PCDA guidelines for Entry/Updation of Family details in Service Book

PCDA guidelines for Entry/Updation of Family details in Service Book

कार्यालय, रक्षा लेखा प्रधान नियंत्रक (प. क.) चंडीगढ़ – 160 009

No. AN/VIII/1417/Circular

Dated: 10 /11/2020


The Officer I/c
All Sections in Main Office
All Sub offices
EDP (Local):-For up loading on PCDA (WC), Chandigarh web site.

Sub: Entry/Updation of Family details in Service Book


It has been observed that some of the sub offices are casually forwarding the family details of the employees for updation in Service Books which is resulting in undue correspondence. Hence, the following instructions are hereby issued which are required to be followed while forwarding the family details for updation in the service records:

  1. The family details are being received on different proforma from different offices. Therefore a common format of ‘Details of Family’ has already been uploaded on the website of PCDA (WC) Chandigarh and details should be forwarded in the prescribed format only.
  2. Proof of DOB of every dependent should be enclosed with the request for entry/updation of family detail.
  3. In case of dependent Parents, the income certificates of the parents/affidavit
    sworn in before 1st Class Magistrate duly mentioning that the joint income of parents from all sources is less than Rs. 9000/- plus applicable DA.
  4. If any of the dependent children is handicapped, the Certificate issued by concerned Medical Authorities should be enclosed.
  5. In case spouse is employed in State/Centre Govt. a joint declaration regarding claim of Tuition fee/Medical reimbursement/LTC should be enclosed (Format available on www.pcdawc.gov.in )
  6. In case the family details-are present in the service records and further updation is required due to any addition/deletion in family the same should be supported by requisite documents (e.g Birth Certificate/Divorce Decree etc.) and names of all present family members should be reflected in the prescribed format for the purpose.
  7. The Family details should be countersigned by the Officer-In-Charge of the sub office.
  8. It should also be ensured that the employee has tick marked (\/ )/cross marked ( X ) all five declarations provided in the format.


The above instructions should be strictly adhered to while forwarding the Family. Details for updation in service records to avoid undue correspondence on matter.

(Manjeet Kaur)

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