Appointment on compassionate grounds – Action Taken Report reg

Appointment on compassionate grounds – Action Taken Report reg

Appointment on compassionate grounds – Action Taken Report reg

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No. HRM-V/I11(07)/Compassionate Appointment Policy Matter/2019/Vol.III/2191

Dated: 14 JAN 2021

All Addl. CPFC (HQ) (Zones)/All Addl. CPFC (Zones)
Director (PDNASS)/Addl. CPFC (ASD)
All Regional PF Commissioners/OIC of Regional Offices

Subject: Appointment on compassionate grounds- Regarding.

Reference: (i)Head Office letter No.HRM-V/I11(07)/Compassionate Appointment Policy Matter/2019/Vol.III/ 1/473/2020, 1/474/2020, 1/474/2020 and 1/478/2020 dated 23.07.2020. (ii) HO No.B-11/1/2020-HRM-VI dated 10.09.2020.


Central Provident Fund Commissioner while reviewing the pendency of Compassionate Appointment proposals expressed his displeasure on inordinate delay in disposal of compassionate appointment proposals and non-submission of Report on Quarterly Zonal Screening Committee meeting. Further, CPFC directed that in light of delegation of powers and detailed guidelines, all compassionate appointment proposals pending at the level of Zonal Office shall be considered and disposed off latest by 31st January 2021.

2. An action taken report on above direction may be furnished to this office by 03.02.2021 for the perusal of CPFC.

Yours faithfully

(Uma Mandal)
Addl. Central PF Commissioner (HRM)

Copy to:

  1. Staff Officer to CPFC
  2. All Regional P F Commissioner-I/OICs of Regional Offices
  3. RPFC (NDC) with a request to upload it on official website
  4. Deputy Director (OL) for Hindi Version.
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(Dr. Shiv Kumar)
Regional PF Commissioner-I (HRM-V)

Appointment on compassionate grounds - Action Taken Report

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