Online Annual General Transfer Policy of group ‘A , ‘B’ AND ‘C’ Employees of DGFASLI

Online Annual General Transfer Policy of group ‘A , ‘B’ AND ‘C’ Employees of DGFASLI

Online Annual General Transfer Policy of group ‘A , ‘B’ AND ‘C’ Employees of DGFASLI

File No.A-22012/01/2016-ISH.I

No. A-22012/01/2016-ISH-I
Government of India
Ministry of Labour and Employment

Shram Shakti Bhawan, Rafi marg,
New Delhi. dated 15th June, 2022


The Director General,
N.S. Mankikar Marg,
Sion, Mumbai — 400022.

Subject: Transfer Policy of Group ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ Employees of DGFASLI-reg.


I am directed to refer to above mentioned subject and to state that the competent authority has accorded approval of the online Transfer Policy of Group ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ Employees of DGFASLI. The revised transfer policy shall come into force with immediate effect and supersedes the earlier transfer/posting guidelines. A copy of the same is enclosed for information and necessary action.

2. DGFASLI to ensure following points for implementation of the revised transfer policy:

(i) Henceforth, all transfers/ postings shall be done based on the revised transfer policy;
(ii) Posting of officers/ officials on return from deputation/ long leave/ long term training etc. shall be done based on the revised transfer policy; and
(iii) Initial posting of officers/ officials shall be in accordance with the revised transfer policy;

3. DGFASLI to complete all necessary activities/ formalities such as filling of employees’ details on the portal including posting history, security audit of the newly created portal for transfer etc. by 22.06.2022 and thereafter call for options for Annual General Transfer-2022. All transfer/ posting orders to be issued by 15.07.2022.

Yours faithfully,

(K. R. Meena)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India

Encl: As above

Digitally Signed by Keshram
Date: 15-06-2022 11:00:57
Reason: Approved



1. Vision: To ensure equitable distribution of Government employees at different locations in a fair and transparent manner and to maximize job satisfaction amongst employees and further to improve performance of the Department.

2. Application: This policy shall be applicable to all the employees i.e. Group ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’ employees belonging to DGFASLI working on regular basis.

3. Definitions : In this policy, unless there be anything repugnant in the subject or context;

  1. ‘Blocked Posts’ means the vacancies of a cadre remain unfilled at any given point of time due to shortage of employees in the department. Block posts shall be decided before hand of submission of preferences by the employees.
  2. ‘Employees of Special Category’ means widow/ divorced/ legally separated/ unmarried female or male employee more than 40 years of age/ spouse of serving military personnel/ Paramilitary personnel working outside the country/ widower having one or more minor children and/ or unmarried daughter(s).
  3. ‘Prescribed Tenure’ In general:
    1. The minimum tenure for every Officer/ Official in a particular place shall generally not be less than 02 years, provided there is no serious complaint of misconduct against the Officer/ Official or it is expedient in public interest to transfer him/her before the completion of the minimum tenure.
    2. The maximum tenure for every officer/ official in a particular place of posting in Dock Safety shall not be more than three years.
    3. The maximum tenure of Group ‘A’ & Gazetted Group ‘B’ Officers posted in RLI, CLI & DGFASLI shall not be more than 6 years at a time at a particular location including tenure at Dock Safety.
    4. The maximum tenure of Non Gazetted Group ‘B’ and ‘C’ Officers/ Officials posted in RLI, CLI & DGFASLI shall not be more than 6 years at a time at a particular location including the tenure at Dock Safety.
    5. Under exceptional circumstances, if an officer needs to be retained beyond the stipulated tenure or needs to be transferred before completion of prescribed tenure, the same will be examined by the Transfer Committee and its recommendations will be put up to the Competent Authority for approval.
  4. ‘Qualifying date’ for the purpose of calculation of vacant post(s) shall be the 31st March of the calendar year of transfer;
  5. ‘Service’ means duty period and all kinds of leave including extraordinary leave availed by a Govt. employee during the prescribed tenure.
  6. ‘Transfer’ means posting/appointment from one DGFASLI office to another on or before completion of prescribed tenure in an Office;
  7. Vacant Post for transfer’ means
    1. A post not occupied by any employee;
    2. A post presently occupied by an employee for a prescribed period and become available for rotational transfer; and
    3. A post occupied by an employee who has been adjudged eligible and allowed by the competent authority to participate in general transfer drive even if he has not completed the prescribed tenure in the Office where he is presently posted.

