretary
Tel. 23092841

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