Officers/ Staff with a mild cold/ cough or fever needs to stay at home : Important Circular regarding COVID-19

Officers/ Staff with a mild cold/ cough or fever needs to stay at home : Important Circular regarding COVID-19

Officers/ Staff with a mild cold/ cough or fever needs to stay at home : Important Circular regarding COVID-19

F.No.C-11011/01/2011-Ad.1 (2404)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances

5th Floor, Sardar Patel Bhawan,
Parliament Street, New Delhi -110001
Dated, the 5th June, 2020


The number of COVID-19 positive cases are going up rapidly. Many Officials in various Central Government Ministries/Departments have been tested COVID-19 positive. Some have lost their life to this pandemic. Therefore, it is the duty of every officer to protect themselves and each other and help prevent further spread of the disease. All officers in DARPG are advised to follow the following protocol to contain the spread of disease in the office:

  1. Only asymptomatic staff shall be allowed. Anyone with a mild cold/ cough or fever needs to stay at home.
  2. Officers/ staff residing in containment zone shall not come to office and work from home till containment zone is de-notified.
  3. Not more than 20 staff/ Officers shall be attending office in a day. Roster will be reworked accordingly. Remaining staff will continue to work from Home.
  4. Under Secretaries/ Deputy Secretaries if sharing cabin, then they will come alternate day to enforce social distancing.
  5. The Section shall not have more than two officials at a time. Staggering office hours shall be followed to ensure not more than 20 staff in any given time in the office. As far as possible windows may be kept open to ensure proper ventilation in halls
  6. Face mask and face shield have to be worn at all times inside the office premises. Disciplinary action will be taken if it is found that protocol for mask is not followed in the office.
  7. Used masks and gloves shall be discarded carefully in yellow colour bio medical waste bin only. Strict action will be taken on throwing gloves or masks in open or in normal waste bins. General Section will inform housekeeping about norms for disposal of such waste.
  8. Face to face meetings/discussions/interactions be avoided as far as possible. Officers/ Staff will use intercom/ phone / VC for interactions.
  9. VCs may be attended from the respective rooms of the officers. VC in Board room may be avoided as far as possible. General Section will provide necessary equipment to the officers so that they can join web-room from their respective computers.
  10. Handwashing in every half an hour is a must to prevent spread of infection. Hand sanitizing dispensers shall be installed at prominent places in corridors.
  11. Frequently touched places such as electric switches, door knobs, elevator buttons, hand rails, washroom fixtures etc shall be cleaned in every one hour with 1% sodium hypochlorite. Officers /Staff are also advised to clean their personal equipment like keyboards, mouse, phones, AC remotes etc by themselves by using any ethanol based disinfectant frequently.
  12. Distance of 1 mtr shall be maintained while sitting or walking. Visitors’ chairs in the cabins of the officers shall accordingly be placed keeping the norms of social distancing.
  13. All officers/staff are requested to follow these instructions without fail. Cooperation of all Officers is crucial to contain the spread of infection. The latest SOP on preventive measures issued by MH&FW on 4th June 2020 is also enclosed for strict compliance.
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This issues with the approval of Secretary, DARPG.

Encl: As above

(Khamchin Naulak)
Under Secretary (Admn)

For circulation through e-Office Notice Board

Copy for information of PPS to Secretary

SOP on preventive measures to contain spread of COVID-19 in offices

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