Note1- Where there are Blocked Posts in a cadre the same shall be excluded from the number of vacant posts for transfer.

Note 2-The post against which an employee has been posted /transferred on compulsion of administrative reasons or litigation nature shall also not be included in the vacant posts for transfer.

Note 3- DGFASLI shall prepare the list of vacant posts for transfer and notify them for information of officers/ officials due for transfer for giving preference by them.

4. General Principles:

(a) Time schedule for online transfers:

  1. General transfers online will be made only once in a year. However, transfer/posting necessitated by promotion, direct recruitment, post needed to be filled up in public interest, can be made anytime by the competent authority.
  2. The online annual transfer/posting process will be completed upto 31st March and implemented by 31st April of every year.
  3. The DDO concerned shall not draw the salary of the employees who have not complied with the orders.

(b) Liable to be posted anywhere:

  1. The officers/ officials belonging to DGFASLI are liable to be transferred and posted anywhere in India. Transfer/Posting shall be made keeping in view the need to expose individual officers to all the different kinds of work entrusted to the DGFASLI organisation; and
  2. An officer will not be posted at a particular RLI/ CLI/ IDS on more than three occasions during entire service period.

(c) Online portal for taking options for transfer: DGFASLI to enter posting records of all employees on the online portal for the first time. Employees shall be asked to confirm the same. Thereafter, employees shall update the posting detail, every year before start of transfer process, which shall be verified by DGFASLI.

(d) Rationalization and Blocking of Posts: To avoid disproportionate concentration of employees at a particular station, the department may rationalize their sanctioned posts and also block actual vacant posts to be kept vacant in the transfer drive. In the long run, however the departments may increase/ decrease the total number of sanctioned posts as per their assessment/ recruitment in consultation with Ministry.

5. Merit Criteria for the allotment of post:

  1. Merit for allotment of vacant post to an employee shall be based on the total composite score of points earned by the employee out of 100 points as described in the table given below. The employee earning highest points shall be eligible to be transferred against a particular vacancy.
  2. Age shall be the prime factor for deciding the claim of an employee against a vacancy since it shall have weightage of 20 points, out of total 100 points.
  3. A special category employee shall get weightage of 15 points.
  4. Other factors shall carry total weightage of 65 points.
  5. The employees who are 100% blind or having 80% or more locomotors disabilities involving both the legs shail be eligible for their choice of posting.
  6. There will be a fixed tenure of posting of 3 years at a stretch in NER for officers with service of 10 years or less. If more than 10 years of service, the tenure will be 2 years at a stretch in NER. The officer on completion of fixed tenure of service mentioned above will be eligible for posting to a station of his/ her choice, as far as practicable subject to the availability of vacancies.

(A) Age: The first set of merit points will be the Age of the Government employee concerned as enumerated below:-
S.No. Major Factor Sub Factor Max Points Criteria for calculation
(i) Age (present dated i.e. (3st March of the year of consideration minus date of birth) Eldest person shall be given maximum points 20 Age in no of days/ 365 (maximum four decimal points only)
(B) Special Category: The second set of merit points will come from the Special Category enumerated hereinafter:
(ii) Special Category female/ male employees (i) Widow/ divorced/ legally separated/ unmarried female or male employee more than 40 years of age/ spouse of serving military personnel/ Paramilitary personnel working outside the country; and

(ii) Widower having one or more minor children and/ or unmarried daughter(s).

15 All females/ males of this category shall be given 15 Points only.
(C) Other factors: The third set of merit points will come from other factors enumerated hereinafter:
(iii) Differently abled persons Disability as per Right of Persons with Disability Act, 2016. 20 40% to 60% disability = 10 Marks

Above 60% to 80% = 15 marks

Above 80% = 20 marks

(iv) Serious medical conditions

a. Suffering from caner or

b. Having undergone by-pass heart surgery or

c. Kidney transplant or

d. Currently undergoing dialysis.

