Modified policy for appointment on Compassionate basis

Modified policy for appointment on Compassionate basis

Modified policy for appointment on Compassionate basis

No. A-12012/01/2022-Ad.II
Government of India/ Bharat Sarkar
Ministry of Home Affairs/ Grih Mantralaya

North Block, New Delhi
Dated the 17th June, 2022


Sub: Policy for appointment on Compassionate basis.

This Ministry has adopted a modified policy for appointment on Compassionate basis in line with the guidelines issued by DoP&T vide its OM No.43019/9/2019-Estt.(D) dated 23.08.2021. You are requested to put the same out in public domain by publishing it on MHA website in ‘WHAT’S NEW’ section and in ‘Policies and Guidelines’ in ‘Documents’ section.

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(Vishvajeet Kumar Gupta)
Under Secretary to the Government of India
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Policy for appointment on Compassionate basis in MHA(P)

The object of the Compassionate appointment Scheme is to grant appointment on compassionate grounds to a dependent family member of a Government servant dying in harness or who is retired on medical grounds, thereby leaving his family in penury and without any means of livelihood and relieve the family of the Government servant concerned from financial destitution and help it get over the emergency. The relevant guidelines in this regard have been laid by DoP&II vide its OM No. 14014/02/20212-Estt.(D) dated 16.01.2013.

2. DoP&T vide its OM No.43019/9/2019-Estt.(D) dated 23.08.2021 laid down additional guidelines to bring out more transparency and objectivity in the process of Compassionate appointment. To give effect to this, various measures like chalking out role of Welfare Officer, adopting a point based merit scheme for assessing applications, indexing each application with a unique ID and putting out minutes of meeting of the Screening Committee in public domain were stipulated.

3. The Welfare Officer will assist the dependent family of the deceased Government employee in getting appointment on compassionate grounds. The applicant would be called in person at the very first stage and advised in person about the requirements and formalities to be completed. A duly filled proforma by the applicant shall be used to ascertain necessary information and processing the cases of compassionate appointment.

4. The applications for compassionate appointment shall be considered by a Committee consisting of three officers — one chairman and two members – of the rank of Deputy Secretary/ Director in the Ministry. The Welfare Officer may also be made one of the members/ chairman of the Committee, depending on his rank. Recommendation of the committee shall be placed before the Competent Authority for a decision.

5. Transparency and objectivity are the foremost aspects of scheme for compassionate appointment. A holistic assessment of the financial condition of the family has to be made taking into consideration factors like presence of earning member(s), size of family, age of children and the financial needs of family.

6. The extant position regarding appointment on compassionate basis in this Ministry has been reviewed and it has been decided by the Competent Authority that to ensure utmost transparency, a point based merit scheme based on various attributes indicated in the guidelines of DoP&T should be worked out on a 100 point-scale as laid down in Annexure-I.

7. While applying point based merit scheme, as mentioned in Annexure-I, if situation arises that some candidates secure equal marks in merit and Cadre Controlling Authority is unable to decide the merit of such candidates, in such cases the tie-breaking factor can be income available per dependent i.e. total of first three financial parameters prescribed in Annexure-I (Pension annualized, total terminal benefits and annual income of earning members and income from property) divided by total number of dependents. The lesser the per dependent available income, the higher the rank amongst the applicants whose scores had a tie.

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8. In case of tie even after applying the factor of per dependent available income, then the left-over service of Government servant can be considered. This is suggested as it may be implied that longer the left-over service of the deceased, the more is the impact on the family. Applicants related to Government servant with higher left-over service would be considered over the one with lesser left-over service.

9. Keeping in view the administrative requirement in processing applications for compassionate appointment, the form as in Annexure-II may be used for ascertaining necessary information which consists of three parts as under:

S. No.PartTitle
1.AForm for seeking Compassionate appointment by dependents of Government servants deceased while in service or retired on medical grounds.
2.BTo be filled by the Office in which employment is proposed.
3.CRelative Merit Points Assessment on a 100-point scale for compassionate appointment.

10. Point based merit scheme imparts the necessary objectivity, homogeneity and transparency to the scheme for appointment on compassionate grounds. Henceforth, it shall be followed strictly along with the instructions issued by DoP&T time to time, for assessing comparative merit of the applicants for compassionate appointment.


Relative Merit Points System For Allocation Of Points For Various Attributes of Applicant For Compassionate Appointment in MHA

Based On 100 Point Scale For Part-C of Annexure-II

(i) Family Pension (basic excluding DR & Allowances)

(20 Points)

Sl. No.Proposed SlabPoints
1.Upto 10,00020
2.10,001- 13,00018
3.13,001 – 16,00016
4.16,001 – 19,00014
5.19,001 – 22,00012
6.22,001 – 25,00010
7.25,001 – 28,00008
8.28,001 & above06

(ii) Terminal benefits i.e. Lump sum amount received by the family on death of Govt. servant (i.e. DCR Gratuity, GPF/ Lump sum amount under NPS, CGEGIS, Leave encashment etc):

(10 points)

For post 01.01.2016 death casesFor pre 01.01.2016 death casesPoints
Upto 10,00,000Upto 4,50,00010
10,00,001- 12,00,0004,50,001 – 5,25,00009
12,00,001 – 14,00,0005,25,001 – 6,00,00008
14,00,001 – 16,00,0006,00,001 – 6,75,00007
16,00,001 – 18,00,0006,75,001 – 7,50,00006
18,00,001 – 20,00,0007,50,001 – 8,25,00005
20,00,001 – 22,00,0008,25,001 – 9,00,00004
22,00,001 – 24,00,0009,00,001 – 9,75,00003
24,00,001 – 26,00,0009,75,001 – 10,50,00002
26,00,001 & above10,50,001 and above01

