Phishing mail received from fake email ID ‘’

Phishing mail received from fake email ID ‘[email protected]

Phishing mail received from fake email ID ‘[email protected]

रक्षा लेखा प्रधान नियंत्रक (प.क.), चंडीगढ़
Sector-9, Chandigarh- 160009


No. IT&S/cell/1317/cyber security                   Date: 16.09.2021


All NIC mail users.

SUB: Phishing mail received from fake email ID ‘[email protected]

It has been observed that many users are receiving mails from email ID ‘[email protected]’ advising users to click on links provided in the email body for verification and to update email account as it is expiring soon.

In this context, it is advised that such type of emails are spurious in nature and are being used for phishing attacks. Clicking on the link may install ransomware/malware in the computer of the users which may corrupt or steal data of their system.

The Competent Authority has directed that user do no click the link in such type of emails which appear spurious in nature. Such emails may be deleted and email ids may be blocked. Users are also advised to remain watchful if they receive emails from unknown senders even if sender is in the form of domain. Users may also ensure that the antivirus installed in their computers must remain up to date. If any of user have clicked on the ibid phishing link, a few steps are provided for user to follow which are as follows:

  1. The user needs to change the password from a computer which is Virus/malware tree.
  2. Get the machine scanned with latest patches of anti-virus on which users are accessing their mail and also get the OS updated with the latest patches.
  3. Check whether any key logger is present in the system
  4. The users need to ensure that the “REMEMBER PASSWORD” option isn’t configured anywhere 1.e. in the browser or in POP client i.e. Outlook, Thunder bird etc.

Anmol Amar Singh, IDAS
(Dy CDA)

Phishing mail received from fake email ID ‘’

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