PNM Meeting : Minutes of the meeting held on 24th and 25th June 2022 between Railway Board and AIRF

PNM Meeting : Minutes of the meeting held on 24th and 25th June 2022 between Railway Board and AIRF

PNM Meeting : Minutes of the meeting held on 24th and 25th June 2022 between Railway Board and All India Railwaymen’s Federation (AIRF)

The PNM Meeting
Railway Board
All India Railwaymen’s Federation
on 24th & 25th JUNE, 2022 

Section — A: Introduction

CRB & CEO as Chairman of the meeting addressed the gathering.

Chairman, Railway Board welcomed Dr. N. Kanniah, President/AIRF, Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, General Secretary/AIRF, other representatives of AIRF and members of the Official Side to the PNM Meeting. Chairman, Railway Board congratulated all Railway employees for their hard work and dedication which has resulted in best ever performances in many areas, despite the challenges of Covid Pandemic. He also congratulated the Federations for their continued cooperation and expressed hope that Railway employees will continue to work with the same dedication and cooperation to achieve even higher results. It was observed that Agenda Items of PNM/AIRF will be discussed and resolved fruitfully in this meeting.

CRB informed the Federation as under:-
  • During the year 2021-22, highest ever loading of 1418 MT was done by Indian Railways which is 15% higher in comparison to previous year and such percentage growth in loading considered to be an excellent performance for any organization in the transportation industry.
  • Highest ever Railway electrification of 6366 Kms has been carried out during 2021-22.
  • Highest ever commissioning of New Line/Multi Tracking/Guage Conversion of 2908 Km in the year 2021-22.
  • Highest ever Rolling Stock induction of 1110 Electric Locomotives & 6291 LHB coaches has been done during the year.
  • Highest ever Capital investment of Rs.1.90 Lakh Cr. has been made into the system for creation of infrastructure during 2021-22.
  • Best ever scrap sales of Rs.5316 cr was also achieved during the year 2021-22.
  • IR have set its own challenges and targets for freight loading and also in other areas. Railways have to gear up to meet the challenges and achieve the targets to improve its overall operating ratio.
  • This year, IR have kept the target of 1700 MT of loading, 6000 Km of New Line/Multi Tracking/ Guage Conversion, and 9000 Km of Railway Electrification.
  • In rolling stock, we are inducting about one lakh wagons over a period of three years and this is already underway. Target of 1290 electric locomotives has been set for 2022-23 and 2023-24.
  • IR is taking policy decisions like Gati Shakti Cargo Terminal, ‘One Station One Product’ and also rolled out our indigenous technology of Kavach. A target of roll out of Kavach over 2000 Kms has been kept for the year 2022-23.
  • IR is trying to simplify rules and regulations in the interest of our own Railway employees and departmental promotions are being expedited.
  • Our traffic share is presently about 28%. If we are able to achieve the target of 17 MT of loading, our traffic share will definitely improve.

Chairman, Railway Board congratulated all Railwaymen for their performance and hard work and also appealed them for even a better performance to achieve the targets and desired results.


Federation (AIRF) raised following points in their opening remarks during the meeting:-

Dr. N Kanniah, President/AIRF

S. No. Points raised
1. In the last PNM/AIRF meeting, despite decisions taken on some issues during the meeting, orders were not issued by Board. It is requested that such pending orders are issued.
2. It is happy to note that directions have been issued to General Managers from Board to expedite the pending promotions of employees.
3. Federation is always available to cooperate so that the entire Indian Railway system should flourish.