(iii) Annual income of earning members of the family & income from property

(10 Points)

Sl. No.Annual IncomePoints
1.Nil to 1,00,00010
2.1,00,001 to 3,00,00008
3.3,00,001 to 5,00,00006
4.5,00,001 to 7,00,00004
5.7,00,001 to 9,00,00002
6.Above 9,00,00000
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(iv) Immovable Property

(10 Points)

Sl. No.Proposed SlabPoints
2.Upto 200 sq ft08
3.201 to 400 sq ft06
4.401 to 700 sq ft04
5.701 to 1100 sq ft02
6.1101 or more sq ft00

(v) Leftover service of the deceased Government employee

(15 Points)

Leftover service of deceasedPointsLeftover service of deceasedPoints Leftover service of deceasedPoints
Upto 2 years01Upto 12 years06Upto 22 years11
Upto 4 years02Upto 14 years07Upto 24 years12
Upto 6 years03Upto 16 years08Upto 26 years13
Upto 8 years04Upto 18 years09Upto 28 years14
Upto 10 years05Upto 20 years10Upto 30 years & above15

(vi) Number of unmarried daughters

(10 Points)

Sl. No.No. of Unmarried daughtersPoints
2.02 & above10

(vii) Number of dependent minor children

(05 Points)

Sl. No.Number of dependent childrenPoints
2.02 & above05

(viii) If Wife of the deceased Govt. official has applied for compassionate appointment for herself.

(10 Points)

(ix) If one or more person(s) amongst the dependent family members is disable.

(10 Points)

Sl. No.Percentage DisabilityPoints
1.Up to 40%04

Total Points – 100




I.(a)Name of the Government Servant(Deceased/Retired on medical grounds)
(b)Designation of the Government Servant
(c)Whether it is MTS (erstwhile Group ‘D’) or not?
(d)Date of the Government Servant
(e)Date of Death/retirement on medical grounds
(f)Total length of service rendered
(g)Whether permanent or temporary
(h)Whether belonging to SC/ST/OBC
II.(a)Name of the candidate for appointment
(b)His/Her relationship with Government Servant
(c)Date of Birth
(d)Educational Qualification
(e)Whether any other dependent family member has been appointed on compassionate grounds.
III.Particulars of total assets left including amount of
(a)Family Pension
(b)D.C.R. Gratuity
(c)G.P.F. Balance
(d)Life Insurance Policies (including Postal Life Insurance)
(e)Movable and Immovable properties and annual income earned therefrom by family
(f)C.G.E. Insurance amount
(g)Encashment of leave
(h)Any other assets
IV.Brief particulars of liabilities, if any







V.Particulars of all dependent
Sl. No.Name(s)Relationship with Govt. ServantAgeAddressEmployed or not (if employed, particulars of employment and emoluments)Marital Status


1. I hereby declare that the facts given by me above are, to the best of my knowledge, correct. If any of the facts herein mentioned are found to be incorrect or false at a future date, my services may be terminated.

2. I hereby also declare that I shall maintain properly the other family members who were dependent on the Government Servant / member of the Armed Forces mentioned against 1(a) of Part-A of this form and in case, it is proved at any time that the said family members are being neglected or not being properly maintained by me, my appointment may be terminated.


Signature of the Candidate
Name: _____________
Address: ____________



a) Name of the candidate________________________
b) His/ Her relationship with the Govt. servant________________________
c) Age (Date of Birth), educational qualifications and experience, if any.________________________
d) Post (Group C) which employments
e) Whether there is vacancy in th
within the ceiling of 5% prescribed under
the scheme of compassionate
f) Whether the post to be filled is
in the Central Secretariat Clerical Services
or not
g) Whether the relevant Recruitment Rules
provide for direct recruitment
h) Whether the candidate fulfills
requirements of the Recruitment
Rules for the post
i) Apart from wavier of Employment Exchange/ Staff Selection Commission
procedure what other relaxation are to
be given.
I. Whether the facts mentioned in Part-A have been verified by the office and if so, indicate the records
II. If the Government Servant died/retired on medical grounds more than 5 years back, why the case was not sponsored earlier.
II. If the Government Servant died/retired on medical grounds more than 5 years back, why the case was not sponsored earlier.________________________
III. Personal recommendation of the Head of the Department in Ministry/ Department/ Office (with his signature and office stamp/ seal)________________________

Relative Merit Points Assessment On A 100 Point-Scale For
Compassionate Appointment

Sl. No.ParametersPoint allotted to the parametersPoints scored by the candidate
1.Family Pension (Excluding DR & Allowance)20
2.Terminal benefits i.e. Lump sum amount received by the family on death of Govt. servant (i.e. DCR
Gratuity, GPF/ Lump sum amount
under NPS, CGEGIS, Leave
encashment etc.
3.Annual income of earning members and income from property10
4.Immovable property10
5.Leftover service of the deceased Government Employee15
6.Number of unmarried daughters10
7.Number of dependent minor children05
8.If wife of the deceased Govt. official has applied for compassionate appointment for herself10
9.If one or more person(s) amongst the dependent family members is disable (with % of disability)10

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