Transfer/Posting policy of Stenographers Cadre of Central Civil Accounts Service (CCAS) – Finmin O.M. dated 03.10.2023

Transfer/Posting policy of Stenographers Cadre of Central Civil Accounts Service (CCAS) – Finmin O.M. dated 03.10.2023

Transfer/Posting policy of Stenographers Cadre of Central Civil Accounts Service (CCAS) – Finmin O.M. dated 03.10.2023

No. 18006 /1/2020-NGE-CGA/ 856
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Controller General of Accounts

Mahalekha Niyantrak Bhawan
E Block, GPO Complex
INA, New Delhi – 110023
Date: 03rd October, 2023


Sub: Transfer/Posting policy of Stenographers Cadre of Central Civil Accounts Service (CCAS).

Attention is invited to this office OM dated 11.09.2023 vide which the draft transfer/ posting policy was placed in public domain inviting suggestions etc. Thereafter, the final transfer/ posting policy has been finalized and is circulated herewith. These instructions come into force with immediate effect and shall be in force till further orders.

Encl: As Above.

(Stuti Ghildiyal)
Assistant Controller General of Accounts

Transfer/Posting Policy of Stenographers Cadre in
Central Civil Accounts Service (CCAS)

The Transfer/ Posting of Stenographer Cadre of Central Civil Accounts Service (CCAS) are managed centrally by the CGA Office. A need has been felt to frame the Transfer/Posting Policy applicable to Stenographer Cadre of CCAS personnel for their overall growth, exposure to different organizations and aspects of working of the Government.

2. stenographer Cadre of CCAS provide secretarial and office support to ICAS Officers. As per the scheme of things, they can be posted to any Ministry / Department in any station.

2.1 The objectives are to:

i) Ensure effective and efficient Cadre Management while observing principles of fairness, transparency and equity.

ii) Provide exposure to different organizational set ups to facilitate and promote improved career planning and growth of officers with professional integrity.

2.2 General Principles:

i) All transfer/ postings are to be considered by a Placement Committee of officers. The Placement Committee shall be a recommendatory body. The approving authority shall be the Controller General of Accounts (CGA) or the Addl. CGA, if the powers are delegated by the CGA. In case of any difference of opinion between stakeholders, the final decision shall rest with the CGA.

ii) Constitution/reconstitution of the Placement Committee will be approved by CGA and all such orders will be published on the CGA’s website.

iii) The Placement Committee will recommend posting of officers under promotional and rotational transfer keeping in view relevant factors viz. vacancies, past experience, seniority specialized training done etc.

iv) The approving authority is empowered to issue transfer/ posting orders on a case to case basis for isolated postings involving few officers viz. in cases of return from long leave, long term training, repatriation from deputation etc., or in case of emergent conditions, administrative exigencies, etc.

v) The frequency of the meetings of Placement Committee will depend upon necessity and will normally be held once every six month.

vi) Requirements of service and administrative convenience shall remain the primary consideration that will determine the transfer/ posting.

vii) Incase any official comes under a cloud from the vigilance angle or is subjected to a verifiable complaint, abuse of authority, misconduct or indulges in any other act, unbecoming of a government servant, then he/she shall be liable to be transferred in public interest.

3. Tenure:

i) The maximum tenure prescribed for Stenographer Cadre of Central Civil Accounts Service in Ministry / Department in various grade will be as under:-

S No.    Grade   Tenure  
1. Stenographer Grade II   6 years
2. Stenographer Grade I   6 years
3. Private Secretary   6 years
4. Senior Private Secretary   6 years

ii) O/o CGA will be exempt from tenure restrictions on account of its special nature of functions and requirement of institutional memory in Headquarter.

iii) Rotational transfer of officers will be done within the station or outstation subject to availability of swapping officers.

4. Officers exempted from Transfer:

i) Officers of all grades within one year of superannuation will be exempted from rotational transfers.

ii) In case of promotional posting, if the officer is due for superannuation within one year he/she will be retained in the same Ministry / Department against an existing vacancy of the promotional post. In case no vacancy of the promotional post then the officer will be transferred to another Ministry / Department.

iii) On promotion to the grade of PS & Sr. PS, the officer shall be posted out of the Ministry / Department.

5. Surrender of officers: Surrender or unilateral relieving of officers on any ground is not allowed as surrender or relieving of an officer poses several problems in the cadre management. If an officer is not performing, Pr.CCAs/CCAs concerned are expected to take requisite administrative action.

6. Officers returning from deputation/long leave etc: An Officer returning from deputation, long leave will be posted back to the same Ministry / Department he/she last served for the balance period of the tenure prescribed for the grade subject to availability of a vacancy and subject to the condition that at least one year of balance tenure is left. On expiry of the retention for the balance tenure, the officer will be transferred on rotational transfer in the annual rotational transfer.

7. Period of leave/ training exceeding six months will be treated as long leave/long term training for the purpose of posting under this policy.

8. Debarment for refusal of Promotion: — The office is generally not in favour of permitting candidates to refuse promotion to avoid outstation posting as it results in delays in filling up of vacancies. The official refusing promotion shall be debarred for the period prescribed by Government of India.

9. Outstation postings: The offices of Pr.CCAs/CCAs/CAs of the Ministries/ Departments are mostly located in the Delhi. However, there are a few posts of Stenographer Grade-I/II which are located outside Delhi. The Stenographer Cadre being a transferable service, members of the Stenographer Cadre are liable to be transferred/ posted to such posts located in these Cities.

10. Leave vacancy: Substitute officer will be posted in case of leave vacancy exceeding six months; however, this will be subject to availability of officers for posting.

11. Differently abled officers: Physically handicapped persons suffer from a range of problems on account of mobility. Requests from differently abled officers will, therefore, be considered for posting on case-to-case basis.

12. Transfer on Administrative Ground: Irrespective of above provisions, an officer may be transferred to any Ministry/Department in the cadre at any time due to administrative exigency.

13. Cut-off date and tentative schedule of transfer:

i) The cut-off date for calculating the period of residency in a Ministry/ Department will be Ist July of the year in which rotational transfer is carried out. An officer for being covered under this policy should have completed prescribed tenure as on 1st July. The cut-off date for calculating one year in respect of officers superannuating will be calculated as on the last date of the month in which rotational transfer order is issued.

ii) The rotational transfer in each grade will be undertaken once in a year in the months of July-August. The implementation of the transfer policy will be carried out immediately after issue of OM.

iii) Equal number of officers will be transferred and posted to ensure relievers are available for the officers transferred out.

14. Representation on transfer:

i) Representation against a Transfer order, if any, shall be addressed directly to the approving authority, ie. CGA under intimation to the Pr. CCA/CCA/CA(IC) of their existing office. Any representation in respect of posting orders should be made within 10 days of issue of such orders, failing which, the same will not be considered. Representations need to be suitably documented and justification provided (self-attested copies of documents in support of the ground of the representation). Representations will be considered by the approving authority on a case to case basis and will be disposed off within 15 working days after the deadline for receiving the representations.

ii) If the representations are not considered, the officer shall be deemed relieved by 30th day from the issue of transfer order.

15. Power to relax: Any modification/relaxation in implementation of the provisions of this policy shall be done in public interest with the approval of the CGA.


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