Shri Shiva Gopal Mishra, General Secretary/AIRF

S. No. Point raised
1. Some decisions such as surrender of posts are taken in Board without prior consultation with Federations. It would be more appropriate that prior consultation is done with Federations to avoid confusion among the employees in the field and also implemented properly in the field.
2. The pace of electrification of Railways is very fast and such new Railway Electrification works require corresponding staff to man the new assets.
3. On some places where outsourcing is being resorted despite availability of adequate manpower, needs to be looked into particularly with reference to Production Units and Workshops.
4. On NER, advertisements have been issued for hiring JEs/SSEs on contract basis. Such hiring through contracts in the recent past needs to be looked into.
5. Some Zones have resorted to double-triple recruitment against the available vacancies and such new recruits are waiting for training. Such surplus staff needs to be re-deployed so that Railways do not suffer loss.
6. Regular PNM meetings are not being held by DG/IRISET with the AIRF office bearers of Branch Union of IRISET in the recent past as it was being done earlier.
7. Large recoveries are being made from the retirement dues of employees posted in Construction Organisation on the grounds of wrongful fixation of pay due to ad-hoc promotion, etc. DOP&T’s orders issued in this matter on the basis of Supreme Court’s judgment has been circulated by the Ministry of Railways. However, at the field level, such recoveries for wrongful fixation running into lakhs of rupees are still being made. This needs to be looked into. Federation cited the case of Shri Ishwar Das.
8. Recruitment in Grade Pay of Rs.1800 against Sports quota has since been stopped by Zonal Railways for the last three-four years. As a result, we are not getting young sportspersons who continue to work in Railways and at the same time, participate in games at National and International Level and bring laurels for the Railways. Such recruitment in Grade Pay of 1800 against Sports quota which has since been frozen since 2016-17, needs to be re-opened.
9. Some sportspersons of Zonal Railways need to be posted to Railway Sports Promotion Board also so that they can better appreciate the problems of sportspersons.
10. Incentives to be given to sportspersons for outstanding performance, are often not given by the Zonal Railways for some or other reason, which needs to be looked into. Federation cited the case of Shri Harpreet of Northern Railway, who is a Boxing Champion and has earned almost 09 Gold and Silver Medals in the National and International events but could not get any incentive despite having won a number of gold medals.
11. Though there is no ban in compassionate ground appointment of women in Clerks grade, still some of the Zonal Railways namely ECR are not resorting to it which is causing resentment.
12. Physiotherapists and Sports trainers play an important role in nurturing the sportspersons. IR should consider about their progression and incentives.
13. Gurmeet Kaur, sportsperson has already been selected against Scout quota on NR. However, her recruitment has been held up for want of age relaxation which is pending in Board’s office.
14. Issue of Passes through HRMS has made the system very cumbersome and unfriendly. Similarly, HIMS system is also very cumbersome. All such digitalization needs to be simplified and made friendly for the employees.
15. Unions and Federations should also be included under E-office system.
16. Recruitment is presently being done on Pan [India basis which is not appropriate because selected candidates after joining start seeking inter-zonal Railway transfer. It should be RRB-wise for the benefit of the local candidates.
17. 10 years’ time limit laid down for seeking inter-zonal transfer is not appropriate. This is causing a lot of frustration among the employees. The earlier instruction of five years’ time limit for inter-zonal transfer needs to be restored so that employees may go back near their home town. Employees whose NOC for inter-zonal transfer has already been received, should be relieved on receipt of fresh panels.
18. Medical procurements in particular medicine procurements have been recently given to Stores Department. As a result, substandard medicines are being procured. Branded medicines are not being procured on the ground of L1.
19. All medical expenditure towards surgeries and treatment undertaken in Government/Private Hospitals during the Covid period needs to be fully reimbursed.
20. Quasi Administrative staff are not being given UMID card due to some issue relating to problems in uploading of their data in HRMS, though their RELHS cards have been surrendered.
21. Contractual appointment of Doctors and Paramedical staff should be extended well in advance before expiry of the existing currency on 30.06.2022.
22. The residency period for promotion from Junior Account Assistant to Account Assistant is 03 years. This needs to be reduced to 02 years on the lines of other Departments.
23. In case of Compassionate Ground appointment as Apprentice, the training period is still 03 years in Mechanical Department while it is 18 months for Electrical department. It is requested that in the Mechanical department also the training period for CG appointee Apprentices should be brought down to 18 months on the lines of Electrical department.
24. Higher Grade posts should not be surrendered by the Zonal Railways as it adversely affects the promotional avenue of Juniors and such surrendered higher grade posts should immediately be restored back.
25. The ratio for Promotion and Direct Recruitment to the post of Junior Engineer/SSE in RDSO is at variance with Zonal Railways which needs to be rectified.
26. Power Cabins, Route Relay Cabins, LC Gates do not have toilet facilities and drinking water facilities.
27. Privilege Pass, Post Retirement Complimentary Pass may be permitted in Vande Bharat Express, Tejas Express as well as Special Trains.
28. The system of training schedule for Compassionate Ground Appointees as Technicians and in promotions in different categories also needs to be looked into. Training Period for Compassionate Ground Appointees needs to be reduced to 18 months in all departments.
29. 30% upgradation from GP 1800 to GP 1900 needs to be pursued as the matter is struck since long.
30. Upgradation of SSEs from 4600 to 4800 pending with Ministry of Finance also needs to be pursued.
31. LDCE should be kept open for all by way of reducing 10% posts of Direct Recruitment if the candidates appearing of LDCE possess the qualification prescribed by RRB for direct recruitment.