Self/ spouse/ dependent unmarried children/ dependent parents. 15 Valid medical certificate issued during last one year by AIIMS or Central Govt. Hospitals or State Government Hospital or CGHS empanelled Hospitals.
(v) Differently-abled or mentally challenged children Male/Female employee having mentally challenged or 100% differently abled child 10 Male/Female employee having mentally challenged or 100% differently abled children shall be provided maximum 10 points.
(vi) Spouse case Only applicable to spouse 10 Employees spouses working in any Department/ Board/ Corporation under any State Govt. or Govt. of India.
(vii) Children Education Up to two children studying in 10th/12th Standards 10 Weightage of 10 points will be given to employees whose children will go to 10th or 12th standard(s) in next academic year of the annual general transfer.

6. Procedure to be adopted:

  1. All transfer in DGFSLI shall be based on objective criteria as mentioned in para-5 above and shall be through online portal.
  2. DGFASLI shall seek preferences for choice of Offices/Institutes of DGFASLI from the eligible employees for transfer.
  3. The option once availed and confirmed by the employee shall be final and cannot be changed.
  4. The post occupied by an employee who is due for superannuation within one year or less service shall not be considered as vacant post for transfer drive.
  5. The post occupied by differently abled persons shall not be considered as vacant post for transfer drive, unless the employee desires for transfer.
  6. An employee aggrieved with the transfer process can represent to DGFASLI within thirty days after joining at the new place of posting.
  7. T.A. on transfer will be admissible as per the Department of Expenditure’s instructions as amended from time to time, provided that T.A. on transfer shall not be admissible where an officer is posted at station of his choice after making such request through proper channel.
  8. Time schedule for various procedures/ actions related to the Annual General Transfer shall be as prescribed in the Table below. An authority shall dispose of the function indicated under the table within a reasonable time subject to limit prescribed herein.
Date Exercise Remarks
1st January Calling of option by DGFALI by 15th January Reference to a date in this table shall be taken as the next working day in case of the indicated dated is a holiday.
15-31st January Submission of proposal before the Transfer Committee.
1-15th February Holding meeting of Transfer Committee
15-23rd February Obtaining of approval of the competent authority and issuing transfer order.

7. Bar against canvassing: Officers shall not be allowed to bring outside influence/political influence to further his/her request for posting of his/her choice as enumerated in Rule 20 of Central Civil Service (conduct) Rules, 1964.

8. Appointment by promotion/direct recruitment: List of the employees taken in a cadre through direct recruitment/ promotion / repatriation shall be placed before the Transfer Committee.

9. List of officers eligible for transfer along with their options shall be placed before the Transfer Committee.

10. Composition of Transfer Committee in r/o the officers of DGFASLI will be as follows:-

(a) Group ‘A’ officers of the level of Assistant Director and above:

Special Secretary/ Additional Secretary, MoLE Chairperson
Joint Secretary, ISH, MoLE Member
Director General, DGFASLI Member

(b) For officers/ officials below the level of Assistant Directors:-

Deputy Director General, DGFASLI (HQ) Member
Director level Officer of DGFASLI Member
Director/ Deputy Secretary/Under Secretary (ISH), MoLE Member
Deputy Secretary/ Under Secretary, DGFASLI Member

 11. The Competent Authority for approval of the transfer/posting of officers in
DGFASLI will be as follows:-

(a) Hon’ble LEM/ Hon’ble MoS (L&E) in respect of the officers of the level of Assistant Director and above; and

(b) DG, DGFASLI in r/o officers below the level of Assistant Director.

12. Clarification & Implementation: In case of any doubt of the provisions of this policy, the Ministry shall be the competent authority to clarify such doubt or to remove such difficulty.

13. Power to relax: Notwithstanding anything contained in the policy, the Competent Authority of appropriate Level shall be competent to transfer an employee to any place in relaxation of any or all of the above provisions after recording reasons justifying such relaxation.


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