CGDA: Strengthening of Grievance Redressal Mechanism in the Department

CGDA: Strengthening of Grievance Redressal Mechanism in the Department

CGDA: Strengthening of Grievance Redressal Mechanism in the Department

Controller General of Defence Accounts
Ulan Batar Road, Palam,
Delhi Cantt – 110 010


Date: 16.12.2020


All PCsDA / PCA(Fys)/ PIFAs
CsDA /CFAs (Fys)/ CsDA (RTCs)/ IFAs

Subject – Strengthening of Grievance Redressal Mechanism in the Department – reg.

Reference:- HQrs Office No. AN/Grievance/Report Meeting/Vol.VIII dated 10.01.2020


Reference is invited to this office communication dated 10.01.2020 {copy enclosed} , wherein the directions of the Ministry for conducting fortnightly meetings on grievance have been conveyed inter-alia, with a request to furnish reports thereon fortnightly. With a view to further streamline the handling of grievances in the Department and also to ensure uniformity in dealing with grievances, an SOP {Standard Operating Procedure} for handling the grievances has been prepared and attached to this communication. It is requested that prompt action may be taken on all the grievances including suitable preventive measures, if any required, so as to minimize the arising of similar grievances in future. All-out efforts may be made to redress grievances within the prescribed timeline.

2. With regard to Para 4 of the HQrs communication dated 01.2020 under reference, it has been decided to dispense with the ” Fortnightly Reports”, with immediate effect. Instead, a “Monthly Report – Grievances pending for more than sixty (60) days with reason of delay”, report, duly approved/seen by PCDA/CDA concerned, may be forwarded to the HQrs Office by 5th of following month. However, the PCsDA/CsDA should continue holding Fortnightly Meetings in the respective offices as per the directions of the Ministry conveyed on 10.01.2020. Where grievances are pending in HQrs Office only, the concerned Section/Wing of HQrs Office will furnish the said report with the approval of Joint CGDA concerned. The First Monthly Report with details as on 31.12 .2020 may reach HQrs by 05 .01.2021.

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Proforma for Monthly Report on Grievance Pending Over 60 days

Sl NoReg. No. and DateName of the ComplaintSubject of GrievancePendency / No. of DaysRemarks (Reasons for delay) / whether any interim reply given

Note:- “Nil” reports are also required. Data in Excel sheet to be attached to the e-mail.

3. Further, to ensure smooth liaison between HQrs Office and Offices of PCDA/CDA in handling grievances , it is requested that the nominated Grievance Officer’s name, designation , phone no. (both landline & mobile) etc.may be furnished to HQrs through e­-mail at “[email protected]” along with above said Monthly Report.

4. Suggestions for improving the handling of grievances , if any, may be furnished through.

This has the approval of the CGDA.

(Manish Tripathi, IDAS)
Joint CGDA &
Public Grievance Officer


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