32. Report of the Committee for Pointsmen category recommending four Grade Structure was already submitted, but orders have not been issued so far.
33. Night Duty Allowance issue pending with Ministry of Finance needs to be pursued.
34. Quasi Administrative staff working with Unions and Federations need to be regularized.
35. 70% TA component of Running Allowance in respect of Running Staff needs to be exempted from the purview of Income Tax. The matter needs to be further pursued with CBDT.
36. Ban on creation of posts for new assets is not appropriate as matching saving is not possible in these cases.
37. 25% of the new quarters to be constructed by RLDA in re-developed colonies should be earmarked for serving and retired Railway employees on ‘no profit and no loss’ basis.
38. Trackmen of Kolkata Metro get daily Night duty. Some mechanism should be developed so that they should get some rest and daily night duty may be avoided.
39. In cases of medical decategorisation of Staff, Medical Officer should recommend only the medical classification. They should not prescribe the type of job to be assigned as this 1s the duty of the selection committee.
40. The prescribed 05 years service for medical decategorisation of staff should be reduced to 03 years. Further, wards should be given appointment on the basis of qualification of the candidate.
41. Due to delay in framing of panels promotions are getting delayed. It is requested that promotion should be effective from the date of occurrence of vacancy so that employees do not suffer financial loss.
42. Restructuring of non-Gazetted IT cadre should be looked into. Report of the Committee constituted by Board for Gazetted IT Cadre should also be looked into so that non-Gazetted staff belonging to IT cadre does not get deprived.
43. In respect of Ticket Checking Staff, the number of coaches to be inspected has been increased from 3 to 6 which is not appropriate. The old order for inspection of only three coaches by Ticket Checking Staff needs to be restored.
44. As per the PRS module modification by CRIS, whosoever cancels the ticket gets refund. However, this facility 1s not available for E-pass and E-PTO holders. E-pass and E-PTO should be valid in case of cancellation of Ticket before charting.
45. In case of employees who are psychiatric patients, they are considered to unfit only after 5 years of such ailment. Such an order of Board is not appropriate and this needs to be reviewed.
46. Compassionate Ground Apprentices should also be similarly treated in case of death during training like other employees for the purpose of compassionate ground appointment of their wards and dependents.
47. Residential Card Pass holders should also be allowed to travel in AC coaches of EMU trains of Mumbai Suburban.
48. Rent, electricity and water charges for Railway Union Offices should be made free. On some of the Zonal Railways, namely, Southern Railway, notice is being received towards huge charges running into several lakhs towards rent, electricity and water charges for union offices. On some other Railways, it is supplied on commercial rates.
49. AC escorting staff does not have rest room facility like Ticket Checking Staff and Running Staff.
50. Community halls in Railway colonies need to be air-conditioned for various community functions like marriages, etc. Running Rooms for TTEs should also be air-conditioned.
51. One time exemption for online examination for Appendix-III should be provided as employees have prepared for examination on the old pattern.
52. Duty of Gateman for ‘C’ class gates of Engineering Department should not exceed more than eight hours.
53. Lateral induction of Trackmen in other departments is not being properly implemented as a result their avenues are getting curtailed.
54. There is no sitting arrangements for AC escorting staff in coaches. This also needs to be looked into.
55. PPOs are not getting generated timely under ‘ARPAN’ which needs to be also looked into.
56. Duty roster of staff of Engineering Department should be eight hours only on the basis of Job analysis. Without job analysis, no activity should be re-classified from ‘continuous’ to ‘intermittent’.
57. On some zones, persons hired by contractor have been deployed for night patrolling which is not appropriate.
58. Safety Related Retirement Scheme should also be considered as it is a motivation for serving employees.
59. Where both the spouses are working in Railways, any one of them can adopt RELHS and recovery should not be effected from both.
60. Accident Free Service Award should include other categories also which have not yet been included so far.
61. Roster for GDCE scheme should be prepared in advance and its vacancies should be kept separate before giving indent for Direct Recruitment.
62. Line Box for Running Staff needs to be continued enable them to keep a long list of various tools and essential items including two three sets of dress.
63. Special Duty Allowance for posting in North East Frontier region, Ladakh, etc. should be exempted from the purview of Income Tax.
64. Nursing Staff /Paramedical staff should be given pay scales at par with instructions issued by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Any shortcoming regarding qualification, training, experience in respect of Nursing staff of Railways should be addressed.
65. Crew links in respect of Running Staff should be such that crew may come back to their base station within 36 hours to improve efficiency.
66. Cadre restructuring of Track Maintainers in Kolkata Metro has not been done since long. This needs to be expedited.
67. In case of medical decategorisation, when the employees is posted in ministerial cadre, they are directed to pass Typing Test. This needs to be done away with and they should be given computer training.
68. At the time of retirement, no such penalty like withholding of increment should be imposed which may result in long time pensionary loss.
69. Despite separate meeting with both the Federations regarding merger of TTTEs/ECRC/Booking Clerks, no order has so far been issued by Board. As a result, selection for the post of CMI is held up on many Zonal Railways.
70. GDCE vacancies of ALPs and Technicians should be filled on priority.
71. There is no facility of quarters for Running Staff in Talchar. The running staff is also not getting minimum guaranteed Running Allowance.
72. A large number of direct recruitment quota vacancies of CMAs are presently existing. These vacancies may be filled from promotees fulfilling the requisite qualification by way of granting one time exemption.

Shri J.R. Bhosale, Working President/AIRF

S. No. Point raised
1. Board’s decisions regarding out of turn promotion to Sportspersons on the ground of outstanding performance at national and international level needs to be honoured by Zonal Railways.
2. There should be no restriction in forwarding of applications for inter-zonal transfers. Transfer requests on spouse ground and handicapped ground, are also not being honoured despite clear instructions of the Government of India.

Shri Ch. Sankara Rao,Treasurer

S. No. Point raised
1. All fixations, MACP, etc., are done by Administration. Therefore, for any wrongful fixation, if any, the employees should not be penalised by way of effecting recoveries from retirement dues. Service records should be verified regularly and these records should be verified atleast two years before retirement.

Shri S.K. Tyagi, Assistant General Secretary

S. No. Point raised
1. The issue of stepping up of pay of Juniors with reference to Seniors w.e.f. 01.01.2016 is pending since long.

Shri P.K. Patasahani, Vice President

S. No. Point raised
1. There is no office for PREM Group in East Coast Railway.

Shri Mukesh Mathur, Assistant General Secretary

S. No. Point raised
1. Entitlement to travel by taxi in case of transfer as issued by Ministry of Finance for Group B and Group C employees should be equally applicable for Railway employees.


55/2012: Sanction of adequate manpower for Central Hospital, West Central Railway, Jabalpur.

Federation raised the issue of problems being faced by Railway employees in the matter of referring of patients for specialised treatments to referral hospitals by Zonal Railways. Board’s instructions regarding referral facilities for taking treatment from empanelled hospitals will be reiterated.

14/2014: AVC for the categories where there is no avenue of promotion of Group ‘B’ staff etc.

Initially the cadre restructuring of Group C posts in Medical Department will be considered. However, regarding introduction of Group B posts with reference to earlier Committees, the matter will also be considered by Establishment(Gazetted Cadre) Directorate. Efforts shall be made to expedite the restructuring of Group C posts of Medical Department.

15/2015: Creation of posts of various categories of paramedical staff in Medical Department on the basis of yardsticks issued by the Railway Board.

Issue of yardsticks is under active consideration. This will be finalised within one month.

24/2016: Setting-up of dormitory for accommodation of companions of cancer patients sent to Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Mumbai from JRH(WR) and Byculla Railway Hospital(CR).

Position explained. Feedback in this matter to be taken up from the Zonal Railway. The item may be treated as finalised.


39/2016: Abrupt enhancement in per-capita charges for the treatment of staff and their family members employed in Railway Co-operative Thrift & Credit Societies/ Banks and other quasi-administrative offices, including Recognized Unions and Federations, for treatment in Railway Hospitals.

A detailed proposal will be submitted by Federation and the same will be considered in consultation with Finance Directorate.

36/2018: Reimbursement of medical claim cases.

Reimbursement cases will be expedited and a Monitoring Cell will be established in Health Directorate under EDH(G). Zonal Railway will also be advised to have a similar monitoring cell to monitor reimbursement of medical claim cases. Cases of specific refusal of reimbursement of medical claims of the Covid Pandemic period will be referred to Board for needful action.

44/2018: Upgradation of Divisional Railway Hospital, Bengaluru(SWR) into 100 bedded facilities.

Position explained. Federation demanded to provide adequate strength of the Doctors and Paramedical Staff in Divisional Railway Hospital, Bengaluru as early as possible. The item is under review.

50/2018: Amendment/withdrawal of the foot notes below the Item No.58 of the Model SoP 2017(medical matters).

Footnote below Item No. 58 of the Model SoP 2017 is being considered for amendment. The proposal has been sent to Finance Directorate for concurrence.

01/2022: Provision of Robotic Surgery in NRCH, New Delhi

The matter will be examined and processed on receipt of proposal from Northern Railway.

17/2022: Provision of upgradation of Sub-Divisional Railway Hospital, Patratu in Dhanbad Division of East Central Railway

The facilities of empanelling nearby Hospitals and Diagnostic Centres for providing emergency facilities will be explored.

35/2018: Indiscriminate outsourcing plan of printing of books and forms used in the Railways.

Since the decision for closure of five Printing Presses has been deferred till March, 2023, the item will be discussed further.

23/2016: Development of the S&T Workshops in Indian Railways.

Modernisation of all the nine S&T Workshops is already in progress. Federation pointed out as regards modernisation in respect of S&T workshops at Pandu/NFR
which will be looked into.


21/2022: Installation of Railway Co-operative Banks ATM in Railway Colonies and Railway Stations

Matter will be examined.

26/2018: Restructuring of the cadre of the Track Maintainers.

The issue will be discussed with Federation separately.

49/2018: Working problems of the JE/ SSE(P.Way) over the Indian Railways.

The old inspection schedule and new inspection schedule for important items where schedule of inspection of JE/ SSE(P.Way) has been revised, has been sent to Federation on 17.06.2022. Federation demanded separate meeting with Member(Infra), Railway Board.

07/2022: Promotional prospects of the staff of Cash & Pay Department to appear in Appendix-2(IREM) and Appendix-3 (IREM) Examination – Consideration of Surplus Ministerial Staff of Cash & Pay Department.

The matter has been examined in consultation with Establishment (NG) Dte. The proposal of the Federation has been agreed. The detailed modalities will be further worked out in consultation with Establishment Dte.

(2/2022: Construction of the Railway Quarters for Running Staff at the locations where new Headquarters of Crew have been created.

Federation was informed that a letter has already been issued in this matter to Northern Railway on 10.06.2021. A copy of the same was shared with the Federation during the meeting. The matter is under review.

16/2022: Provision of an Auditorium for East Central Railway in Patna or nearby.

Position explained. Under Plan Head, Rs.55 crore has already been sanctioned to East Central Railway and the Zonal Railway can prioritise this work relating to construction of an Auditorium at Patna.


24/2022 : Provision of drinking water in Dhanbad Division of EC Railway.

East Central Railway have advised that supply of water through pipeline to Phaphrakund Magardaha and Mirchadhure Stations of Dhanbad Division will be started within a month.


ED (Coaching)
19/2022: Re-marshalling of AC Coaches with Power/Generator Car in
Mail/Express Trains

Matter will be reviewed.

15/2022: Extending benefits to NPS Covered Railway beneficiaries in accordance with the Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare notification dated 30.03.202

Relevant instructions have already been issued on 04.06.2021. Federation mentioned that the instructions are not being implemented on the Zones. Status of Zone-wise implementation may be provided to Federation.

20/2022: Coverage under Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972 in place of National Pension System, of those central government employees whose selection for appointment was finalized before 01.01.2004 but who joined government service on or after 01.01.200

Issues raised will be examined.

26/2022: Economy instructions – Further Economic Measures – Creation of posts with the approval of Department of Expenditure — Reg.

The issue has already been taken up with Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) and their response is awaited.

14/2022: Date of next increment under Rule 10 of Railway Services(Revised Pay) Rules, 2016 — Allowing another opportunity for exercising option

Cases will be provided by the Federation and examined. Thereafter, as required in
consultation with Finance Establishment, the matter will be referred to DOP&T.

13/2022: Annual review of essential categories for new assets/activities for smooth and safe operation of trains

The review of staff requirement on the basis of yardsticks for assessing actual requirement of staff in all the departments, is already under consideration. Divisions/Zones have been given power to redistribute posts from those areas from where posts can be spared. Redeployment of personnel also can be explored. The matter is under review.

30/2022: Reduction in the Training Period in case of Technicians appointed on Compassionate Ground as Apprentice Technicians Gr. III

This will be discussed separately with PED(HR).

56/2006: Indian Railway Tourism and Catering Corporation — Catering staff on deputation.

Federation was advised that the specific case is sub-judice. Federation desired that the matter be taken up for separate discussion with the Chairman & CEO, Railway Board.

26/2008: Upgradation of Horticulture staff.

It was decided that special meeting will be convened involving EDE(N) & EDPC-II in this matter.

25/2011: Selection for J.E. Pay Band ¥9300-34800 — Eligibility thereof.

A joint meeting of Training & Technical Directorates will be held in this matter within a period of two months. This is also linked to PNM/AIRF Item No. 30/2022.

03/2013: Procedure for selection for promotion from GP Rs.1800 to GP Rs.1900 against Departmental Promotion Quota.

Position explained to the Federation. The item may be treated as finalised.


11/2016: Selection from Group ‘D’ to Group ‘C’ against 33’4% quota and 1674 % quota in Civil Engineering Bridge Department of N.F. Railway.

Position explained to the Federation. The item may be treated as finalised.


(4/2022: Promotion Policy for the Person with Disability – Case of 07 Persons with Disabilities of Lower Parel Workshop(Western Railway)

Letter already issued on 23.06.2022 to Western Railway. A copy of the letter was also shared with Federation during the meeting.

05/2022: AVC of ALP- Revision of para 137(1)(i) of IREM Vol. I — Allowing Technicians working in C&W Department for volunteering to the post of ALP

The matter is under examination in consultation with Electrical & Mechanical Directorates of Railway Board.

08/2022: 10% Lateral entry of trackmen in Level-1 to Mechanical Engineering, Transportation(Power) Department, Traffic & Commercial Departments and to works side of Engineering Department Revision of instructions of Para 179(xv) of IREM Vol-I.

Under examination.

(9/2022: Speed Test for the post of Jr. Clerk/Sr. Clerk – Reg.

Matter will be examined.

11/2022: Recruitment against Cultural and Scout and Guide Quota

Matter is under examination.

12/2022: Payment of settlement dues to staff retiring from Construction Organisation

Board’s instructions issued earlier in this matter will be reiterated. Instructions issued regarding periodical verification of service records of Railway servants’ will also be reiterated.

25/2022: Appointment on Compassionate Grounds – Cases of wards of the second wife

The matter has been referred to DOP&T for their advice vide Board’s ID Note dated 08.06.2022.

28/2022: Exemption of Single mother employees from the purview of periodical transfer to other stations

Sufficient care has been taken while implementing the scheme of periodical transfer. The single mother employee, if she holds a sensitive post, cannot be exempted from the scheme. However, as far as possible, she may be shifted to a different seat in the same place/adjoining area to avoid any hardship regarding ward’s school admission, safety of girl child, mental stress, etc. The instructions already issued in this matter will be reiterated.

29/2022: Compassionate Ground Appointment as Senior Section Engineer (SSE) -Level-7

Matter will be examined.

03/2022: Fixation of pay of School Teachers on allotment of Senior Grade/Selection Grade after completion of 12/24 years of service

To be discussed in a separate meeting.

06/2022: Counting of 50% service rendered by Casual Labour for reckoning of 10, 20 and 30 years service under MACPS

To be discussed in a separate meeting.

10/2022: Regulation of MACP of employees transferred on reversion on request

To be discussed in a separate meeting.

27/2022: Provision of Maternity/Child Care Leave to surrogate mothers

To be discussed in a separate meeting.

22/2022: Retention of railway accommodation in the event of permanent absorption/ immediate absorption of Railway employees in PSUs/Societies-Review of policy.

To be discussed separately.

18/2022: Change in colour of the uniform of Nursing Staff of the Railway Hospitals

Suggestions received from the Zonal Railways as regards colour of uniform of nursing staff of Railway Hospitals will be shared with Federation to seek their views.

23/2022: Provision of Kendriya Vidyalaya with hostel facility at BRKA in DHN Division of EC Railway

Comments have been sought from East Central Railway.


Total Items Items discussed Items could not be discussed Items finalized Balance
159 + 1 Party = 129 + 1 partly (old) + 30 New 47 112 + 1 partly 06 153 + 1 partly


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